5 Keys to Musical Black magic and Mystery..

Lubricant- Swallow this  1991-1993 Compilation -CD/Digital/ Vinyl ( Svart )

A collection of a Grindy Death metal force with some very interesting arrangements. I read this was recorded in 10 hrs by a bunch of teenagers. Well they were talented as all get out. There is a grim, grooving and blistering grind element coming from this . If if you like your Death grind with a Punk and Hardcore element to it your going to fall in love with this. The band is back in action with original line up and if it's half as inventive and interesting the new works are something we will all want to hear. I would say this is very much a mix of bands like Autopsy, Deadhorse, Incantation ,Napalm Death and The more catchy Earache 90's Death metal material. Really digging this the vocals are that throaty gurgled Death vocal style. I even hear bands like  Assuck and Impaled. It's now your turn to hear and get it .


Meraine-S/T- CD/ LP/Digital-(Moment of Collapse)

Post Hardcore meets Noise Rock is what you hear the moment that this beast starts.
Sometime an album is just want it is. It holds the fury or bands like  East of the wall,
Mouth of the Architect, Isis and Year of No light. Then comes in bands like Deadguy,
Converge and Burnt by the sun. Meraine is a monster of a sonic release to say the least.
There are some straight up NYC Hardcore moments going on too. I'm not sure what too
really say as its Noisy and Slamming in the way the hypnotic harmonies come in as well
This is a kick ass piece of Metallic hardcore to say the least.


Woe- Hope Attrition-CD/ LP/Digital ( Vendetta Records)

The main mastermind Chris has been working with bands such as Krieg and Agol. This is his baby and I will have to say this is far more Post Black metal with some very Avant, Prog and Doomy element mixed in to something that would be more along the lines with bands like Aosoth, Death Spell Omega, Watain  and Blut Aus Nord to name a few they get into the Scandinavian late 90's vibe too with bands like Marduk, Gorgoroth and Mayhem moments. There is a mix of Cold and Grim but then the talent and production kicks in. I even hear Saytricon and Immortal in what is going on here. This is so much more then just black metal. The Oriental elements of music come through at times as well. The last label on Candlelight was not as developed as " Hope Attrition" . People will want to give them this Occult/ Northwest BM vibe I'm sure but this is far more Technical and Avant then that . You can hear the time taken on this and it shows. If I could even give one moment I would like to hear in the future it's to not always be so over the top as the music really does speak for itself. 


Fen- Winter- CD/ Digital ( Code666 )

Fen is something very special to me over the last several releases. The mix Occult/Pagan/ Heathen/ Black/ Doom/ Prog/ Death Metal with Post Rock and Ambient elements into something that only sounds like FEN. You can not go into listening to a band like this lightly. They are like mixing Anathema. Ihsahn, Manes, Borknagar, Virus and Falkenbach into a new vision of this music. With the Album known as Winter this just becomes more of the mystery that you need to hear and listen to over and over again. Words will always fail with a band like Fen. They are one of the most original bands I have truly ever heard and with each label the shatter the mold and add new elements to mix this time I hear a very Gothic/Ethereal element mixed into all we have spoken about before. Sometimes music just transcends you and with Fen this one of those moments . All the albums by this band are a must own period..


Craven Idol-The Shackles of Mammon-CD/ Digital ( Dark Descent )

This another creation that you may have heard before at this is Melodic Black Death in the way bands like Bathory, Dissection and Mercyful Fate brought it to you in the days of Yore and you know what it's just as damn good now and it was back them.  This album sounds as massive and epic as it down grim and cold. the mix is there all the way and I can listen to this over and over again still find something new to love about it. The vocals are so powerful they really make it with the more raw drumming and effected guitar the work with the very avant black metal bass style . Really into this album and I think you will be as well.