4 Passages into the Dark Arts Aurally.....

NortherN-  Desolate ways to Ultima Thule- CD/ Digital ( Moribund Cult )

By looking at the cover what do you think NortherN formerly ( Cold Northern Vengeance ) Perform . Blackened Viking metal with elements of Folk metal then you would be very much on the correct path my friends.  Its has members of a band I loved on Elitist. Earache too called Decembers Wolves that were a very ground breaking band . This reminds me of bands like  Bathory, Manegarm, Forefather and Graveland . I really like the mix of Raw thrashing and punk styles mixed with wht Viking and Folk metal elements. There are these clips between tracks that add an odd and inventive element to the album as well. There is an amazing line to in one of the Tracks too " Fuck Anti Fa" made me smile.  With all the raw there is an epic Asatru feeling to this as a whole and that is where they get me . I love the sing along viking metal moments as well. I going to finalize all that I'm talking about at times this feels like a Demo that had a good budget and NortherN that really works for you so keep up on this path as I'm really into the journey you have given us . Oh and I'm sure I should mention there is a Burzum cover on the album. You'll know when you hear it .


Nigredo- Flesh Torn Spirit Pierced -CD/ Digital ( Transcending Obscurity )

Is it me or does Greek Black metal just have a vibe about it . It's instant and you either love it or hate it right?  There is this Occult, Droning, Ethereal feeling that comes from it at the same time that it tries to thrash you face off..  Septic Flesh, Rotting Christ , Varathron and Nightfall .. See were I'm going with this I hope as this is a bit more on the violent and vicious side of the Blackened Spectrum . I feel that band like Nigredo has a love for Polish Black metal as well as there is a Behemoth and Graveland love too . What I will say at the end of the day is Color me impressed as I could hear this on a label like No Colour or ATMF or Nordvis .. Nigredo is an powerful musical force and should not be ignored in anyway possible . The speed is excessive and the vocals are spewed from the speakers I love the jazzy dissidence from the guitar and bass as well. You will not be upset by this Black metal force . 


Krolok -When the Moon Sang Our Songs- CD/ Digital   (Inferna Profundus Records )

This is  Raw Lo fi and Synth based wierdo outsider 90's Black Experimental stuff and I'm just into every moment of this gem. Bizarre and Left of center black metal is what always draws me back to these bands. It almost sounds like a lost Demo from a band that was doing very ugly occult things and burning churches. I so glad to have this and get a chance to review it. Are you a fan of those early Northern European Black metal band and those bands from New Zealand and Austrilia that only you got because Osmose and Red Stream distros had copies to buy for $17 to $20 a CD in 1995 ... Well Krolok is a must own then and you will not be disappointed . 


Flame Acausal -Contra Mundum in Aeternum- CD/ Digital  (Blood Harvest & HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS)

This was a Cassette only release back in 2016 and limited LP in 2017 . Now in 2018 we have CD and digital output of Flame Acausal .. What we have hear is an aural nightmare going at 1000 miles per hour. Yes Blistering  Occult Hateful Black Death is what is pumping from the speakers and it's all I could ever ask for . It is just pure ugliness and disgust . It's what you want from a Black metal band fully in toe with the left hand path and dark arts. If you like at this band you can see they are just looking for the destruction of all around them and chaos profound. This is short but if there were more then 3 track and intro I don't think you mind would be able to come back from it. Again I'm not lying this is the thing of nightmare and the sounds that creatures in the darkness fear. Impressive indeed.