Sludgelord Recording Artist - Nest Interview is up

  1. So tell us a bit  about Nest this is a new band to my listening  world love the Blacken Sludge meets Crust Doom elements I'm exposed too.

K: Nest is Corey Stringer on drums/vocals, and Kyle Keener on Guitar/noise. We formed sometime in 2015. We had both played in bands around Lexington Kentucky, and just started talking about working on a project that was heavier hitting and more raw than the other various bands we were in at the time.

C: Nest was formed in 2015 after Kyle and I had seen each other playing in various other projects in and around Lexington KY. We wanted to create something that was honest and not overtly metal or genre defining.

2. Why the name Nest I know of 3 other extreme bands with same name. You all sound very different. How does the name Nest fit with this Black Post Metal Sludge stylw?

K: We weren’t aware of the other bands named nest at the time. ( I enjoy their music though.) The name NEST came as a metaphor for life, It can be brutal and swarming, but at the same time has a comfort and recluse to it. Not unlike the music.

C: I wasn’t aware of the bands at the time, but you are right we are all have very different stylings. Thats a lot of genres to throw together in on sentence up there…haha, I mean I think we make it work on a Sludge sense, but at the end of the day we just make music the way we make it. No preconceived notions of what the finished product will be.

3. How did you come to work with Sludgelord and what has the feedback been so far?

K: I think Corey sent Aaron (the Sludgelord) a copy of the finished album for review, and Aaron reached out to us about working with his new label. We both are fans of the blog and figured it would be a good fit. Which it has been, He’s really gone to bat for us and this record.

C: I sent Aaron a copy of the finished album, he loved it. It was an awesome feeling from me to get the email back saying he’d love to work with us. The blog has always been something I have went to over the years to get turned on to underground music, he also has really stuck his neck out and went to battle on all fronts to get this album noticed. We very much thank him for that.

4. Youre from Kentucky not a place known for  Doom or Sludge . This is more of a Post Rock, Indie Noise and Hardcore correct?  What is the scene currently like in Lexington? Any bands you like to currently talk about that need the exposure as well in you home town?

K: Yeah that’s mostly correct, there has been a lot of varying types of music that made it out of KY. However there is a small, but quality metal scene down here. It’s a blend of different subgenres from different towns. There are tons of great bands from around here that don’t get enough coverage, so I’ll just list a few active locals off the top of my head you need to check out: Hawkbill, Autocrat, Dirtbag, Arktos, Tombstalker, Stampede, Pyromancer, Deanimator, Bedsore, Frustrate, Rotting Kingdom, Sonic Altar, Everyone Lives Everyone Wins and a lot more I can’t think of right now.

C: Thanks for saying that about the band, yea I view it more as an honest hardcore band with sludge tendencies. The idea (for me) has always been to say what I need to say and get out (I think that would fit the hardcore/punk mantra). Anyway, the scene here in Lexington is very diverse and full. A lot of metal/alt rock/punk etc. Not so much, I think Kyle pretty much listed the whole gang up top, but a second mention would go out to Hawkbill for sure.

5. I would think you are more from UK or  So Cal or New Orleans from the sounds I hear are those older Earache, Relapse , Pessimister label sounds You really have alot in common with band like  Godflesh, Phobos, Noothgrush, Disembowelment , Grief and Cavity?

K: I can see those comparisons of sound, I was a big fan of Noothgrush, Dystopia and the Oakland scene when I was younger. We both listen to a ton of different stuff so it’s really an amalgamation of influences, So I could see how it sounds like a lot of different places rolled into one.

C: Thanks for that, but I would say we are just making what we want to make. Like I said earlier, there is no preconceived notions of what this song or that song is going to sound like going into it. We have our influences and listen to a wide spectrum of music, but in no way does that contribute or influence the sound going in. On this record in particular I tried to come to the songs with no musical influences in mind. I dig a lot of 90’s alternative and grunge and I wanted some of that in there…maybe you can spot it. ha.

6. What is  the live show like for Nest?

K: Our live show is pretty straight forward, we just try to be as loud and heavy as possible.

C: It is a very straight forward approach, to be as heavy and loud as possible but also to lay it all out on the line. It’s about honesty and laying the frustrations of the world out for display on stage.

7. Metempsychosis  album cover is rather unique how does it play into the theme of album?

K: Thanks to Jan Robbe for the album artwork. Metempsychosis is actually a concept album. Kind of a meditation on death and the afterlife, while dealing with a lot of personal events that occurred during and after the recording. We wanted the artwork to have a cosmic fractal quality to it, not unlike the visuals in taking DMT.

C: Life is a cosmic and altering journey. Its full of ups and downs and always in constant flux. Thanks to Jan Robbe, I think this is captured perfectly in the artwork. I mean we could have went another way with the artwork, but if you look up the album titles meaning and stare ons enough at the artwork I think you’ll get a pretty good idea of what we were going for.

8. How  did you come to sign and work with Sludgelord a label newer to me?

K: See question 3.

C: Yeah, I think this question has already been asked in a previous..question?? See 3.

9. If there was one song off Metempsychosis  you could make a proper video for what one and why?

K: Life’s Grief. It’s the most sprawling and has some sound experimentation in the end that would be promising to intertwine with visuals.

C: Heretic. This one is my favorite on the entire record, it has a sense of urgency about it. Here today gone tomorrow kind of vibe. I think it would make a very killer live environment video, kind of like a cave setting/live presence intertwined with a narrative of sorts. The lyrical content is just great, Its basically our protagonist preaching to the choir about taking a chance and not being afraid of who you are. So many times we follow other people blindly without question ya know?

10.  In 4 Words describe the bands sound to someone just listening to you for 1st time?

K: Heavy, Loud, Depressive, and Psychedelic

C: Dissonant, heavy, abrasive, raw

11. There do you see the next Nest release heading musically?

K: We’ll see when we get there but probably progressing the current style, and always striving for more experimentation in sound engineering.

C: Not sure. Whatever happens will just happen and come out naturally and that will be the progression.

12. In 2018 is good PR and Social media the way to cut through all the basement bands of the world?

K: I think crafting a unique style and sound cuts through more than anything, but PR and social media are definitely a necessity nowadays.

C: Not being a cookie cutter will help you immensely in the saturated state of metal, with that being said, social media and the likes help out so much in todays age. The whole world is basically at your finger tips for consumption.

13. If there interest from s big metal album Ie. Century Media, Nuclear Blast or Napalm would this interest you or are the smaller indies they way to have longevity in music scene?

K: We love the small Indie labels, but because of their reach, the larger labels are our next goal.

C: Indies. I just love the heart and dedication of someone putting what they have on the line for something they truly believe in. Larger labels would be extremely nice to though, a lot of pros and cons but I hope something happens.

14. Do the members of Nest have other projects they would like to talk about as well?

K: I (Kyle) currently also play guitar in the death/doom outfit Rotting Kingdom, and the stoner/doom band Sonic Altar. Along with a couple bands on hiatus.

C: Not at the moment. It’s kinda hard to juggle reality with the stuff you love. I mean I’m married and work as a courier. You make time for what you love in this life though and heavy music is something I’ve always made time for. I’m honestly just focused on this project right now and want it to succeed in some form.

15. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts here..

K: Thanks for the interest, we’re really appreciative of all the coverage the blogs have been giving us. If it weren’t for you all we’d still be doing our thing, but nowhere near as many people would get a chance to hear it.

C: Ditto. Thank you for being interested in what we are doing.