Retro Vox Records Artist Buzzøøko Interview is up

1. 1st question 1st what does Buzzøøko mean?

BUZZØØKO is the distorted version of "Bazooko" that stands for "Bazooko Circus" which is a Casino in the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" by Terry Gilliam where the protagonists Jonny Deep and Benicio del Toro got crazy:

2. I hear element of amazing 90's Noise rock and Hardcore with this project where did the elements of Jesus lizard, Slint an Fugazi come from with a strong love of Melvins.

Jesus Lizard is one of our favourite band, they are amazing, specially the guitarist (Duane Denison) influenced a lot our guitar 'cause of its particular "dissonant style".
Slint is the band that "invented post-rock" after destroying the old rock concept, they inspired us to use non-common structures in our songs (verse-chorus-verse for example).
Fugazi had the fire in their hands: strong powerful hardcore attitude mixed to a more melodic harmony
Melvins are simple the Melvins: amazing in everything :)

3. Is there a strong love of 90's Amrep, Touch and go and SST love in Italy or would you say the band is a more odd man out ?

In Italy that 90's scene is well known, but it is still confined into an "underground scene", specially between the teens, sadly, most of them have never heard of Slint or Jesus Lizard before. Maybe that's the reason you see a lot of thirties in the live underground shows :)

4.  The artwork for Giza is rather interesting how does it play in the theme of the songs?

Giza is the magical site where you can find the bigger pyramids of the world and the sphinx which is another magical sculpture of the ancient Egyptians. They believed that place was the representation of the heaven on earth. In our songs the concept of contrast and duality is often present: we talk about love and hate, good and bad, life and death, poor and rich, space and earth. We don't believe in god, we simply believe in humans who invented gods to feel safe.

5.  How Does the live show differ from a Buzzøøko recording?

I think we are way louder than you can imagine by hearing the recording :D That's why we are a noise-rock band, not just a rock band.

6. Whats your thoughts on Social Media and Digital Media . Does it open doors still for people to be exposed ( Youtube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Twitter etc)

Definitely Yes. Nowadays you can't work without social and digital media, even this interview is by e-mail ;) But fortunately the live shows are still live (you need both sides of the medal)

7. We here at TheDoorwayto know very little about your label.Retro Vox tell us how you came to work with them and how has the partnership been so far?

Lorenzo, our drummer, also plays in another band ( they were friends with Carlo Izzo (which is the owner of the label and the sound engineer of our album). So we have become friends to and started a collaboration.

8. If you could collab with any artist or band who would it be and why?

There are many :) More or less famous! We have just done a feature with the Italian band "Ottone Pesante"  ( on a song in the album "Gettin' Sick": they put the brass session and it just become great!
Another great Italian band that we love is "Uzeda", a noise-rock band under Touch and Go, that could be a great collab! :D

9. How does Image and Visual play in the over all presentation of a band like Buzzøøko?

It's very important! Everytime there is a chance we project visuals made by us during the shows, it helps us to create the atmosphere we need to comunicate our music. The visuals are often black and white extracts of movies of the surrealistic and expressionist era (Bunuel, Fritz Lang, Herzog, Tarkovkij, etc.).

10. In 5 words explain your band to me.

No Answer :(

11.What bands are impressing Buzzøøko currently?

Whores. , Shellac, Head Wound City, Zu, Nudist, Hate&Merda, Meteor, Sleaford Mods

12. Do the members of Buzzøøko have other project you would like to talk about or is Buzzøøko your only needed focus?

As mentioned above, Lorenzo, the drummer is the only one that has another project: "Calendula", a powerful post-hardcore, sludge, noise band with two drummers.

13.Were do you see underground music heading in 2017?

Here in Italy there are many clubs that offer underground shows by italian or foreign bands. There are many festivals too, specially during the summer. It's a way to discover good new bands, not just the famous, meet people, friends and keep alive a kind of music that nowadays has some difficulty because of less money than mainstream music.

14. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here

Thank you, it was a pleasure, keep going promoting underground music! \m/