Sliptrick Artist- Damned Pilots Interview is up

1. You are a new group to many of my listeners how does Overgalaxy differ from your earlier works?

because it was recorded in a better studio and produced by Ron Goudie and mixed by Bill Metoyer, it is our best work yet.  and also the album is a concept album which is the story of 4 damned pilots traveling the future.

2. Damned Pilots reminds me of elements of  Motorhead, DIO, Arcturus, 80's hardrock , Extreme Trash and Zodiac Mindwarp. Were did this Creation come from?

each member has unique influences.  Many bands inspire us to make our rock.  we like boston and Kiss Turbonegro and Sabbath to name a few.

3. What is the story behind Overgalaxy I know there must be one?

the story is they are four dead pilots traveling in 2500 year, after the nuclear bomb explosion
they are traveling a eP van from the 1970s on a planet called europe and they fix the van and use it to travel around

4. How did you come to work with Sliptrick a label that seems to be growing but still very mysterious in America?

We knew the label before so we contact them to see if they would be interested in releasing the CD.

5. If you could make a video for any song you recorded which would it be and how would you want it to look?

we are working on a video for Gorges song with is about our arch enemy Gorgus and is like a B Movie style.

6. What is a live show for Damned Pilots like I feel youre a very theatrical group to say the least?

in our show we were outfits and makeup.  and have a lot of energy and stage presence to make it exiting of the people so it is a show.

7. What Musical projects are impressing the members of Damned Pilots currently?

I like the Mentors Blackberry smoke and and Gone is gone.  

8. Will you be coming to America to tour at all or is that not possible at the time?

Last year we toured in USA.  We hope to come back in soon.

9. Do the members of Damned Pilots have other recording projects if so tell us about them please?

no not really.

10. With Social Media, Digital Media, Soundcloud , Bandcamp. I ask all the bands I interview why do you think there is a need for bands to be on labels in 2017?

we need the record label to help with distribution and publicity.

11. in 4 words describe Damned Pilots to someone that never heard you before.

( No Response )

12.  A bit deeper into theatrics question .. How do imagine play into a bands sound and over all sonic element I honestly don't think Motorhead would sound like they did they didnt look that way same with bands like Led Zepplin etc. Your thoughts?

With the new video  you will see if our image fits the music.  To have an example Kiss removed makeup and their sound changed.  Somehow the image must fit the music.

13. If you could sign with a Major label is this something that would work for Damned Pilots or is extreme music just not for labels of that size?

our music is note extreme and we want label to sign our band.  we want to sell out to them quickly.

14. Thank you for the time any closing questions place here

buy our Cd and come see us live.  we will come to usa soon.