2 New Collabs in Works with Clint Listing for 2009 and Beyond

I've been lucky enough to talk with two old friends and were going to work on Collab releases again and one for the very 1st time.

Karsten Hamre (Penitent, Dense Vision Shrine, Veiled Allusions, Arcane Art) and I are working on a Electronic Dark Beat Driven project not a split but a collab its the 1st time were working together on on project. Look for old Wax trax styled sounds with a harsher edge.

1st off its with my long time friend Maor Appelbaum of ( Screening, M.A.P.S and Sleepless) Fame. Were working on a soundscape / Musique Konkret release. This should be a dense layered release for your cold lonely nights.

Be well