Round 2 of Reviews because I can Edition

Lapin Helvetti - Lapin Helvetti - CD/ Digital ( Svart Records )

 Where the hell did  Lapin Helvetti  come from and when can I get to see them live. This is Thrashing  Punk inspired Hardcore. Love it  just  simply love it . Think of Nuclear Assault, Motorhead,  Early Metallica and Sodom and  S.O.D all in one this album is kicking my simple ass into submission. The late 80's early 90's Thrash and punk elements are so strong on this beast there are even some Death metal riffs that remind me of  Bolt Thrower and  Entombed from time to time.  Lapin Helvetti  needs to be heard by all that love the music I've spoken about and see what music fury can really be. Get this you fools or miss out .

Svarthart- Emptiness Filling the Void-CD/ Digital ( Self Released )

Now this is going to have a bit of an explanation on how and why I feel about Svarthart. This is clearly a focused Idea that the two members put a lot of thought into from presentation  to themes to style as we get a Folky, Heathen  Blackened Doom Death band but it's one thing that really holds the band back and its the very lofi demo quality of the album I mean when bands like Dusk, Thergothon or Womb started this was almost 30 yrs ago and we only have 4 Tracks and had to make it work. I understand the raw and primitive side of things but this album has zero production at all and that is really hurting what is being presented to us. I love the music and themes and vocal styles but we need more of a full sound in 2017 / 2018 to get the full picture. Svathart is so bass heavy it even sound muddy and lo fi. I hope the next release will have that production as this could be a very impressive project .

Centripetal Force- Eidetic-CD/ Digital ( Xtreem Music )

There are times you hear bands and really say damn you are a talented force of gentlemen an there is really something special going on here.  The 1st 3 bands that come to mind are Watchtower, Cynic and Voivod when I listen to this epic release. There is so much progressive Tech Thrash meets Tech metal. Then as you dig deeper the Sanctuary , Control Denied, Realm, Kind Diamond  and Later Pestilence all come into play as well. There are these wonderfully odd  jazzy riffs that work wonders as well. I know this is going to be way over the top for many of you in the way its arranged and the time and tempo changes . Though if you even remotely like what I'm talking about you need to hear this masterpiece in the making.

Domgård -Ödelagt -CD/Digital ( Carnal Music )

So were going  to end this group of reviews with a classic interpretation of what Swedish Black metal is  and how to make it in 2018 and still seem frighting, eerie and down right unsettling.  Domgård  has got it down. nightmarish grim vocals, Hypnotic and distant guitars that have very little low end as well as primitive drumming and rumbling bass that gives that haunting back drop and those horror movie organs to bring it all to a complete and cold and ice picture. There are melodic elements but always buried by the grim and bleak sounds to make what we know as the 2nd wave of Black metal. Domgård  you have made an album this reviews misses  this is very much early Marduk, Darkthrone, Dark Funeral and Troll in the making . Great to have another band understand what black metal is and how to present it .