Zombie Jesus Edition 2018 ...

The Good The Bad And The Zugly- Misanthropical House- CD/ LP/Digital ( Fysisk Format )

Very much in your  face hyper pissed out punk inspired Hardcore . I more then most likely could stop here and you get what this band is and will be. Imagine if  Bad Religion, Nofx and Burning Heart found the love of  bands like  Sick of it all Cro-mags and Madball then decided it would be amazing to make something from a mix of all . Well well to  The Good  The Bad and  The Zugly folks. The Screamed/ Throaty punk vocals with that mid tempo Hardcore guitar and bass line  and a drumming that thinks it's 1970's nasty dirty punk . Well this is were I'm going to leave you to explore and see what magic you can find from this album .


 Verikalpa - Taistelutahto- CD/ Digital ( Inverse )

There is  something about upbeat happy sounding metal and many times it just doesn't work at all . There are a few styles  that comes in and really makes it all the more impressive and improves the over all experience Folk and Viking metal are those two moments and low and behold this is the style of music that Verikalpa creates and gives ups the um pa music  feeling throught out with some great death vocals  and a catchy side  that is really second to none . If your a fan of bands like  Vintersorg, Tyr, Mithothyn and Einherjer to name a few then you know all you need to move forward on this musical adventure. These are epic sing along  viking metal  drinking songs do not allow them to tell you anything different. I so proud I got to review this the folk elements just make it experience all the more perfect. Get your ale horn and pint of mead and listen with me before you miss out .


Arkheth (Australia) -12 Winter Moons Comes The Witches Brew - CD/ Digital ( Transcending Obscurity Records )

Bizarre and left of center Black metal is nothing new and when it comes to unusual I'm a fan of the more obscure and avant Black sound and what I hear is a mix of a few Sigh, Ihsahn, Bal Sagoth and Arcturus are the ones that will come to mind very early on the horns really add something jazzy and interesting to the mix if can say. There is a very spacial and dissident feeling coming from this creating .  I would say the more I listen  Solefald, Fleurety and Ved Buen Ende really do come as a stand out of style identity as well. Arkheth is very different is a very good way and makes me want to listen to it as they mix  Black, Doom. Avant, Jazz and Noise Rock into something that makes the listener really get into it and see what is going on here. The vocals are a mix of Whispers and grim black vocals the synths and horns really at time give it at Sigh feeling too.  The artwork is not really what I expected from any album like this but you know whatever that makes you pick an album up to listen to it , more power to that. This is a stunning and visionary album to say the least. Needs some exposure and love for sure.


Obscure -Zero Dawn - CD/ Digital ( Inverse )

Have you ever heard some thing that you love for one reason and hate it for another well welcome to the Obscure review . The music is very much a mix of  Down, C.O.C,  Electric Wizard and Kill Devil Hill . Where this goes down a troubling path is the vocals they are weak and thin and want to be all those bands but just can not muster the power and drive those vocalist  Phil or Pepper can. Musically though Obscure is stunning , heavy, sludgy, bluesy and strong . Man the vocals just  totally ruin the experience for this review . I'm getting the same feeling I get with Candlemass music amazing vocals crap. Ok I'm done as Inverse label has so many wins from me . There has to be a falter from time to time.


Mors Subita - Into the Pitch Black- CD/ Digital ( Inverse )

See this is what I mean in full circle another release by Inverse and were back to something that kicks major ass. This is in your face  European  Tech Death metal with some electronic and strong melodic elements . If  Dismember and Dark Tranquility could have a love child it would sound like this . I'm not going to dig into this with much detail at all as . You get what you get here. Fantastic Death metal with a heavy groove and mosh element. I just fucking love this album and the more I listen to it this is where I hope Death Metal goes  they really remind me of two newer bands  Scar Symmetry and Colony .. With that on your way travels to listen and learn more amazing music from around the world .


King Witch- Under the Mountain- CD/ Digital ( Listenable Records)

There are times were I am just trying to gather my thoughts and explain a band to all of you and this is mixing some of the most unique elements into something I want to say at the root of it all is  Doom metal  but that would be selling this so short to say the least. As there are  Epic Power metal, Melodic  Thrash moments and Classic  metal  all into one here . The vocals are like an amazing mix of  Fates warning, Savatage, Dio and Old Dead Tree into a thrashing rhythm and then those doomy and bluesy guitar and just the Kyuss like low end just works like a dream. I hear so fucking much going on here it is really overwhelming the I hear moments of bands like  Devin Townsend, Third and the mortal  and Elend and Madder Mortem in this monster of a release too .... There are even some Sabbath Assembly moments here . Damn I just can't get enough I'm hooked folks  King Witch is beyond ground breaking they are genre defining . Get this asap or you will never forgive yourself ...