Round two this weekend of reviews 4 more to digest ...

Isenordal - Shores of Mourning

Isenordal -Shores of Mourning- CD/ Digitial ( Self Released)

More of what the North West USA is bringing us in the Black metal . I mix of Doom metal, Folk/Heathen elements and Post Black metal in a very orchestral and epic way this time out . Mix of  Grim male vocals and angelic female vocals . This really at times has a Vintersorg , Bathory and Wolves in the Throne room to name a few . I can hear many other bands on this sound . Cascadian black metal is the term used these days as well. The Bleak tones and heartfelt Acoustic mixed with tones of reverb really do make this an interesting release. There are some very avantgarde moments going on through out the album as well. I would say if yoru fan of labels like  Bindrune, Nordvis and Profound Lore then this is going to be a winning moment for you as a listener. Let your journey begin now.

Sabbath Assembly- Rite of Passage- CD/ Digital ( Svart Records)

Occult Rock and Metal with a very Fuzzed out and Progressive overtone. Is what you getting . This has a very 80's Classic Thrash metal sound with that 70's Fuzzed out rock that just adds that unsettling feeling that works so well with the Disturbed and Powerful vocals from Ms Jamie Meyers ( Ex Hammers of Misfortunes ). I get such a Voivod meets  Ides of Gemini with elements of Madder Mortem going on here into a perfect full sounding band for the very first time. Each album has gotten stronger and more interesting and this is were it all comes full circle for me. This album is avant and wonderful in every way. There will not be many that sound this way but they have that Beastmilk vibe as well and it really works for them. Now it's time for the world to hear the mighty Sabbath Assembly..

He is Legend- Few- CD/ Digital ( Spinefarm Records)

Sometime Metal albums can be as beautiful sound and they are presented to the world. He is Legend have just mixed a few styles together that are just doing it for this reviewer. The are elements of Melodic Power Metal, Prog Rock , Technical Thrash and and a Modern Hard Rock element that is just so damn catchy and heavy at the same time the album is mind-blowing . The vocal harmonies and flowing guitars with that powerful rhythm section is just every thing you want for a great heavy rock album. They have a style that reminds me of  Alter Bridge , Kill Devil Hill and Metal Church all mixed together. I really just want you all to take a chance as this band can be loved by many . You just need to like Great heavy rock. Simple enough right ..

Paroxsihzem- Abyss of Excruciating Vexes- Casssette/ Digital ( Krucyator Productions )

Raw and Blistering I would almost say caustic Black Death is what is coming from the speakers. There full length was on Dark Descent and I very much has that powerful and blackened  hateful Death metal tone. This is Dark Occult Metal in the highest of orders.  CD and Vinyl of this is on Hell Thrasher productions. This is dirty and as nasty as you can get with tones and production the ultra low guttural vocals work as a perfect layer to all that comes before us as well. You out there know who are going to love this dropping name of bands is not needed. Blast beats, Black Death and Noisy Crusty Doom over tones this all for you my friends. Time for you to listen..