Prophecy Productions Artist- Noekk Interview is up

Answers from Thomas Helm.

1.1st Question I wondering why was there close to a Decade between Noekk Releases?

After the „The Minstrels Curse” Album opened some kind of a black hole and i didn’t manage to come up with some kind of theme for another album. So i didn’t work out any musical idea that would fit to Noekk. The poetry by PWK, who contributed all the lyrics for “Waltzing...” made me compose new music for Noekk!

2. In 5 Words how would you describe Noekk to someone about to listen too  " Waltzing in Obscurity" ?

Find out by yourself please!

3. I hear elements of  Devil Doll, Tenhi, Antimatter, In the Woods, Green Carnation, The Yearning and Amorphis. What Bands have inspired you to create this  Avant Goth meets Prog Doom sound?

This album to me is more influenced by eighties music and maybe our way of arranging including an overall melancholic atmosphere puts us near the bands you named. Tenhi is the only that I listen to regularly and I love them! I’m more influenced by 80’s Metal, vintage Prog and classical music, but as I said in the beginning, on this album there’s a lot of themes breathing some kind of 80’s flair...

4. What has made Prophecy Production the best home for Noekk Since the Beginning ?

They support Noekk in a great way - what more can you ask?

5. I know you both were with  Empyrium and A Vision Bleak .How did these projects bring about Noekk?

Not much I think.

6. If you could want a proper video for any track off " Waltzing in Obscurity"  .Which track would if be and how would you want to it to Look ?

“The Lily of Reverence” and I imagine an intimate journey to a quiet sacred place.

7. Is there a theme between all your albums or are they all independent stories?

There’s no connection between them. They’re just a sign of the times when they were created. I just tried to write something that I like myself.

8. Visuals and Image has does that play in the over presentation of a band like Noekk for  Art, Photos and Aesthetic of the band?

I think the Album layout is very important and we worked every time with the same artist ( He is a real genius and he brought all the ideas for every album. I love the idea bringing somebody in that you trust and he puts his thoughts via his art into the process of completing an album.

9. How has  The digital age ( Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube, Twitter, Podcasts etc) changed being an underground musical artist over the last two plus  Decades. Is it a blessing or curse? Maybe something in the center?

It has changed the way for most of the people how they consume music and how they grab information about artists. It depends on your point of view. I remember times where I bought 4-5 magazines per month and buying records just because of reviews or stories about bands. Not to talk about word to mouth, but the internet is the new format, that most people prefer. I think it’s both blessing and curse, but for the only thing that matters, which is the creative process it’s simply insignificant.

10. The Folk and Goth elements seems to play a heavy roll in the bands over all sound. Where did these element come into play?

I write all my stuff on acoustic guitar or piano/keyboard which gives the material immediately some kind of direction - that you for example compare to folk or goth. I don’t think so much in these terms...

11. With " Waltzing in Obscurity" I feel Noekk is moving further from metal and more in to a Prog Folk or Avant Goth Rock sound . Is this something that is a band has been working towards or just a natural progression?

I wrote the material within a few weeks and worked it out with PWK’s lyrics. It still feels fresh and natural. Of course I see the difference to the older albums, but it came natural without any master plan in the back.

12. I know you have done some covers yourself but to turn the tables is there ever a band you would like to hear cover Noekk to see what they could bring out of it ?

Hard to say, it would be interesting to see what other could bring out of the songs, but I have nobody in mind.

13. If Noekk stopped tomorrow what do you want the world to have gotten out of the band and its music?

Enjoyment and quality time with the music!

14. Live is this something that interests a band like Noekk in 2019 or is the studio a better pallet for you ?

The studio is the most precious place, because there it comes to life. Maybe we do a special show some day, but the creative part is much more attractive to me.

15. Thank you for the time and any closing thoughts here

Thank you for the interview and your time!