Traditions over Fads Editions. Fathers day Edition

Weregoat- Pestilential Rites of Infernal Fornication- LP/ Tape/ CD/ Digital ( Iron Bonehead/ Parastic )

Raw pissed off  Black Thrashing Noise is very much what I get from the moment the album starts. This is a war of sonic destruction with nowhere but your speakers and mind to take the punishment that is being set forth. Fast and Nasty.. Dirty and Loud just like you would want extreme music to sound. Has a very crusty punk snarl to it as a whole as well. Look at the artwork and label it's coming from there is not safe about this. Beauty looks like it wants to be punished here and Weregoat is doing just that.  This has a very early 90's no holds bar demo feeling to it  and really reminds me of the tape trading days or when you did a mailorder and just hoped it was what you wanted as there was no way to tell had to trust the distro in knowing what the band sounded like or read zine and Terrorizer ... You're getting an ugly album here and you could want nothing more in this genre..

Sketethal- Of the Depths- CD/ Digital/Tape ( Hell's Headbangers)

I'm going to continue on the war machine path this time it more of that old Earache/ Nuke Blast/Relapse style you know what I'm talking about with some very Classic Occult metal moments were I hear King Diamond, Celtic Frost and from the other corner Bolt Thrower, Incantation, Dismember, Entombed etc. There is something very old school and special going on with Sketethal going on here and you need to not miss out. The buzz saw tones and very torn throat vocals come from grindcore but are what made the best Death metal of that time and this is what a band like Skelethal is presenting to the world. You can hear early Napalm Death and Bathory even through out this kind of album.. Really loving this . The Organ are even impressive to say the least. This old soul really getting into this album.

Coffeinne- Circle of time- CD/ Digital ( Fighter Records)

So Xtreem records has a sub label called Fighter and with this album we have stunning and thrilling Classic  Power/ Melodic Metal that is coming at me like bands  Rhapsody, Angra, Symphony X, Iced Earth and Gamma Ray. Holy Shit to I dig this album. The Harmonies are just breath taking and the vocals are very much of all the great 80/90's Power Metal that leaned more to the Thrash side of things. I hear Armored Saint and Leather Wolf in this as well.   Bands like this bring me to my early days of getting into metal. as finding Priest, Sabbath, Diamond head, Fate etc..  Coffeinne has put a sparkle back in my eyes for music like this again and I will be digging for those older classics as this is where we are and thank you for the amazing memories youre going to make me with this album.

Prometheus - Consumed In Flames- CD/ Digital ( Katopron IX )

Epic Black / Death is what is happening here and this can be a very short review as this is fantastic work and if you like bands like  Septic Flesh, Later Emperor,  Marduk , Salem, Orphanage, Rotting Christ and Melechesh are just some of the bands I hear through out this majestic undertaking of an album. There are some very dark and oppressive moments and they others are Oriental and Occult as well as almost Symphonic at times. This is an album that will easily take a half a dozen listens to fully understand and respect to the level of the talent going on here. The label is new to me . The production and artwork are perfection for that this band has created. Ok I'm wrapping this review up. You know what your getting here. This is going to be something you love if bands above are your cup of tea.

Vacuum Aeterna- Project: Darkscapes- CD/ Digital ( Cyclic Law)

Dark Industrial sounds that mix soundscapes, Martial elements and Noise into something that is terrorfying and well as starts to draw you in and will not let go. This is what I call mood music and will change thought patterns and emotions the more you listen to it. This is the kind of Dark experimental music that is made at a loving / pain staking  level for a very select audience that will pick it apart tone by tone.  Cyclic law is known over the last decade for having stellar releases in this field and with Vacuum Aeterna we have more in that direction. You will have to love the more Avant side of labels like Hyponos, Soleilmoon , Manifold and Art Konkret. The tribal percussive side of the album is really want is drawing me to it very Steve Roach and Aube at times to me.  Check this out you will not be sorry.

Nargaroth- Era of Threnody- CD/ Digital ( Inter Arma Productions)

This is a long running German Atmospheric Post Black metal force that most of you are going to already know of. The band is all about the feeling and expression that Nargaroth brings to the speakers and with this its more of the cold, epic and powerful side. This reminds me of bands like  Dawn, Dissection, Burzum, Xasthur  and Taake . These are bands once you hear them you never forget and with Nargaroth you get very much the same. This album is a game changer in a scene that can always use a shake up or two. Let the Gods of Old in and see where this album can take you as there are many it will do so with and you will need to see what is the right path for you. Some maybe be darker then others but this album is really a musical tool for that even and thank you Nargaroth for keeping up that tasks for the next group of extreme music travelers .