Cyclic Law Artist- DØDSMASKIN Interview up


1. Tell us about how this power noise death industrial force from Norway came to be?

DØDSMASKIN: We have been working together musically since we were teenagers. Over the years our focus has shifted increasingly towards sound design, and we founded Dødsmaskin as a result of that. The initial idea was for Dødsmaskin to be a side project, but as our style developed we realized that this was something we wanted to give high priority to.

2. Fiende has some amazing driving beats in a very dark industrial back drop is this similar to earlier material?

DØDSMASKIN: Fiende is a bit different from previous Dødsmaskin material which is less rhythmical and more noise/drone/ambient based. The expression on the album is reminiscent of the rather aggressive stuff we have done in other projects, and that very aggression is key to the album concept.

3. You were working with Malignant and now Cycliclaw way the change in labels that seem to release very closely related styles?

DØDSMASKIN: We had a brilliant experience with Malignant Records and the release of Fullstendig Brent, but they simply could not find a slot to release Ingenting and Fiende as soon as we wanted to. Luckily, we got a deal with Cyclic Law for these albums. Cyclic Law is an excellent label and we enjoy our collaboration, but that does not mean that we will not release work through Malignant again in the future.

4.How does the artwork of Fiende play with the story or theme of album?

DØDSMASKIN: Fiende translates as «Enemy», and the bloody fingerprint on the artificial background represents the premise of the concept that man is his own worst enemy, and that the technological evolution from which he has thrived may ultimately become his destruction.

5. Heavy experimental music seems to be having a rebirth with bands like Abjection ritual, TxRxP, Steel Hook Prostheses, Sector 304 and Vomit arsonist to name a few ..Do you think this has anything to do with state of world?

DØDSMASKIN: We do not consider ourselves to be a part of a «scene» and cannot speak for other artists, but in our view it is probably impossible not to be affected by the world’s current condition to a certain extent. With that being said, Dødsmaskin is neither a political nor a religious project and never will be.

6. If you could make a proper video for any track off new album what track and how would it look?

PETER VINDEL: My personal favourite would be «Blod Fra Helvete» and I would like the video to feature dystopian imagery similar to the scenes in Terminator 2: Judgment Day where machine domination has erased most of humanity. KJETIL OTTERSEN: Tough question, but the closing track «Posthum» usually gives me visions of layers upon layers of grey haze with blackened metallic surfaces breaking through, while the observer stays locked in an inertial frame of reference.

7. How does image and visuals play a role in a band like DØDSMASKIN?

DØDSMASKIN: We always try to tell a «story» and we like to think of all our releases as concept albums; each with its own visual aesthetics and associations. In terms of transferring this into a live context, we have not made any proper performances with Dødsmaskin yet, but if/when that happens, visuals will likely play an important part.

8. What music is currently impressing DØDSMASKIN?

KJETIL OTTERSEN: I tend to go through specific phases in a range of different styles and moods when it comes to music listening, but I have had a split mind lately. Been revisiting some late 90s alternative rock on the one hand and a healthy dose of Pérotin of the ars antiqua school on the other. PETER VINDEL: I am discovering new bands every week. I like a lot of different styles, so there is always something new to enjoy. Lately I have been really into more ambient stuff (probably because it is summer), and Sophia Loizou and Helios have been on heavy rotation.

9. How has social media and digital age changed how underground music is presented to fans?

PETER VINDEL: I guess to underground music the digital revolution has been a good thing as the fans/listeners have to look for the music like in the old days, and as a result only the really, really great bands survive. I have honestly never discovered as many great new artists as I have for the past 5 - 10 years. KJETIL OTTERSEN: There is more of everything and the implications are both positive and negative, in my opinion. Brilliant material that previously would remain largely unknown is now made available more easily. The downside of this is that increased availability applies to the not so brilliant material as well, and there is always a certain saturation going on because of it which, ironically, can make it hard for the listener to find the good stuff.

10. Do the members of DØDSMASKIN have other projects they would like to talk about?

DØDSMASKIN: The industrial metal outfit In_zekT is another project of ours. We released a full-length album in 2013, Artifex, and a one-track EP in 2015 called Industrial-Scale Murder. Both via BandCamp (in- People will likely recognize a few Dødsmaskin-esque elements here and there if they give them a spin.
11. Will DØDSMASKIN be performing live at all for new album?

DØDSMASKIN: We would love to! So far, we have found it difficult to get in contact with promoters outside of Norway, but if anyone wants us to perform at their venue, just let us know.

12. If you were not making music what are the other loves that would keep you going ?

KJETIL OTTERSEN: In addition to spending more time mixing and mastering other people's music, I think I would practice visual arts (design) more regularly. PETER VINDEL: Apart from close friends and family I really do not have any other passions than music.

13. In the writing process lyrics or sounds come 1st when creating?

DØDSMASKIN: We mainly establish a concept first and decide what we want to express with each album. As soon as the concept is ready we start writing the material. In the case of Fiende, the lyrics were the last piece of the puzzle.

14. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts here.

DØDSMASKIN: To all readers, be sure to check out Fiende as well as our other albums, Ingenting and Fullstendig Brent. Thanks a lot for having us, Clint