Ofermod Interview 12/16/2008



1. Ofermod is a very new project to most of my reader how did the band come to be?

I started Ofermod in 1996, after I laid my first band Nefandus to rest(which by the way has risen from the dead recently) due to my disappointment with the debut album of the aforementioned band, as I found the vocals as well as the entire production unworthy. In 97 I was joined by our vocalist Nebiros in Ofermod, and in 98 we released our legendarry 7"EP "Mysterion Tes Anomias", which was the startingpoint of the entire Orthodox Black Metal Cult, us being the first band to label our art "orthodox", and have afterwards been joined by many a worthy band, some very successful and some more obscure, but each belonging to the same cult. In 2005 we released "Mysterion Tes Anomias" anew in the form of a MCD with 2 extra tracks, and now finally in late September of 2008 we released our debut fullength album "Tiamtü" through Norma Evangelium Diaboli, as was the case with the MCD.

2. Your sound seems to be akin to bands like Deathspell Omega and Watain - label mates of yours on Norma Evangelium Diaboli. Is there something different about the Swedish Black metal sound?

In my ears Deathspell Omega and Watain sound nothing alike, and neither does Ofermod to these bands. The similarity is that behind the art of the mentioned bands is a similar spiritual devotion to the forces of Chaos. In the early years of their existence, especially on Casus Luciferi, I can here that Watain were influenced by Ofermod, yet always maintaining their own sound. On Sworn To The Dark they have found a style that suites them perfectly. There is nothing special about the Swedish sound, as every worthy band have developed their own sound. There is no other band that sounds like Marduk or Dissection(R.I.P), nor is there any band that sounds like Watain, Mortuus, Kaamos or Ofermod, or even Therion, which for me is Black/Death Metal, as what they deal with lyrically are the same qliphothic forces as Ofermod. Perhaps it is this that makes the swedish cult so unique. The strong bands consist of composers that take their influences from within themselves rather than listen to other bands and try to copy them.

3. Do you have any contact with the amazing Ajna Offensive label in US at all? Will the band be coming to play here at all in 2009?

I have contact with Tyler from Ajna Offensive at least in a weekly basis, and we collaborate on many different levels. About Ofermod coming to USA for conserts; this would be a difficult task as I have spent time in prison, and what I´ve heard, one is not wellcome in your country if one has a criminal record. Although I have left my criminal lifestyle in the past, in these ways it will haunt me for a long time, if not for the rest of my life, which is a bit sad, because I would love to spread some qliphothic Death Magic in the United States. We will have to concentrate on touring in Europe, the first tour being as a supporting act for Marduk next autumn.

4. There is melancholy melody and harmony to the sound of Ofermod. There is a doom and death metal sound coming through as well. Is this just an afterthought?

Everything you hear on the record is rigorously planned, and no afterthought. When I compose, I put myself in a state of semi-trance, and let the forces of the Chaos Emanations of Sitra Ahra use my body as a vessel, like I use Ofermod as my vessel into which I channel these demonic forces. The rigorous planning is done when I put away my guitar and arrange the riffs in a certain order, so as to create a natural flow in my music.

5. The complexity of arrangements and styles must make it a powerful journey in the studio. Do you prefer Studio or Live rituals?

In the studio I perform every instrument myself, as well as the rituals connected to each song, which is something I do at home, performing only meditations in the studio. As we are yet to do our first live ritual with Ofermod, I really cannot answer this question. But we have great plans for our live appearances, to make them a REAL magical experience, instead of the theatre most "Black" Metal bands degrade themselves to.

6. To someone that has not hear Ofermod how would you explain it to them?

I would say that it is the closest thing you can come to Left Hand Path magic for someone who has not experienced the power of ceremonial magic for themselves. Our album, "Tiamtü", is an invitation to our listeners to behold the dark wonders of Sitra Ahara, looking into the Anti Emanations through the initiating womb of Mother Lilith, mostly into the dark astral world of Gamaliel. That is why this album has this dreamish atmosphere, while our next opus will be more insane, a musical reflection of the qliphah Samael, the poison of God, that is the destroyer of all cosmic illusions of what is wrong and what is right.

7. Does Ofermod feel that Black metal is an art form or a very magical journey? Is Corpse paint a mandatory need or can you create the effect and sounds without it?

Ofermod is magic. On photo sessions I sometimes wear corpse paint, and sometimes not. The paint is merely a shallow expression of the demonic forces this form of music represents, and has naught to do with the forces summoned into the music. On our live appearances, some of us may paint their faces and some of us may not. With "us" I am talking about the entire Holy Union of Ofermod, which includes our live musicians as well as Nebiros and myself.

8. Is there a major Difference between Mystérion Tés Anomias and Tiamtü as I have never heard your releases before this?

There are some minor differences, but an Ofermod fan can immediately hear that it is the same band as back in 1998. Buy our MCD "Mysterion Tes Anomias" from NoEvDia and decide for yourself.

The main difference is on a lyrical level, as on our material from 98 I had recently started studying the occult sciences, so our lyrics today are much more profoundly esoteric.

9. I do like the Chanting and Pagan ritualistic singing brings to the overall release. Are the themes being recited very personal or its there a running theme on Tiamtü?

The theme is the Primal Chaos Dragon, so the chanting is connected to this in one way or another, as are the rest of the lyrics and vocals. In my lyrics there are layer upon layer of esoteric meanings, so that each reader can contemplate upon the words, and according to their own spiritual state find keys to higher understanding in them.

10. Ofermod seems much more aligned with the Occult then Pure Satanism would this be true? Is the Pure Demonic/Dark side of Belief the path your looking to speak about.

Ofermod channels very destructive, demonic forces, but in an occult way, because I am myself approaching these forces in this way in my personal spiritual life, forces that for me become constructive instead of destructive, because through these forces I am in search of Luciferian Gnosis and illumination, which in the end results in godhood attained, according to the promise of Lord Lucifer in the shape of the serpent in the book of Berashith/Genesis when he offered mankind the potentiality to become gods themselves by tasting the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, that is the shadow side of the Tree of Life. It is this northern shadow side that I explore to achieve Self-Deification. A long and demanding process, but each treasure of the underworld is worth the effort required by him or her who have chosen this path.

11. Are you anti digital age of getting the word out on underground music. Do you miss the tape trading and fanzine word of mouth for Black metal?

In a way I miss tape trading and writing letters by hand, but today I would not have time to involve myself in this type of activity. But I remember the feeling one got when writing a letter to for instance Euronymous of the TRUE Mayhem, and the bastard actually returned one´s letter, heh heh, and even was polite. This is one of the reasons that I have included my address in the "Tiamtü" booklet, so that those who live for the old ways of our cult can reach me through mail, and perhaps send me a demo of their band, and maybe, just maybe I will forward it to some of my underground connections, or even release an album with them through my own planned underground label Left Light Emanations. I return most letters i receive, if there is some intellectual substance in them. A simple "Hail Satan" won´t impress me...

12. Does it make it less important with any bedroom black metal band trying to create their sounds?

First of all, if you still live at your parents place(I interpret your phraze "bedroom BM" as someone who still lives at home with their physichal parents), you are most propably just too young to really have developed a sound of your own. Practice a few more years on your instruments, and do for the love of Lucifer NOT use computer drums for Black/Death Metal if you intend to release your material. This makes me loose interest immediately. If you are over 20, and still live at home, it´s about time you get your own place. I got my first own appartment when I was 16, which gave my religious life a kick in the right direction. If you mean Black Metal created in one´s home, instead of the rehearsal room, I am of the opinion that this is the only place where brilliant music is composed, alone, after meditation, in the privacy of one´s home, which for the occultist is one´s private Temple, where the breath of the Dragon pulsates with vital force, and the Draconian presence can be sensed at all times. The rehearsal room is a place where you get tight together as a band, and not a place for composing.

13. If there was one Band or Project that brought Ofermod to making and creating the Black sounds you do who would it be and why?

Alfred Schnittke, Carl Orff, Richard Wagner and much of the early medieval pilgrim music composed by anonymous composers. Some russian orthodox christian masses, some early semitic music, the soundtrack to the movie "Conan the Barbarian" etc. I am not influenced, at least not consciously, by Metal music. I simply don´t allow myself to listen to it, to avoid being influenced. Ofermod is classical music perfomed on traditional metal instruments. I love true Black and Death Metal, but it is very seldom I allow myself to listen to it, no matter how brilliant it is. I´m a composer, not a music lover

14. Thank you for your time any closing thoughts place here

Thank you for this interview,

Ride on the Breath of the Dragon...Hail Lucifer!