Neurot Recordings Artist Chrch Interview is up

1. As you are a very new band to myself and my readers I have only heard the split with Fister . Tell us about the hymns of Chrch?

We began playing together in the winter of 2013. We recorded what we thought would be a demo, that took off in ways we had never imagined. We’ve just released our second album Light Will Consume Us All on Neurot Recordings.

2. You are what I would call a Post Doom band as I now many say funeral doom but I hear ambient, post rock and Doom/Death through out the 3 tracks of new album " Light will Consume us all". Where do you think the bands sound fits in Doom in 2018?

We don’t really have an answer for that. We’ve stayed away from genre definitions as much as we can. I think that it’s the listeners job and if they desire, the journalists job, to fit us into their lives. We create. And wherever it falls is where it belongs.

3. You signed with the mighty Neurot Recordings how did that happen and what are you fave Neurosis related musical moments or albums?

Neurot approached us to put our next album out and we were all over the moon and accepted.
For me, Eva, I got Souls at Zero when I was in 8th grade. It definitely opened a musical door for me. Growing up in a small town, I didn’t find anyone else who listened to Neurosis until I was maybe 17. One of my favorite Neurosis shows was seeing them on times of grace tour in a smallish theater in Sacramento.

Chris: Aside from seeing them play, I booked Scott Kelly’s acoustic project at a small DIY venue in Sacramento. It was the first time meeting him and it was surreal to see him in such a small venue. Just his voice alone was shaking the walls.

4. The Female vocals are just twisted, angelic and terrifying at the same time. I hear elements of  Julie Christmas, Karyn Crisis , Alicia of 13 and Damad in what you are creating. Would I be correct at all?

Eva: I actually have only listened to Damad; I saw Julie Christmas last year at psycho Las Vegas, but that was my first introduction to her; still, it may be true that there are similarities between myself and those ladies.  But if you’re asking if that’s where I get my inspiration or if I take guidance from what they’ve created specifically, than the answer is no.

5. The music is just so epic, slow , crushing and ethereal what bands have influenced the music?

We all have our individual influences, that we bring with us; there aren’t any bands that we came together and said we want to create music that sounds like “this” specifically. We don’t really reference other bands when we write.

6. How does the live performance differ from the studio?

We write for performing live more so than we write for the studio. Obviously, working in the studio is a much more concentrated and focused process than performing live. There’s a ritual element to our live shows.

7. How do you see Social media effecting underground music in 2018 ?

The Internet has given underground musicians the potential for international exposure that just wasn’t possible until recently.

8. Are things like  Patreon, Bandcamp, Podcasts, Audiotree etc helping get the music out to people or is it just watering it down as too much is just subpar noise?

We don’t think these mediums relate directly to the quality of content. But it’s heavily influenced access for listeners to find highly specified material. Aside from stuff that’s super inflammatory, people will spend money on stuff that they like. We don’t think too many bands is a problem.

9. How would you explain Chrch to someone is about to listen to the band for the 1st time?

Have patience.

10. Do the members of Chrch have other project you would like to expose my readers too?
Chris and Adam have a powerviolence band called xTomHanx. Adam also plays bass in miniHaHas.

11. What are the members of Chrch listening to that are gems out there ?

Chris: The new Yob. Fisters latest record No Spirit Within.
Karl: I’ve been listening to Vanum and Trepaneringsritualen
Adam: I’ve been listening to the new They Might be Giants and Gorilla Toss.
Eva: Karl turned me on to Trepaneringsritual and I had the most visceral reaction to music that I’ve experienced in quite some time. It was thrilling. Other than that, I listen to a lot of the same shit as I always have, like Acid Bath. There are a lot of really great death metal bands coming out of the Bay Area right now. There’s just a ton of great music being created.
Ben: I listen to a lot of Weedeater.

12. How does older Chrch material differ from current album?

We’ve tried to push ourselves creatively and further expand the music while keeping a cohesive dialogue.

13. If you all were not doing music what other creative outlets do you think would take that place in?

There’s nothing comparable to playing music, but
Ben’s a pro skater. Karl does pen and ink drawings and writing. Eva does a lot of different things like writing and design.

14.. How does the album art play into the theme of the 3 Tracks?
Nate Burns of Revolting Worship creates our album art. We appreciate his intuitiveness.

15. Do you think longer tracks make the listener base smaller or more Dedicated to the aret?
The length of the songs definitely require patience, but people are into that kind of shit.

16. If you could cover any song and make it you're own what would it be and why?

We were super proud of the way our cover of Black Sabbath’s The Wizard turned out. It can be found:

17. I don't see a proper video for new album ? Will one be coming or nothing something  Chrch is interested in?

We are interested in creating videos, we just haven’t really had enough insight as to how to make that happen yet.

18. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here..

Thank you for you’re interest in us. We hope to see you at one of the shows this year.