6 is a magical number edition of reviews

Tusmörke -Hinsides- CD/ Digital ( Svart )

So here is another  Avantgarde, Gothic, Post Punk band from Norway . This is bands on the Black death and one look at the album cover you would expect something very different then what you get it's full or 60's and 70's Prog and art rock elements, Post Punk guitars and sing along choruses and some of the most left of center organs that just make the album for this reviewer. They really remind me of Bands like When, Early Genesis, Beatles, Ulver, White Willow and Oingo Bongo in they way they create music. There is a heavy fuzzed out rock side to the made but the odd side of the band really is what makes Tusmörke  interesting and I glad  Svart has brought another band to my attention to enjoy over and over again.


Wreche - S/t- CD/ Digital ( Fragile Branch)

Ok so here we go again with band taking a style Black metal and throwing it on it's ear and turning inside out to something more impressive then one would ever think is possible with just  Piano, synths, drums and vocals . Remember a band called Profantum on Pagan records a decade or so ago well that is what Wreche is coming from but make is more dissident and jazzy in the approach but you will have a very strong understanding of where this duo is coming from you can hear bands like Bethlehem and Deinonychus influencing what they are doing same as Dornenreich . The Beauty and chaos going on here at the same very time is just down right wonderful to say the least. This is Classical music gone black metal and I really just want more and more and more of this . Eye Opening and something refreshing coming from the Blackened underbelly of music...


The Summoned- Session- CD/ Digital ( Self released)

Band from time come in like a war machine and then refuse to leave until they leave all in their path a wasteland with a band like The Summoned they are a war machine but as they leave destruction in it's path . If tells you how to rebuild for the better. The Summoned are a Progressive, Jazzy Tech Death band from Boston that are over the top in all the amazing ways you would expect. There is no need to mention bands they remind me of. It's criminal though . That this band is not signed as I'm going to mention three labels that this band needs to be heard by so they can be signed ASAP. Willowtip, Unqiue Leader and  Relapse any of these labels would be the most amazing home form this insanity of acrobatic metal going on with in the confines of  " Sessions". Wow just brilliant album . The talent here puts so many to shame and I not for some this will be way to intense of an album but there is a crowd out there that will become cult about The Summoned..


Buzzøøko - Giza- CD/ Digital ( Retrovox )

I'm going to be ruthless and use the bands that are suggested as influences as they are spot on Shellac, Slint, Fugazi and The Jesus Lizard .  " Giza is like a party between all the amazing Touch and go, Amrep and Discord records you own and just adding a bit more of a snarl to them to make the album a bit more pissed off. There are some strong Killing Joke and Melvin elements going on here too. I can not tell you how much I am loving this album and it going to have me on a 90's Noise rock listening session for days after this . You all very clearly know what kind of band this is and you are either going to love or hate this . So my Noise rock fans that love Hardcore mixed into it this is going to be a beacon of musical hope that we get more of this revival happening and we see another wave of amazing music like this for another Decade . This to wave this sonic flag again for sure.


Terminal Nation - Absolute Control- CD/ Digital ( Deep Six)

Crusty Power Violence  Hardcore that you got in the 80's and 90's on labels like  Slam a ham,  Veriform, Pessimester and now Southern Lord is the kind of this style. You know what your getting here . Man is the Bastard, Crossed out, Spazz etc. It's fast, noisy , ugly and short . Just way you want band like this and the review is going to be the same way. You like this music get and do not wait as you will be lost without it.  Really good shit is all I'm going to end with.


Dead Register - Fiber- Vinyl/ Digital ( Throne )

I want to call this Emo Post Doom as that is what I hear when I listen to it. It has elements of  Anathema, Katatonia, Danzig and bands like  Earth , Swans and 3rd and the Mortal . It's much more Gothic Post Doom . I do clearly understand that but there is so much good coming out of this band if you like bands like  Klmt1918,  Tenhi and The Bleak Vision you are well on your way of finding all the beauty, sorrow and power in an album from a band like Dead Register .  There is very much a feeling of that past and heritage in this kind of music. It's as fragile as expansive in the presentation the sound you hear. There really is at time even a Sister of Mercy, Tiamat  full on gothic moment going on here. Dead Register you are truly an outstanding musical force and need to be heard by more people..