Its a Review Frenzy folks ...welcome to round 3

Pale Mare- S/T- CD/ Digital ( Medusa Crush)

We are  starting off in a very comforting place musical in  this round of reviews . This is Bluesy, Sludgy Doom that reminds me of stuff like  Crowbar, Older Mastadon, The Heavier side of C.O.C and Down I think you get were we are there are even some Melvins and Kyuss moments going on through out this Ep.  Pale mare understand the power of the riff and could be very good with labels like  Southern Lord , 20 Buck Spin or even Black Bow for  my listening  pleasures . I'm not sure else to say about this strong , heavy , powerful EP other then if you like the bands I just brought to ya then you will not be disappointed . There are some Hardcore elements on this  and you will know once you listen this is one thick and heavy release with a Drumming Beast. Keep it up Pale Mare looking forward to more  great material .

EXALTER (Bangladesh)-Persecution Automated-CD/ Digital- ( Transcending Obscurity Asia)

Just from the cover I got the feelings  that  Exalter was going to be an extreme Thrashing /Punk loving  metal band and well low and behold we have a band loving Exodus, Atrophy, Sodom, Dark Angel etc. I would even say  Early  Sepultura has a strong hold on the sound . You have everything here for  that  crossover  Thrash to Death metal  period of  music and if you were in to those mid 90's bands then you are going to go crazy over this and I loving every moment on Exalter for sure. It's now time for you to see if you get the same feeling and get back into the pit with a band like  this .

Tyfon's Doom -Emperor's Path - CD/ Digital  (Gates of Hell Records)

You don't often get a Classic , Power , Thrash metal that could be mistaken for late 80's and with Tyfon's Doom  I will not kid this is a mix of Diamond Head, Mercyful Fate, Feg Slough and Saxon . I'm really floored a one man band out of Finland is creating a massive album like this and it has all the power and passion it does. The  Guitar work is really second to none here I love the warm bass and  traditional  metal  drumming you would get from Maiden or Priest as well. The vocals can be a little more  edgy and I think that it really works. If you miss NWOBHM then this will take you back to a team were music was just right and worked for all the metal world. Nice work indeed.

Apartment 213- Collected Violence- CD/ Digital/ LP ( Magic Bullet )

What do you do when you get 40 plus tracks and it seems to be almost the full discography of the band . Well folk Apt 213 is equal parts of Power Violence, Hardcore, Grind, Crust and Punk piss and vinegar from the mean streets of Cleveland OH. If you into bands like  Drop Dead, Spazz and Man is the Bastard, Corrupted etc then you will love this bitch. 40 songs and most songs under 3 mins long. I'm sad to say I just read the label Magic Bullet is gone as of Jan 2018 I hope you can still find this as this is one hell of a collection on music and needs to be around for future generation.

Flames of Genesis- Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge To Further Realms - CD/ Digital (Minotauro Records)

Dark Ambient music again comes from two places minimalist and soundscape artists and then there are some the like the mix the two and mix it Spacial, drifting , cold and massive at the same time. With Flames of Genesis we get just that a mix of the two . This is for anyone into music from labels like  Cyclic Law, Cyro Chamber, Drone and Loki Foundation. I don't think and will not have to drive the point home of what you getting here. This is Space Rock for the Drift and Ambient generation. Flames of Genesis are top notch at creating that Headphone Cinema you want to listen to with candles lit , eyes closed and mind open to explore all the aural elements that are about to come at you. This style of Dark Industrial ambient I very much have a soft spot for. Keep this music alive and never forget .

Kabexnuv-Dzyan- CD/ Cassette/Digital (  Bud Metal/ Kult of Medusa Prod)

Atmospheric  Post  Forest Black metal with tons of  reverb and that droning guitar , snappy bass, buried lumbering  drums  and  vocals that sound like  that are out of a spectral dimension of  sorrow, pain, nightmares and  hopelessness. This is very much the kind of Black metal you hear from  Portland, Seattle, Idaho in the Pacific northwest of the USA now.  There are of course the Pagan Occult and  Folky moments that all these bands and artist have to have to see the creep factor raised on the release.  Kabexnuv seems to following  a plan a formula to make an album that a select genre would love to get the world out. There are time were  Dzyan as an album is  so sloppy and out of sorts but when the band get's it and the arrangement click this is a stunning  Post Black metal release . I'm really glad I was allowed to review this as you all need to hear experimentation in Black metal that takes this to Noise, Power electronic and Doom . Keep exploring and we will hear greatness for the band .