Dreaming Dead Interview is up 12/22/2008



1.Dreaming Dead to most of us is a brand new project; tell us a brief history please?

Dreaming Dead is a Los Angeles based blackened death/thrash metal band, founded in July ‘06 by members Elizabeth Schall (vocals/guitars) & Michael Caffell (drums).

We were originally called Manslaughter but after our first year together decided to change our name.

Together we’ve recorded the ep ‘Through the Eyes of Insanity’ & ‘Within One’, and to this date we’ve recruited Juan Ramirez on bass.

2. How did you come to sign to the very quickly growing Ibex Moon Records?

They seem to be a force in the Metal scene quickly.

Absolutely, Ibex Moon Records is a quickly growing force that is also an important addition in today’s metal community. John McEntee approached the band after returning from our 07’ U.S. tour and after hearing about us through people related to the entertainment media. We remained in touch and finally signed with the label in Sept. ’08.

3. Your sound is a mix of Doom, Black, Death, Prog and Classical element. The mix styles are very impressive esp with the harsh vocals and melodic elements. Has this been a progression to the sound now or has the band always had this vision?
Thank you, we really try and bring out a wide variety of styles just to keep things fresh

and interesting. I suppose it’s only natural that our sound progresses with time, but in the

beginning and now I think it’s fare to say that we just play what we like, what feels & sounds good to us, therefore gives us the drive to continue making music together.

4. I see your going to be touring with Master. Is this your 1st proper tour or have you trekked across the USA before?

Yes and yes haha. The upcoming Master/Pathology tour is our first proper tour and we’re very excited to be a part of it. We’ve gone out and put together our own full U.S. tours in 07’ and 08’ with some surprising success, which we feel very lucky and grateful for the folks that have supported us then.

5. Do you feel being a Female front person on vocals and guitar is still an issue in Metal today or with bands like Arch Enemy, Lacuna Coil, Walls of Jericho this is commonplace now?

I don’t think it’s an issue nor do I care what people think of me, or any female fronted band for that matter. If anything I thinks it’s awesome so see ladies rock out just as hard

as the boys. J

6. Does Dreaming Dead have a message of theme on ‘Within One’ or just a collection of killer metal tunes?

Just a collection of killer metal tunes!

7. The band is from California. Is there still a thriving metal seen like in 80's / 90's or has everything become more underground?

I believe there is a strong and thriving metal seen here in L.A., which at the same time

remains underground. It’s hard to imagine this genre ever selling-out.

8. Are the members of Dreaming Dead fans of the Digital age (Myspace, Mp3s, Webcasts, Blogs) Etc or do you miss the days of Vinyl / Radio and Fanzines?
I would say we’re fans of both eras. We are very grateful of internet tools such as Myspace & Facebook, these being our main sources when putting together our tours.

Without them I don’t know how we could have done it.

I never was a part of the vinyl/radio days but I do have many friends that prefer their music on vinyl. Some say after the whole mp3 craze gets old, the vinyl will be back.

9. Being a newer signed artist do you feel bands can still make a living on purely music anymore?
As a musician that only plays in a underground metal band and I think I speak for all small underground bands, probably not and especially in L.A. where the cost of living is so high.

In my case and the ones of my band we definitely have day jobs that keep us financially afloat hoping someday to become financially independent through our music.

10. If someone asked Dreaming Dead what did you sound like how would you describe it to them?

An avalanche of pure metal!

11. Have you gotten any feedback in USA or Europe on the release via promos or press? Will you be touring Europe at all?

The promos were sent out recently so no feedback as of yet. We hope to tour Europe! And real soon… oh gawd please!

12. Dreaming Dead is an interesting name how did it come about?

The name came about after months of research and after reading tales written in H.P. Lovecraft’s “Bloodcurdling tales of horror & macabre”, specifically ‘The Dreams in the Witch House’. A phrase in that tale was referenced as, “those who dream yet not realize are dead”…something interesting along those lines.

I jumped from my chair and checked online to see if the name was taken and to my surprise wasn’t. Lucky day for me!

13. Thank you for your time any closing thoughts place here.

Absolutely, thank you for your time as well. Happy Holidays and have an awesome 2009 filled with metal! Please make sure to remind all your readers ‘Within One’ is out 1.20.09!