Kaotoxin Artist- Putrid Offal interview


  1. I remember you from slam a ham bleeerrgghh eps and just heard you now on this full length . Over the years what has Putrid Offal be up to as I love the mix of Grind, Noise and Death metal elements I hear on new Kaotoxin release?
This EP ! It was a long time ago. A lot of things changed since this period.We have created, after Putrid Offal disbanded, M. Pheral, an industrial/death band. Then we have decided to reborn Putrid Offal in 2013. The idea was to re-record our back catalog with the new technology we have in our studio.
2. How did you come to work with Kaotoxin?
We have started to work in our studio and we were searching a guy who can give a good opinion on your material. Max, from Mercyless, gave us Nico's contact. We sent him few songs and he has been immediatly seduced. We rapidly deal with his label.
3. What is the theme of story behind Mature Necropsy? or is it just a collection of nasty dirty crusty grind tracks?
You can take it like a collection of nasty dirty crusty grind tracks but it's a wrong direction. With « Mature necropsy », we just want to prove that our old songs of the 90s can be  cool stuff nowadays. By the way, a lot of people want to have our split album with Exulceration. So we have décided to rearrange our songs to satisfy the old and the new fans. But we also have composed new songs, like Livor mortis figuring on the Suffering EP.

4. Will Putrid Offal be touring or perform live for the new release?
Yes. We are booked on the Obscene extrême fest (Czch), the Death Feast (Germany) and many others dates are in discussion.
5. France seems to be a good place for extreme music did members of Putrid Offal play in other projects or still do during the quiet yrs for the band?
Franck and me have played in M.Pheral and Phil has played in Division Alpha. Putrid Offal takes a lot of time so, beside our professional lives, we haven't got any time for another band or project.
6. How would explain the sound to some one that has never heard Putrid offal before?
A steamroller between your ears !!! It's brutal, fat and fast. I know that all the metal band talk like that but, as for Putrid Offal, it's simply the truth. Go to our website and listen one of our songs and you will be convinced !
7. What are you all listening to any surprises?
It dépends. Grind, death, industrial, electro, we are very open in music even if our preferences goes to Metal bands.
8. Are you fans of the digital age or of social media ?
Neither of them. It's the period which wants it then we adapt ourselves. In the 90s, it was difficult for a band to be known. With the social media, all has changed in good but in bad too.

9. If you could cover any one song what would it be and why?
I did it with Freddy Krueger, the SOD's song. This song has everything we love and it was a good challenge to turn it into a grind song. We did it for this challenge, to turn a classic song in a grind one. Personally, I'd like to do this exercice with Overkill, the Motorhead's song, and with Behind the wheel, the Depeche Mode's song.

10. What can we expect with future releases is the sound expanding or will it just be short blasts of chaotic brilliance?
We have a lot of ideas and, as we have our own studio, we can try and work them. The only things that will not change is the Putrid offal's soul.
11.Is there a reason the album is a limited release to only 500 copies?
The limited issue is only available for the double LP which contains Mature necropsy AND Premature necropsy. When all will be sold, and it's in a good way, there will be a single CD with Mature necropsy only.
12. Your website http://putrid-offal.com/ looks great is a good website better then social media promotion? Thanks for the guy (Jean-Noel Bonnaillie) who did it. I think that a good website is a better electronic storefront. It's more personnal than the social media. You can do a website exactly like you want, which look like just like the band.

13. Thank for your time any closing thoughts here..
Thanks to you for your interest. Be open minded and gore with Putrid Offal.

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