7 hymns to close a decade so perplexed

Nor-Octagon- Tape/ Digital ( Self Released )

Ah as we end this Decade with my final batch of reviews in 2019 . We start with a one man Post Black metal creation out of Italy. 8 tracks that are very much beginning with a proggy blackened metal experience.  Marco seems to be a member of Hornwood Fell on Third I Rex. With Nor we has very interesting next of samples, symphonic  Post Black Death all the while an Instrumental project. The more I listen to this it straddles the lines of bands like  Solefald, And Oceans, Ihsahn and takes a turn to bands like  Fen, Fates Warning and more modern Code. I super impressed by the melodic and dissident tones that are coming out of the speaker with all this fury , power and fragility. There are moments were Borknagar and Devil Doll come screaming from the speakers all without a single word spoken. Nor you have made something very impressive and i would love to see it as a vinyl release some day . 

Eclipser- Pathos-  Digital/ CD  ( Noise Salvation )

I don't use the words Punishing often in the music i review but this Blackened Death force out of  Canada is a mix of Punishing , Brittle and epic all at the same time . The vocals of Francesco and Ryan voice is that of demonic possession meets that crusty punk element that works so well in this mix of very left of center Black Death that mixes punk, noise, prog and industrial over tones. Really into the odd and unusual time changes going on between guitars and drums . Eclipser is a think mans extreme metal band for certain. There is an atmosphere going on through out the release that is terrifying and well as almost hypnotic.  This so much more then just a black death band but it is really the best way to get the words out of the style beginning to unfold within each and every track. Do you like bands like  Death Spell Omega, Blut aus Nord and Aosoth this is were I hear the most coming from. As I said Eclipser mixes so much in to this package it will be several full listens to every get to a real understanding of what is being presented here.

Lamassu- Into the Empty- Digital/CD/LP ( Self Released )

From the land down under comes this  heavy rock  meets Bluesy Doomy band that reminds me of Trouble, Solitude Aternus, Crowbar and Soundgarden honestly this i what I'm hearing even some Sabbath Assembly and Warrior Soul. Lamassu have that  Desert Rock meets Classic UK doom vibe going on I would even say there is some Pentagram going on through out the veins of this band . Love the feedback driven tone as well that do come across like band of Sour Vein and C.O.C at times. Lamassu reminds me of two bands from N.J.  Non Fiction that was members of Metal Blade artist Hades and Mindfunk that was on Epic and Megaforce. It's has this melody and crushing bottom end that is like a fuzzed out doomy version of Soundgarden and Black Sabbath. I will tell you Chris's voice is a shining moment of this album for sure. The rumbling bass is very nice as well . I'm just going to end with the bluesy groove this has blends it all together so well 

Dodfodd-Stigma- Digital/CD/LP ( ANNAPURNA and CLAVIS SECRETORVM )

Reviewing this is going to be interesting to say the least Dodfodd started out atmospheric black metal unit over a decade ago but in 2019 we have a two track album coming in at close to 45 mins. On this twenty plus minute track we have what I would call Atmospheric  Industrial Black Noise meets Electronic Chaos. Are you fans of projects like MZ412, Aghast, Mysticum, Vond and Havoc Unit  then you know where we are heading in a very quick pace and direction. There are nightmares that are easier to digest and experience then this. Dodfodd will not be a simple listen for many and it will drive the masses away but those that dare to take the risk will be rewarded with one hell of a sonic and aural journey.  The tonal and frequency that Dodfodd records in will be unsettling to many but it works so well for the end of days and darkened tombs of from which this project comes out of. Dodfodd thank you for an interesting listen and something I will be coming back too time and time again .

Jordablod- The Cabinet of Numinous Song- Digital,CD, LP ( Iron Bonehead)

Raw , Punk and  Noisy thrashing  Black metal is what I'm hearing from Jordablod. This is an angry record indeed then goes into these waves of Spaghetti western and avant rock tones. It's confusing and wonderful at that same time just imagine the Band Earth and Marduk forming a band and them playing music like Mayhem and Behemoth . Yes you heard me right . Jordablod is just fucked up as all can be and it sounds just like I would want. Don't ever change.  Sweden has brought a new level of  sickness and ugly elements to the Blackened extreme musical landscape. I look forward to see what comes in 2020 with this release .

Wolvencrown- Of Bark and Ash- Digital, CD, LP ( Avantgarde Music)

Coming out of the UK is Wolvencrown  a band that mixes  Pagan Folk Black metal, Viking and Symphonic elements into something that I have loved for years. Raise that Northern European heathen banner high Wolvencrown  as those synth just meld into the blistering  Black Death that is coming from the hill sides to the valleys of the mother and father lands.  Let the trumpet ring for the armies of the past keeping the nations of Britannia safe and protected ever more. Just look at the album cover and you know what you are getting here. The war cries and bloody fields of the past are really where a band like this truly at home. I do not need to name bands they sound like as this kind of music is really ageless and I hope it continues to be that way till the end of days. Avantgarde has just given us a reason why heathen and pagan ideal work so well with extreme music always .

Cult of Erinyes- Aestivation- Digital, CD, LP ( Amor Fati Productions )

Atmospheric and Savage Black metal on a very grandiose and masses scale to say the least. The vocals are shrieked, screamed and cries from the depths of hell itself and we need this to happen for a band like Cult of Erinyes to be. The mix Post metal, Prog, Doom, Harsh Black metal and blistering  Primitive death metal all into something that will leave you wanting more and never sure how far it has taken you to the levels of true madness. Belgium is a great stronghold for the blackened and darkened arts of extreme metal and with Cult of Erinyes this continues with such fire and destruction all that sit within their path will be effected. Sometimes pain is good and with Aestivation it is a much needed cleansing to a world that is letting everyone and everything tell you how to react and respond.