7 for the sake of 7 visions I had while reviewing these Sonic Vestigials

Thy Kingdom Slum- A History of  Dissent- CD/ Digital ( Slum World  Productions)

Just from the 1st moments on hearing  Thy Kingdom Slum. I would say this is  what I'm getting is a Groove, Bluesy, Sludgy and Doom feel that reminds me very much of  what you get from a Stoner band  that lost the love of 70's and feel in love with bands like Kyuss, Clutch and Electric Wizard but still love the fuzzed out  space rock element. The vocals are very raspy and throaty but still Bluesy and warm. Thy Kingdom Slum are so rhythmic  and bottom heavy. They have a Led Zeppelin and Blue Oyster Cult vibe going on . Thy  Kingdom Slum have  much in common with C.O.C, Down and Dio .  I don't think there is  more to really say about this band. Dirty heavy sludgy Blues rock done in the most  righteous of manners .


Nest- Metempsychosis- CD/ Digital ( Sludgelord Records)

Post  metal  and  Kentucky seem to be a perfect fit as with Nest we have  just  that  lets mix  Post  Metal, Black metal , Crust and Metallic  Hardcore elements into something that could be weird and distant but really is  just  suffocation, bleak  and  nightmarish in a very avant kind of  way . This album is  so heavy, droning and spacial with grim blackened Doom vocals it really does bring tears to my eyes. Nest has a very  Sci fi feeling to it as a whole to but more in the way bands like  Esoteric, Black Sabbath and Kyuss did . There is  this ultra 70's  fuzzed out  tone to the  guitars and the bass is so low it almost  bowel movement inducing. The Drums are brutal, primitive and magical in own right . I hear bands like  Noothgrush, Grief , Loss and Cavity in what Nest is doing  and it  works extremely well.  With this I give you Nest to explore for yourself ..


Sammal-Suuliekki -CD/ Digital/Vinyl ( Svart )

How the hell to explain a band like  Sammal well I'm going to give  it a shot  and see if any of you kind I got close lol. If yon mix  60's and 70's  Rock mixed  with Spaghetti westerns , 70's Italian horror sound tracks  and  Space  rock like  Hawkwind and  Tangerine Dream. I really feel like this is were I'm going with this there is healthy dose of poppy prog rock too going on here . Not sure  what the least I can say to make this sound like  something you will listen to . Finally to lay it out in a nice little package. There is a Asian Amine soundtrack over tone to the music to make it complete. You want a better way to explain it. Then get  the damn album and do it yourself . I'm out ..


Knelt Rote- Alterity- LP/CD/Digital ( Nuclear war Now!)

Over the years  extreme metal has  taken many twists and turns and fractured into many sub genres and then micro genres from there well with Knelt Rote there is no screwing around what you are getting it  Brutal , Guttural  Black Death from the deepest and blackest regions of this genre . This album is  so caustic  and bombastic I'm not  really sure  anything else needs to be said other  then this album teeters on the realms of  Noise, Extreme metal  and  Power electronics at times . Nuclear war Now! knows  the genre and loves to always give us  the most  Barbaric and extreme side of  the style. This is going to terrify some  and make others top 5 list . We need bands like  Knelt Rote too keep the world musically unstable and creative ..


GridFailure -Irritum- Digital / CD ( Earsplit/ The Compound)

With each release Dave seems to find a more terror filled dark corner to create the Industrial torments that he wants the world to witness. I want to call this  collection a noisy, minimalist horror soundtrack to torment those that are stuck between the realm of the living and the dead. The nightmarish tones here are best suited with headphones for sure. This could be used as an backdrop for those fear inducing horror cames you play at  night on xbox or Playstation. The sounds actually make your stomach churn and for some of us this is how experimental noise and dark industrial with occult elements needs to sound and continue . I will say Gridfailure is not an easy adventure but so rewarding if you take the time at night to sit back put those headphones on and let it take you to those neither realms..


Centuries-The Lights of This Earth Are Blinding - LP/ Digital ( Southern Lord)

This really is a style of music that always gets me emotional and wants to hear what a new take or ideal is on it. Centuries play a variety of  Black Crusty metallic Hardcore but do add Post rock, folky and Pagan elements into it all to be something a bit left of center but always interesting.  The punk/crust elements play a major role in the over all tone and feeling that the album gives to the listening . The Hardcore vocals and rocket launching musical volleys that come through out just make this album something I will be listening to over and over again. If you miss bands like  Deadguy, Early Integrity, Kiss it goodbye, Hatebreed, Early  Dillinger's  Escape . Then you and I both have something new to put in collection. I even hear elements of bands like  Fudge tunnel and Napalm Death going on here. Get this you will not be disappointed for sure.


GRANDIOSE MALICE-The Eternal Infernal-CD/ LP/Digital ( Hells Headbangers)

So here is  the project of Tregenda of Black Witchery Before his untimely passing. The more I read this was just a demo but  Josh of  ( Demonic Christ/ Hellgoat) put the recording together and mix and mastered it to the unholy glory we have now. At the root of it all this is a Black/Death album  with a heavy dose of  Punk and Thrash thrown in for  good measure. The sound it so thick and bass heavy and work so well with those  Lemmy gone black metal vocal so many black thrash bands love to use in the last few decades. This is an oppressive sounding album to say  the least but you can hear everything and it works so well with that muddier tone and presentation .  It really reminds me very much of late 90 early 00's stuff that came from Moribund Cult  and Drakkar . So if you into that stuff then do not pass go as this is great . Hell's headbangers has so many great black and death metal bands on label it really a great home . I feel that this and Dark Descent records would have been a perfect home. Great closing chapter on someone gone far to soon.