Necronoclast Interview is up @ AZM 12 /01/08

1. Greg since the last time I talked with you . You've had a CD re issued and this now your 3rd CD both released on Moribund. You must be happy with all that is progressing on the label side for Necronoclast.

--- Certainly. When Monument was first released, it was by a small label who did what they could, but Moribund are in a far better position to promote Necronoclast. Things have been quite prolific over the last year or so, but it has to be said that Monument was a reissue, and The Plague was recorded some time before I signed with Moribund and work had already begun on Haven at that time.

2. With Haven you seem to have going down an even more Black Doom Path I hear alot in common with Deinonychus and Ancient Wisdom this time. Do you feel the dark metal vibe is fading a bit with more Doom elements coming in?

--- I think Haven goes to the extremes a little more than The Plague did. There's definitely more doom in there, but I feel that the more 'black' parts of the album are also more vehement than before. I feel that Haven has intensified that which was present before, but it does expand more on the doom elements.

3. I understand being a one man project make the recording and writting much more personal and time consuming. Is there ever a thought of collabing with musician for recording or possible performing live?

--- Necronoclast is my vision and my project, and I can't see myself collaborating, with the possible exception of a session drummer, if that was something I felt would take the project to a new level at some stage. I don't think the music lends itself to a live environment, nor do I see myself as an on-stage entertainer. I wouldn't rule out collaborations, but it wouldn't be under the label of Necronoclast.

4. I really like the cold black metal feel of the guitars and vocals when they are used reminds me of early days of Polish black metal were anything goes. Where did the black elements come into play as the music seems to be very structured in Doom metal.

--- I suppose that for someone who is critically-minded, you can break the structure of the music down to basics, but when I am writing, the mood of the music carries it in the appropriate directions. I see doom metal and black metal are two different but related art forms, both very expressive. To me it makes sense to combine the two, with elements of each helping to emphasise the characteristics of the other.

5. Is there a running theme to Haven if so tell us about it.

--- Haven is loosely based around a house I rented for a while in 2007. It was very run-down and neglected, and very isolated. The area was entirely desolate. It was a very inspiring place, negatively. Such detachment and decay preys on the mind and opens your eyes to true reality, and true reality is something that I feel is reflected in the feel of Haven.

6. If there was one band or artist that made Necronoclast be. Who would it be and why?

--- I think it would have to be Katatonia, who were the first band whose music I felt truly had the ability to project sombre moods and bring you to their plane of existence. I'm not particularly taken by their recent output, but they have produced some undisputable classics which are influential across different spheres of metal and beyond.

7. What the currently musicial tone for underground music in Scottland like right now as in the USA it such a dark time Heavy music is thriving like never before.

There is a strong metal following in Scotland. I've always felt that black metal is quite under-represented in terms of local bands, and doom metal probably even more so, but there have been some notable bands such as Serenade.

8. I know you mention Katatonia and Burzum and main creative sources but that was the older material correct??

--- This is correct. I find that I listen to less current metal now than I did previously, and so that results in more of my own thoughts and personality being reflected in Necronoclast. Not to suggest that Necronoclast began as a copy of anything else, but inspirations are often more obvious in early works.

9. Are there any band that catch your attention currently that we may not know about.

--- I'd certainly recommend some of the new Moribund releases, particularly Blood Stained Dusk, and I'm also interested to hear what Lyrinx (an English black metal band) do next.

10. Do you like the vinyl format at all or more of a digital age follower?

--- I've got a soft spot for vinyl, but I'm sticking with CDs. The presentation of music is something that is important to me, and I find the digital side of things useful, but quite faceless and detached.

11. Your website and myspace stay minimalist still belief to keep it short and to the point correct?

--- It sounds like a cliche but everything that Necronoclast has had to say in the past year is said with Haven. The website and myspace page serve a purpose and are certainly useful, but they are merely the blurb on the back cover.

12. Thank you for your time. Any closing thoughts place here.

--- Thanks for your interest once again.