Neurot Recordings Artist Brothers of the sonic cloth Interview is up

1, Mr Doyle I have loved your music since God Balls and Salt Lick days. With Brothers of the sonic cloth you have moved to a much darker sound how did that come to be?

Answer:     It comes with just living life and with just playing heavy music;   It seems to be a natural progression for me.   Gods Balls and Salt Lick were dark records as well,  in a different, slightly sardonic way. 

2. The artwork for the new album is amazing how does it play to the theme of the story of the songs?

Answer:    Well we wanted the artwork to reflect the elemental aspects of the music and the lyrics,  and the visualizations that we hold in our minds when we write and play the music.   We wanted to exemplify the vast and expansive imagery that echoes what we are doing with the music. 

3. How did you come to work with the mighty Neurot Records?

Answer:    I have always been a fan of what Neurosis does and Brothers played a show with Neurosis on New Years Eve 2012 in Seattle.  At that time, Steve Von Till  and I had a good conversation about music and that started our dialogue., 

4. If you would answer just wondering why for the last decade of total silence is creation of music for the world to hear. I loved Hog Molly as well?  

Answer:    If you are talking about me personally not having any music out in the last 10 years or so it is because I took a break from music to live and evaluate what is important to me in life;  as a sort of reset button so I could become fresh 
again and know where I wanted to go with music.  

5. What are the members of Brothers of the sonic cloth currently listening too?

        Answer:    With me being in the studio recording bands as much as I do, I honestly like to sit in the silence as much as possible.  Pegadeth loves  Voivod, Trypticon, Immortal, etc.

6. Are you fan of digital media, promotion and social media or a needed evil?

Answer:    I see them as neither.  I see them as a tool to spread the word, nothing more-- nothing less.

7.What song would you make a video for and why?

8. Tad I've never heard you growl before . I love the throaty subpop stuff but was shocked you hear such a doom and sludge metal over tone aka early melvins with this release was this natural progression?

Answer:  Different people hear different things when they hear what I do.  I don’t overthink it.  Its not like I wake up in the morning and say, "I am going to write a song and use a vocal inflection that sounds like Glen Campbell after drinking 20 pots of coffee and following it up with a broken glass chaser”.   I have had time over the past few years to explore my voice and I realize it can do a lot more than I used to limit myself to in the past. 

9. I read a while back Tad you were working on a band called Lumbar I thought is this what the project morphed into?

Answer:  Completely unrelated, Brothers came long before Lumbar.

10. What do you hope from this release that others have not given you?

Answer:  I have no expectations about what I want to get out of a recording.  To me, it’s about being genuine and letting the music flow from you without having preconceived notions of a particular outcome.

11. If there was one cover song you could re work what would it be and why?

Answer:   There isn’t any one particular song, but we have considered Rush’s “A Passage to Bangkok” or Joy Division’s “Shadowplay”.   

12. What is Seattle like 2014 vs late 80's and 90's? Is it a revival now in music in the area?

Answer:    Seattle has always been a creative place for music and there are always a ton of great bands from here, new ones, all the time.  

13. Where do you see future recordings heading heavier, darker, more experimentation or ???

Answer:  To a degree, there will always be experimentation and like I said previously,  we try to stay open to what may come forth.

14. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here...

Answer:    Thank you Clint.
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