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Roses never fade- Dust devil- CD/ Digital (Neuropa)

We have a Dark Ambient meets Experimental  Neo-folk release very much on the occult side from Nathan of the band Ancient VVisdom. If your a fan of bands like  Of the wand and the moon, Boyd Rice and Tenhi mixed with elements of the old school Cold meat industry dark ambient flavors  well then that is some where in what Roses never fade sound like. They are following the path of bands like Hexvessel and Spiritual front  . There is a strong over tone of Apocalyptic Folk . The vocals are are so damn catchy and the acoustic guitar work so well to make this a haunting and and wonderfully melodic journey in sound and over all experience. I like it when the acoustics get darker.  If has a most sinster folk element and I can here the more ritualistic movements really shine. It always amazes me how close Post rock and Neo folk are they are truly brother in the night as the pass by each other. I know this is the second release but the project and now I need to hear the 1st ..


Der Blaue Reiter - Le Paradis Funèbre II-CD/ Digital ( Neuropa )

A pact has been made with members of Lamia Vox. Arcana, Sophia and  Rosa Rubea to make Neoclassical  Martial  Industrial music of the highest of orders this is a mix of Sophia, Arditi, Puissance, Triarii and H.E.R.R.  There is  a majestic bombastic over powering assault on the senses with this releases it has a romantic side of the war like tones and themes. The orchestral elements  spoke chants and hymns with the operatic vocals and the war like percussion . This album is just beautiful in presentation and over all lay out and performance. This is the kind of music you want to see and hear live with videos projections and all the millitary dress and drummer boys in crowd.  Words can only go so far to project the magic of this release. Do not miss out .


SOLEFALD -Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis- CD/ Digital (Indie Recordings)

As the duo grow through out the years the band has moved from more harsh black and doom tones to a mix  of  Folk, Prog Rock, Theatrical elements mixed with  Symphonic Post Black metal in something that is both Ritualistic , Story telling and epic all in the same track.  You know Solefald from the moment you hear them. I do feel the structures of Borknagar have bled into the project as well as one of the members is a long time member of that band as well. The experimental and folk element have really taken a focus in with the left field prog element they are moving in the same direction as many others have Code, Arcturus, Ihshan , Ulver etc... Though here Solefald differ is they still want to keep the heathen and primitive over tone very much in the forefront of the bands sounds and ideals.  This is more like Neonism then I thought is going to be but with that every musical change comes full circle with this album and its one not to miss 


La France a peur cover art

Sordide- La France A Peur- CD/ Digital ( Avantgarde Music)

Dirty hateful Black noise . This is a spit right in the face of all around them.  There is nothing happy about this release , nothing pretty this is all about making the sounds of madness come from these speakers right at you with a sonic fist to the world. The vocals are grim and tormented to say the least, What the band does have going is this unsettling melody that is created by the icy cold noise filled tones.  At times there is a very dissident Jazzy tone to it all like early  Ved Buen Ende but this is much more black and lo fi in the presentation of it all.  You want black metal to sound like this it's not something to be in awe of . It's a sound that should cause fear in those that have never heard it and make them run for it ever again. Those of  us in the other realms this is the perfect listening for extreme moods and dark days...


HALSHUG- Blodets Band- CD/ Digital ( Southern Lord)

What can one say this is just want I wanted it to be mix of  Crust, Punk, Noisecore, Doom and a whirlwind of pissed off  aggression all in the way you can express it best Fast, Loud and at 11!!!!
This is the style that became grindcore in its most primitive of fashions.  Halshug are very much a hardcore crust force with violent guitar tone and those shout vocals that are over verbs and the drummer who you wind up and just let go till they pass out. It has the slower sludge doom moments as well and its what make you wait for the blasts to come back in. Bands like Halshug are a release and I never want that to change . MORE MORE MORE thats all I can say ...


PERDITION TEMPLE -The Tempter's Victorious - CD/LP/ Digital ( Hells Headbangers )

This is a sludge filled journey into some full on left hand path Black/ Death and is you need to not more then that. This isn't for you to being with. This band is relentless with the bludgeoning sounds of extreme metal in the black guttural vocals too the razor toned guitars the muddy and powerful bass lines and drums that sound like an army coming at you at all times. There is a very extreme thrash element here to thin Sodom, Kreator, Bestial warlust, Hellhammer etc. The death metal is much in that very raw fast early 90's  way .  What can you expect when members of  Angelcorpse, Immolation and Black Witchery are what have made this band what they are. Perdition Temple is your new punishment for the crimes you have yet done.  Welcome your punishment in the new dark age.


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