Struggling to continue with hope Edition ( 3 Albums for deep reflection )

Jarun-Sporysz-CD/Digital ( Arachnophobia ) 

What he have is a moment to question all you have thought about music before the 1st things I hear are  Beyond Dawn, Virus, Code, Fen, Ihsahn and Negura Bunget. Do I really need to go more into what Jarun is giving us ? This is Jazzy Progressive Blackened Folk Metal. I love using words like Thinking Mans Metal, Adventurous Metal, Post Metal or even Avantgarde Metal as all these ideals mix into what Jarun is creating . There are  Blackend Cries, Clean Spoke and sung moments as well music all over the spectrum we have been talking about . There are even Faith No More and Patton sounding moments. I use to laugh when people would call this kind of style of music Art Metal but you know in the short term that really does explain a lot. As they are molding sounds together that normally seen off base and really work well in the over all tone. The Fragile nature is as powerful as the bombastic and aggressive side of Jarun. I know this album came out at the end of 2017 but it needs more exposure for an impressive creation such as this .

Black Salvation -Uncertainty Is Bliss-CD/Digital/ LP ( Relapse )

If I was to say this has ex Grave Pleasures member in it .What musical realm would you say this trio is heading into being based in Germany???  You guessed it  Post Punk, Death Rock and Kraut Rock my friends . If you like bands like  Beastmilk, Grave Pleasures, Killing Joke, Gang of Four etc . There are some Garage Punk moments of Sonic Youth and Mudhoney going on here as well as Thee Hypnotics .. Over all if you like that Noisy Garage Punk meets Death Death you are going to have a hell of a ride musically . The dissident tones and frayed vocals work so well on this album at time it's really trippy but in a way that feels like madness so it really adds layers to the album as a whole. Really glad to have going to review and hear this as it's an album that really speaks to me musically. As the fractured way it comes across makes me want to hear more from the past of this band. Relapse has a very original and genre altering album in their grasps..

Totalselfhatred-Solitude-CD/Digital/LP  (Osmose Productions)

Depression , Darkness, Isolationism and Frustration are all central theme that come to mind when listening to Solitude. Are you into Anti Black metal or maybe more  Depressive Suicidal Black metal under the blanket of Post Black metal . I hear elements of bands like Coldworld, Shining, Happy Days, Deinonychus, Monumentum and  Forgotten Tomb. There really is a beautiful layer of darkness that actually sound like relief some all the pain and this may be the sounds of those tormented ones crossing over to the neither realms. totalselfhatred is a massive undertaking and layers in so may ways that it's Epic and Nightmarish all at the same time. This was a big musical movement in late 90's early 00's and seems to be coming back with the Blackgauze movement . Glad to have a musical force like this back and something I can listening to over and over again. Osmose has found a new gem from Finland. There are some very deep Gothic and Death rock elements in this album too do not let anyone try to fool you. None the less very very impressive album ... Spread the word..