5 More Reviews for you the Masses !!!!

Taake-Stridens hus- CD/ Digital ( Candlelight )

Honestly what do you think you are getting Taake??? have you been living under a black metal rock for  the last two decade?? Taake is about Dirty Nasty Black metal what is here to kick you in the face , spit on you sister and tell them to all die in the slowest of painful manners.  The Distant dark atmospheres are just a perfect backdrop to the torment and hatred that cames the vocals of Hoest. With Taake he likes to mix Rave Black metal, Punk, Pagan Hymns with the elements of Post Black metal to make something that you will know is very much Northern European extreme underground metal. Stridens Hus is just another in a long line of unfriendly reminders of why this music style was created it wasn't to be famous, loved or write books. It was an outlet for those that had no other way and to pay homage to ways of the Heathen past. Taake flame is still burning with as much rage as ever Hail !!!!


Primitive Man- Home is where the hatred is - CD/ Digital/Vinyl (Relapse)

This came at me with the vengeance of pissed of Rhino with one mission to make sure I'm scarred and aware of all the ill's in this world. Primitive Man is a mix of The Slowest and Darkest Doom/ Death with the Fury of Neurosis , The Body and Graves at Sea. This Ep is full of Feedback, Down tuned venom and a vocalist that wants to see you choke on your own blood. There is no happiness here. This album is about the dark side of dispair and madness. The virus coming forth from this release is the kind that will cause the end of days. All you can hear is pure agony and pain with this band and what do you want in a Doom band. Just Brilliant....


Dehuman- Graveyard of Eden- CD/ Digital (Kaotoxin)

Over the last decade Death metal has come back to the forefront of extreme metal for a while it was all Grind, Black and Doom. This is no longer the cause with Dehuman we have a very bomastic unit with the power and talent to make a Death metal album that just Slays!!! It reminds more of Bands like Death, Obituary , Brutality and Autopsy... You see very much were I'm going with this. It's all about the bludgeoning on the riffs, the  blast beat , heavy low end and the razor sharp guttural vocals!!!! This is once more REAL DEATH METAL. That all i have and if your smart you will not need anymore and go out and get this slab of extreme joy...


Aethyr-Corpus- CD/ Digital (Cimmerian Shade)

Blackened Doom/ Death just like the days of yore from labels like Wounded Love, Avantgarde, Peaceville, Misanthropy and Candlelight . Slow and lumbering with those very grim vocals that reminds me of bands like  Unholy and when Incantation was totaly doomed out. There are moments were they come very close to bands like Dolorian and Deinonychus as well. There is a sorrow and loss here that if not there Doom is just not the craft to create. Aethyr has this skill and level of talent to write songs that just pull at your very soul with misery. This is  not a band you listen to if your at the end of your ropes as this will take you over to the other side. The sonic madness going on here is more then some will be able to take. I've not hear of this label much before or band but both have very much impressed me with this release and I would like to hear more from both..


Wende- The Third and the noble- CD/ Digital ( Moribund Cult)

Is this Norway 1990??? I feel like I'm getting to listen to real underground Black metal for the 1st time again and this is where Wende comes from Cold Ethereal, Atmospheric Black metal very much in the Burzum, Xasthur, Early Ulver , Early Graveland. It's much simpler at it's roots and lo fi in way that make the album all the more personal . There is Forest Pagan metal element going through out the album. Its raw and dirty but is not afraid to use simple synths to add the spooky over tone that is needed as well. This album is from 2012 and Moribund is bringing it to us now so I'm very glad they did so I could be exposed to the art of Wende. I hope that Wende with the backing of Moribund will craft more for us as well.