Hell's Headbangers Artist - Skelethal interview is up ..

1. I love the old classic Death metal sounds mixed with that extreme thrashing element. Was this the goal from day one for Skelethal?

(Gui Haunting answering) Day on our goal was pretty simple, to have fun. We didn’t expect this evolution at all. We started playing Death Metal after the rehearsal of our past Thrash Metal band. We rapidly wrote three songs and released a demo with really cheap equipment. For us Death Metal is inseparable with Thrash Metal and our main influences are in both genres.  After the split of our past band we decided to continue with Skelethal in a more serious way. We rehearsed more, wrote new songs and searched for a label to released an Ep. 

2. I hear elements of Dismember, Celtic Frost, Incantation and Entombed as well as bands like Kreator and Sodom.  What bands impressed to most to bring about the band Skelethal?

You’re right for every band except Incantation who are not a big influence for us. As fans of Thrash Metal we are really influenced by many bands of the genre : From Megadeth to Morbid Saint, Infernal Majesty, Dark Angel, Holy Terror, Sacrifice… I am also influenced by Punk HC Crust like Sacrilege, Doom, ENT, Ripcord, Anti-cimex, Napalm Death, Discharge… Our best influence are in the Death Metal genre: Entombed, Autopsy, Dismember, Pestilence, Morbid Angel Carnage, Repulsion…

3. Why the split from Iron Bonehead to Hells Headbangers both seem bastions for Death and Black metal of original sounds?

We thought we could reach a larger audience with Hells Headbangers, I personally always liked this label and it was a big pleasure to have the opportunity to work with them.

4. How does the cover  "of the Depths" paint the image for the story behind the tracks of album?

Our main story is taken from Lovecraft: Horrors from beyond incarned on earth to destroy mankind. We like to imagine cults around those creatures, rituals leading to madness … The cover of the album shows a giant entity dwelling in the ocean abyss. It tries to show something mysterious and unknown yet, something beyond science and sanity. Most of the tracks lyrics are related to this story, and explore different side of it.

5. If you were asked in 5 words how would you say Skelethal sounds to someone that has never heard them before?

Crushing - Deep - Macabre - Ghastly - Genuine

6. How does a Skelethal live show differ from the recorded experience ?

I think the live show is the following of the recorded experience. Since you dig in a record you need to experience it live, seeing how the band members behave and share their tunes. When you enjoy a gig you’re even more eager to listen to the record.

7.If you could make a proper video for any track on new album what would it be and why?

It would be Sons of Zann, because I really like the story behind it which is like a following to the Lovecraft Novel « The music of Erich Zann » :
Several years after his Death, mysterious forces awake Erich Zann’s corpse. By playing his strange melodies he has the power to invoke horror from beyond. 
We could imagine a lot of thing appearing in the video, but it’s a really hard and long to work.

8. What bands are impressing Skelethal currently?

Rude, Cadaveric Fumes, Beyond, Incineration, Ripper…

9. Do either of you have other projects you like to tell my readers about to explore more of you creative outlets?

Jon is making artwork for bands and has a fb page called Jon Whiplash illustration. 
Personnally I currently don’t have time to spend in an other project, maybe in the future.

10. If you could cover any song and make it a Skelethal song what would it be and why?

Entombed - Drowned

11. Extreme metal in France seems like a right of passage why do you feel there are so many great bands and labels from the Nation?

In France, extreme metal is off the culture. People really involved in this movement are real passionate, and work the best they can. Few years ago it was really difficult to have your name spread when you are French, so you have to persistent and determined to be recognized.

12. How does social media play a role in success of extreme underground music in 2017?

I personally don’t understand it, many bands don’t have the success they deserve while others reach it. It seems that people are more interested in the image of the bands than in the music they play. Everything is depraved by fashion.

13.  Vinyl seems to be the new Tape in 2017 why do you think Vinyl has become so important again in 2017 for bands?

I think the vinyl format is more adapted to music addicts than cd. The object is nicer, the cover is larger, it’s more a collection object. In metal you find a lot of collector.

14.  Where do you see the next release heading have you started working on any idea's or is that way to early?

We started to work on new songs, but we don’t have plans for a next release yet. We are focused on promoting Of the Depths…, and play a lot of gigs.

15. Let say you were offered a deal with a much larger label of the Nuke blast or Century media size . Would you take the offer or is the more mid size indie youre on the best kind of home for this more extreme raw death metal sound now?

We don’t need a bigger label with contracts… We’ve reached the size that fit with our style. We’re not expecting something bigger.

16. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here

Thank you for the interview and hello to all the readers ! Cheers from beyond the grave !