Don't Ask if you don't want to know edition of Reviews

Rithiya Henry Khiev - THe Infinite Cycle- Digital/ CD ( Self Released)

The 1st track on this is a Progressive Death metal journey sans vocals and reminds me of the best Gothenburg Prog Death around or something Opeth/ Ihsahn and Meshuggah would do. As the vocals kick in it does take a turn from the much more dark and brutal Death metal side of the spectrum. The vocals are a full on assault as they are blistering and scorching as much as the riffs and musical aggression going. Frustrated Swedish Death metal is what we really have going on here with some of the most amazing soaring melodic guitar passages and there is very clearly a Blackened element to it all.  Someone really loves symphonic and progressive music and then feel in love with At the gates because this is just were the band is leaning on each and every song. Very very impressive to say the least.

Heavy Traffic - Plastic Earth- CD/ Digital ( Twin Earth)

This is not the album I should be reviewing it's trippy, stoner, fuzzed out upbeat sounding Proto Doom. I can tell you that this is every thing I hate about this genre and ideals of music created. They sound like a 70's hippie train of nightmares to me. I know what they are trying to create and to the audience that likes this I'm sure it's brilliant. If your a fan of that Meteor City, Early Rise Above and Tee pee records stuff then jump on board I can not make it past two songs without wanting to hurt someone I'm done..

Sharzall - Black Sun-CD/ Digital (  NRT )

Slovakia huh... So when I look at them they look like Horror WWII  Clowns wanting to be an industrial metal band and folk the picture is a good idea of what you going to get. Something very synth based as the best way I want to explain this band is if Laibach became an extreme metal band but still had all there Laibach elements. So yes think Mid period Moonspell, Later Tiamat and Misfits.. This is really what I'm getting out of this . It's not horrible at all a bit over the top and fun I have to say I hear elements of Zodiac Mindwarp and Gwar in this too. They get the crowd they are playing to and make some interesting songs . There is this odd Rockabilly element to what they do as well. I Don't know how to explain this in any other way. You really need to listen as I can myself going to see them live just to see what this is like on a stage but the more you listen the more enjoyable this album becomes. Check it out i'm telling you this is a grower..

Ajattara - Lupaus- CD/ Digital ( Svart Records)

Finnish Black metal . With that it should say it all right . Well you very much indeed know what you getting here do I need to list off Finnish Black metal for you. Oh well sure here are a few. Beherit, Impaled Nazarane,  And Oceans and Thy Serpent .. So you know you getting something Avant, Bizzare, Noisy , Angry and going to bludgeon you sonic like. This album actually kicks some major ass to let you know. This powerful, sinister and catchy all at the same time. Svart you really never let me down with music . Why should I think it was going to change this time around. The overall presentation with the artwork make you see that Ajattara  is a band that takes their craft very seriously and has those epic elements that makes Black metal one of the more impressive styles of music in the extreme music world today. I want to say they have a love bands like Bethlehem and Shining as well.

Dark Matter Secret- Perfect World Creation- CD/ Digital ( The Artisan Era)

Jazzy , Dark , Progressive and full on tech metal in that extreme variety. This album is a whirlwind of sounds, talent and expression of what an instrumental metal album can and should be. Words can not begin to paint the musical landscape that this band is giving us on an album like  " Perfect World Creation". Words would very much ruin the experience of the music present here . The music is expansive and ever flowing and changing and this is more a story written note by note.  Even the worst of music snobs can hear the beauty in an album like this, Dark Matter Secret is something I how I get to witness on a live stage as this music is power and mind expanding . I want to feel the music in a live presentation. What more can be said then BRILLIANT!!!!

Horrid- Beyond the Dark Borders- CD/ Digital ( DUNKELHEIT PRODUKTIONEN )

With bands like this I always wonder if the late 80's and 90's really did change the extreme metal game more then we will ever know. As this has that chainsaw, machine like  Death and Dark metal sound that so many of the bands at that time did  Celtic Frost, Bolt Thrower, Disemember, Carcass, Morbid Angel and Marduk.. Doing a review like this doesn't really do the album justice and this album makes me think of my youth going to Record store and getting new Cd's on Sat afternoon and talking with the guys and girls working at the store and really asking for styles and sounds and them going to get albums that fit that just mood you were in . Horrid reminds me of all the classic kick ass Black/War/Death metal i got at that time.  Ok I feel that more tells the story of what bands like like Horrid do when I place them on to listen and review in 2017 ... Horns up on this one folks.

Twelve Noon- Saints and Sinners- CD/ Digital ( Eclipse Records)

I'm not really sure how to explain or bring this band to words as they mix  three very different musical sounds into something that should not work but really seems to do.  They mix 80's Glam Metal, Power Metal and Bluesy Modern Death metal into  what is Twelve Noon.  So you're going to needs to understand I'm using a very exact bands to make you understand where this comes from. I hear bands like Spread Eagle, Skid Row, Styx, Iced earth, Warrior Soul, Parkway Drive and Miss may I  and Armored Saint. I know this should not work oh but does it ever.  Eclipse is not afraid to destroy Boundaries and move music in to a very uncomfortable place that once you listen it all make more sense then you ever thought it could . I don't really have anywhere else to go with this other then. Impressive.

Jordablod-  Upon my cremation pyre- CD/ Digital ( Iron Bonehead)

Ethereal  Occult Black metal with a haunting and unsettling overtone . I think it's the hall way reverb that is used on the guitars and vocals that make it sound like you are in a tomb and the music is echoing all over the walls with nowhere to escape and it's that claustrophobic sound and feeling that this album gives you through out. This is post black metal and you know when we open that can of worms it can mean a lot but this is very much a mix of Post metal, Black Metal and Avant sounds that have a strong left of center melody that works through out the album. Jordablod you had a very classic Celtic Frost meets King Diamond tone going on here. Just as a brutal modern day Black metal band.

(The) Medicine Theory- Rain Follows the Plow- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

We have very much the early 90's from another side of the musical spectrum. This is Noisy /Jangling Indie rock. With the love of the early proto Post rock movement. This reminds me of bands like  Polvo, Slint, Rodan, Jesus lizard, Sebadoh, Mule, Rein Sanction. You all get where we are taking this journey . It something that is going to make you feel like you were buying  Touch and go, SST and Amrep releases all over again. ( The ) Medicine Theory has going this down. There is even elements of Pixies and Sonic Youth going on here that make me want to just keep digging into it. I don't hear a metal element I more Hardcore, Post Rock, Indie Rock and Noise rock.. I will say I do want more and thats all you can ask for any band now right ..