DIY artist Ara Interview is up

1. For those of us new to Ara tell us how this  Futurist  Complex Death metal sound came to be?

I think we're all a sum of our influences and filter those through our own personal experiences, but I suppose it's our take on the more complex sound of the mid-90s death metal bands we all grew up loving.  As we grew as players we looked for more progressive ways to express that classic sound, while not sacrificing the character element of the "song" in the process.

2. I hear elements Gorguts, Gigan, Neuraxis and Pillory. There are moments of bands like Pestilence , Cynic and Voivod as well. What is the song writing like in this band the lyrics 1st then music or music to fit the vocal mood?

I (Jerry-guitars) write the guitar lines for the song out and present it to the band, where we flesh out the songs together at practice, and then Adam writes his lyrics after we get the arrangements down.  it may be a fun challenge to write the lyrics first- I'll have to suggest that to Adam!

3. Was there a reason to go fully independent with out a label just good PR or did labels never come to mind when putting this all together?

We would love label support to get the album in as many hands as possible, but we aren't going to not make music while unsigned.  As long as we're inspired to make music we'll continue to do so even if we don't gain label support.

4. The Power and Technical Complexity of the arrangements vocals and rhythms is this how Ara has always been or was this a natural progression up to this release?

I think the full length is a logical progression from the EP, although the basic style of the band has always been pretty much the same.

5. This there a Theme of story behind " Devourer of Worlds" ?

The song or the album?  There is a bit of a continuous storyline throughout the album, and musically it is meant to be heard at once, but the common themes are usually revolving around obliteration of all existence, you know, pretty standard metal stuff.

6. Whats your thoughts on the Digital age (Social Media and Web zines etc) Is it a blessing or curse for most bands?

I'd say both- in ways it's great because we can get people to hear us all over the world through bandcamp but also since everyone can make their own good sounding records in their home studios and put it online for the world to hear, not as much inspired music is being created and people are getting more selective and rightfully so.  But because of this bands such as Ara may have a harder time getting a label's attention.  Also, while we are a "technical death metal" band, that term means something entirely different than it did in the late 90s, and the sound it currently represents doesn't fit us at all, so due to genre labeling online, an older school audience may not want to click on our link.  I'm not entirely sure if things are better or worse overall right now.

7.  What is an Ara Show like very much like album, more  experimentation, Is there just guys, guitars and stage are there theatrics at all. This band could go either way with the advanced level of extreme music you perform?

I enjoy theatrics but it's really just us playing the songs, since the music matters the most.  Although there is something to be said for live performance for sure, and we want to bring energy that you can't replicate by just listening to the record.  Adam is captivating enough where we don't need banners or a light show.  At least not yet, anyway!

8. What are the members currently listening to and or reading as of late? Always interesting to my readers?

If I can't think of anything to say here there must not be anything of note.  But we most likely aren't listening to much current stuff.  I know Jim has been listening to the new Omit record a lot and I'm about to review the new Apocrophex record, and I know I want to spend more time with the last Mortal Decay full length.  I should really make more time to listen to stuff, but as said before, it's hard to find the diamonds in the rough nowadays.

9. If you could make a video of any song off new album with a real budget which would it be and why?

Probably something short to keep our ugly mugs on camera for the shortest amount of time.  Maybe something like "Cadaverlanche" which is probably the most immediately gratifying as well as the shortest.

10. There seems to be a rebirth in the last 3-5 yrs of very technical death metal why do the members of Ara think  this is happening?

Well I'm not sure I agree.  Everything I hear now is kind of interchangeable sweep/chug nonsense with nothing there to define songs. There are a few solid bands and I like the Portal sound I'm hearing a lot of bands utilize but they usually present one mood for an album's duration and that doesn't hold my attention.  Kids can hear "tech" nowadays but not anything to identify the strength in a particular arrangement.  This needs to be fixed because I think the fate of "technical death metal" actually looks very grim.

11. To the member of  Ara play in other projects if you let us know about them?

Erik and I both play in Northless, a semi-progressive sludge band that has 3 shorter releases coming out the year.  Jon (guitars) has a blues band and an ambient project called Cannabinol Synapse as well

12. Would you sign to a Major label with Ara ever like Morbid Angel , Carcass or Lamb of God  did or is this the Kiss of Death for Extreme metal ?

I think the kiss of death is lack of inspiration.  I think MA's Domination was on a major label and I love that record, so it really comes down to what you're writing. We'd sign to a good fit, whoever that may be.

13. What was the one live band you have performed with that should be much bigger then they are and  its just not happening?

We've played mainly local shows and haven't shared the stage with too many bands who have been around long enough to get much bigger than they are.  I think those we have played with aren't concerned with getting big, which is why we're underground in the first place I suppose.

14. If you only had 3 words what Ara is musical , What are they?

Listen for yourself.

15. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here.

Thanks for your time and please check us out at Devourer of Worlds, by Ara, and like us at Ara.  Cheers!
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