4 New Reviews 2/15/2015

Ara- Devourer of worlds- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

With extreme metal you have two camps those that innovate and expand ones mind of new aural experiences or those that show there influences on the sleeve. With ara you have the 1st world very much. They are going where bands like Cynic, Pestilence, Gorguts and Opeth all have traveled Technical Death metal with a heavy Prog overtime but have kept the full on brutality and added a layer of futurist and post modern sounds. This album is as expansive as complex and nightmarish. The recording could not be better and the talent of the band is second to none. I would say bands like this are the next wave of Death metal's growth and rebirth to those that will surely be blown away as this reviewer was..

Skogen- Vittra- CD/ Digital (Nordvis)

Frozen and Somber  Folk inspired Black metal very much of the Pagan order. This is very well done in the same way bands like Drudkh, Moonsorrow and Windir. You very clearly know what you getting and it's just this sound you want synth filled, grim vocals, those mid tempo drums and reverbed out guitars that echo through out the halls. This have strong viking elements as well but always stays far more Pagan in over tone. There is a strong element of loss here with Skogen which makes you long for the songs on this always all the more. This is for days gone and the ones you know you may not return from. Let your ancestral blood flow with releases like this as it's what Skogen is all about. 


Tervahaat-S/t- CD/ Digital ( Nordvis)

Odd very off track Ambient Folk Metal with a strong element of Ritualistic elements of Northern Europe. This Black metal only in presentation . It's more akin to bands like Tenhi, Halo Manash, Blood Axis and others.. You get strange tribal rhtymns going on well and deep bass movements. This almost has a drum and bass vibe at times mixed with elements of Endvra and Negura Bunget.. I really love the story telling in the Black ambient  soundscapes that are going on with all the other sounds. Tervahaat is musical madness in the best of all ways. This is for a select crowd but if you like Dark Ambient, Minimal Neoclassical , Heathen Folk and Ritualistic hymns then you need to at once get this album.


Crest of Darkness- Evil Messiah- CD/ Digital ( My Kingdom Music)

Epic Black metal is what you getting here. Think of days of yore Dimmu Borgir, Old Mans Child, Dark Funeral etc you get where I'm going with this . Though Crest of Darkness has a bit more of a old Thrash metal over tone to make it a bit more on the nasty side over all. The riffs are so catchy they make you want to thrash around and the vocals are very of the Dimmu and Immortal way. There are moments of mid period Satyricon and Cradle of Filth. This is not ground breaking and in so way will every be. Some times as I've said before  you just need a kick ass Black metal moment and with Evil Messiah you get just that. For good Measure there is a kick ass Alice Cooper cover of " Sick things"...


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