5 more trials for those into the extremes of Music..

Cranial- Dark Towers/ Bright Lights-CD/Digital ( Moment of Collapse )

Industrial music works very well with Sludgy and Doom element and this is very much what we have going here . This is another in a long line of bands like Author & Punisher, Phobos, Godflesh, Halo and Pitchshifter. Something I can really never get enough of. The Twist with Cranial they add an element of Prog metal like  Ihsahn, Dan Swano and Opeth into the mix to make it something all the more special. There is an Epic side to this band that is very much in the mix and draws you in all the more. I can even hear bands like Red Harvest and Neurosis at times here but again this is about the parts of the whole and once you hear it you will never be able to un hear a band like Cranial. Industrial  Avant Sludgy Doom has never sounded more wonderful.


Cataleptic- Forward-CD/ Digital ( Archaic Sound)

So what do you say when two bands come to mind when listening to a band and you never really thought of these sounds meshing into something interesting to say the least. You say thank you for a band taking that risk and making it a success.  I will say two bands I hear most in this are Deinonychus and  Katatonia where the Doom, Sorrow, Pain , Gothic overtones and flowing Post Rock movements make it as experimental and it is massive and metallic . I hear so many elements of the Brave Murder day Katatonia as I do as modern day Katatonia. You can feel a martial  style in this as well from tracks as well. At times this band is almost a drug you do not want to let go. The music and vocals are really that addicting. You can feel the uneasy side of this band in each and every riff and vocal.  I look forward to our next encounter of musical movements when we meet again..


Cripta Oculta- Lost Memories- CD/ Digital ( Signal Rex)

So the intro to this album is a very gregorian organ that has a heathen and haunting overtone . Where will this lead to we will both have to see correct?  Well on to the next track and I have to say it another very different direction . I don't know if it's working for me . What is Death rock, Raw Black metal and Post Black metal all collide at the same time into some full on chaos and not sure what it wants to be. The vocals are so raw and grim but the reverb and echo is just too much for it. The sound is so complex and thin at the same time I get wanting the 90's demo sound from black metal but this is even a bit too much for me. Now we move into the very old school punk approach into early northern European Black metal too. I just can't say any of this is working for me shame too because Signal Rex as really been one of those labels with a great track recorded till this. Well you can like everything and those into that demo sounding 90's BM will love this .


Wan-  Wanway to hell-  CD/Digital (Carnal Records)

Noisy Black Thrash with a very Hardcore overtone to it all is what I get hear. Its more then just punk. This is raw and hell as well but there is something much more interesting going on here. Maybe the vocals and way the guitars cut through you like a knife that is working here. Nope its those amazing 80's Extreme thrash riffs mixed with Raw noisy black metal that is what is doing it for me. I'm not going to dig very deep into this as you know by what I just wrote if you going to like this. Lo-fi, Noisy Black Thrash .. Horns up and circle pit begin !!!!


Obscure Devotion- Ubi Certa Pax Est- CD/ Digital ( Third I Rex/ Dark Horizon)

Pissed off and Fury driven Black Death.with a twist  This is another band that doesn't to be fancy . They just need to be powerful, entertaining and good and guess what Obscure Devotion are all three my friends. More of the elements you want  Noisy, Fast, Raw mixed with those ethereal /occult clean moments that just make this something that you think is one way and turns out to be so much more. They go very much into something black metal bands that you would call Post Black metal do mix the gloom and sorrow with the nightmares and torment you want. Sometimes in the very same song. This has a lot in common with Northwest Black metal scene but then as much with Bathory, Marduk and Gorgoroth at the same time. I hear alot of Aosoth in this band as well.  What can I say you are impressing the hell out of me.