Helldprod Artist-Scarificare Interview is up

1. Portugal seems to be getting more  and more extreme music coming from
it as we all Moonspell and some of us know of Before the rain  and
Heavenwood. How do you think the sound of Scarificare fits in to the
nation extreme metal world?

Greetings! Scarificare has been around since 2006 and we always had
very good criticism
from the Portuguese public and from other Portuguese band members from
all metal styles.

2. I hear elements of  Viking, Folk, Prog, Death and Black metal with
some brilliant orchestral movements. How do you describe the sound of

Our sound is a mirror of our musical and philosophical influences.
Personally I like to ear all
kind of music genres. I could descrive our sound as a mystical dark
ritual with a lot of  cosmical atmospheres. Basically
some kind of atmospheric death/black metal.. Of course it could be some
little elements of Viking or folk because of that mirror I mencioned.

3. So it looks like you a few releases on Hellprod how have it been and
wondering why is the CD limited to only 300 copies world wide?

"Tilasm" is our second release with Hellprod. Our first release was our
second album "Postulado".
The main reason of beeing limited to 300 was because we wanted to have a
special Digipack edition. Of course that we could have another edition
but this time in a normal CD edition.

4, What is the live performance of Scarificare like verses the Studio
and which do you prefer getting into studio to make new sounds or seeing
the fans and new listeners reactions?

I like them both. Its very important to play live and get peoples
reactions during the show and after the show, but for me is also very
exiting to record on studio and to be able to
acomplish all the ideas we take from the rearshal room.

5. If you could make a proper video of any track on  Tilasm which would
it be and how would you like it to be presented?
I think I would choose "Wandering soul". It is a slow tempo song with a
lot of chanting in the beginning and with a very atmospheric and
emotional end...but I think that it
could be an interesting theme for a video...I have some ideas for that
video...well...maybe we still could do that video so....

6. On that note does social media ( You tube, Bandcamp, Twitter, podcast
, Webzines etc ) change the way bands get exposure today or is it just
21st century Fan zines, College radio and tape trading?

The internet is the most powerful way for a band to expose their music.
Of course we still have some good magazines, fanzines and College radios
that make a good work and that we totaly
support. Many years ago it was more difficult for bands to being knowed
all around the world. So internet is not a bad thing but at the same
time we have so much information,bands,etc...that
sometimes we dont have the time for acknowledge everything.

7. The album cover of Tilasm must play a role in the story of album or
is it just a cool cover and collection of new tunes?

The cover and booklet concept was made by me and our designer Anna. In
the booklet you can the see all the lyrics and pictures on the
background that have to do with the "story".
The album has a concept because all the lyrics and their personages
interact between. In diferent times and spaces...

8. What would you say Scarificare align to  Death or Black metal ?

More into Blackmetal definitely. But the two together are also good.

9. What Bands and Albums are impressing you currently?

The bands I listen since I was a teenager. Even those bands continue to
impress me still.... Bands like Bathory, Satyricon, Enslaved,
Root....and so on.
I listen to some Portuguese bands of course...

10. I love the mix of Clean and Guttural vocals musically and vocally I
really hear Borknagar , Solefald, Rotting Christ   and Amorphis elements
. Were these bands influenced to what made Scarificare who they are?

I really like those bands you mentioned  but the main musician that
influences my clean voices is  Thomas Börje (Quorthon,Bathory).

11. Do the members of Scarificare have other projects to tell my readers
about for new music to explore?

Eligos (bass) plays guitar in a thrash metal band called "Stucker" and
I have an one man band called "Gorgonian". I also have realeases in
"Serpent Lore" (1998-demo) and "Wrath" (demo-cd 2001).

12. Were do you see future  Scarificare albums heading more expanding on
genres or do you feel at home with sound?

We are not composing new stuff at the moment. In a possible new album we
maybe could explore a little bit more the orquestral/keybords
stuff....but we still dont know.

13. Lets say a label like  Century Media , Metal Blade or Nuke blast
came along and were interested in releasing album do you feel that would
be a good fit or are smaller labels with good pr a better outlet in 2018

The guys in Hellprod. are very professional and they are doing a great
work! And its not small label...But of course its a dream of any
musician to release an album by a major label that
could promote you in a way others cant... But I also saw many bands with
that opportunity that ended after....so...to have that kind of pressure
and all,you have to have a very good album
and some musical background...

14. How does visuals and image have people react to underground music in
2018 ? Do you try to present a visual to the world for Scarificare?

We still didnt played live yet.... Has we all three work with daily
shity jobs we dont have much time to rehearse..We do what we can of
course...But we are ready now. About the visuals...
We have a lot of ideas but we are still poor.heheh..and without money
there isnt much visual concept....

15. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here

Many thanks for your time and great questions! Find your own TILASM!