Music Spans emotions, ideals and visions .. Time to dig in ...

Tantal- Ruin- CD/Digital ( Self Released)

So what we have  is a power metal/ symphonic metal female fronted force that has members of  Everlost and U.D.O. There is a very 3rd and the Mortal meets Within Temptation element going on here I would even say bands like Epica and After Forever are very similar. Yes this is majestic, epic, haunting and ethereal but there is a Darkness and power to it as well esp in the arrangments of the band. They like to use electro and triphop elements in the over all metal presentation as well. Sofia's vocals really to match the intensity to the very talented guitar and bass work going on here. The drums keep a very tasteful beat which is needed in a complex project like this. I do wish there was a bit of a Melodic Death element in this as I feel that is something the are coming to but just have not crossed this threshold yet. Tantal is a expressive and layered album and well worth the undertaking.

Traced by enemies- where the sun turns gray - Cd/ Digital (Dedication records)

This is very much a melodic Metalcore band with some very Scandinavian Death metal elements and loves as you can hear bands like  As I Lay dying, Dark Tranquility , Stick to your guns, Thy art is murder and Code Orange to say the least. I think you what you are getting by this German unit. I will say the songs are catchy and make you want to move in the pit. It's got some cool Breakdowns, Death metal movements and electronic over tones bands in Death metal are using today.  Dedication records I know very little about you but will be looking into more after this album by Traced by enemies ..

Subduer- Death Monolith - CD/ Cassette/ Digital ( Dunkelheit Produktionen )

I never thought I would wonder what  Power electronic meets Black metal meets Hardcore would sound like but with Subduer I think the answer was given loud and as clear as possible . I'm a very painful and nightmarish way possible. I want to say this is what Slogun, Steel Hook Prostheses and MZ412 would sound like if they decided to had the most extreme metal and hardcore elements in to there already terrifying worlds. This is as over the time as I have heard in a long time. Nightmares are afraid to travel in these places at night or in darkened realms. Subduer is fucking with my very mental Stability right now and I have to thank them for it 1000 %.  Power electronic war metal is what the band and label call it and I can not say that there is a better description for this . Lets just follow through the carnage to see where the end leads too.

Raven Throne- I Miortvym Snicca Zolak  - CD/ Digital (Non Serviam Records )

From a former Russian Republic comes the next chapter in this  bands journey with this album Raven Throne is presented Pagan , Folk , Post Black metal in the same way bands like  Negura Bunget, Arkona, Graveland, Nokturnal Mortum and Drudkh. There is a powerful Atmospheric Blackened overtone to this album as well and A commanding vocal presentation on what they are emitting to the world around them. Raven Throne have a primitive fury that works to make the music sound more  sinister and other worldly. This is a band that should have much greater acclaim then they do with this a 7th full length album coming into the world. I love the Hypnotic Black metal tone that comes forth with the album . I Miortvym Snicca Zolak is a massive musical understand and you can hear all the influences going on from the pagan acoustic to the soaring Occult Metal to the Cold Black Death being filled in the speakers . On this there is no more needed to be said other then get it .

Red Eleven- Fueled by Fire- CD/ Digital ( Inverse Records)

Red Eleven what are you doing trying to confuse me with the left of center of metallic, prog and indie sounds. They are mix elements of  Heavy Indie rock , Prog Metal and some Electro  and Extreme metal into something and groovy, heavy and epic as you think is coming your way.
I would say if you mix  Alice in Chains, Symphony X, Foo Fighters, Kill Switch Engage, Dream Theater and Quicksand into a blender and frapp you got something close . I'm going to say this in not catchy as it so catchy it's down right infectious but at the same time there is a snarl and aggression to this as well that will appeal to the melodic death fans out there as well. This is clearly Genre bending in the best of ways. Red Eleven you make me want to come back for several listens and I'm still impressed that is a sign of a great not good album. What more do you want go get the fucking album...