Eight is great edition of reviews !!!

Cold Body Radiation- the orphean lyre-CD/ Digital ( Dusktone)

So I know very little of this project so I'm just going to review this album at hand and talk a bit about the past at end. What I hear is very similar to what I would call Blackgaze but there are elements of Post Punk, Cold wave and Dreamy indie rock going on as well. There is a Noisy overtone through out the music but it reminds me of bands like  Canaan, This Empty flow, Caspian and Katatonia over and over again. You hear so much love for old school bands like The Cure, Joy Division , Lycia and Anathema .. I read they were a much of agressive sound in releases past but with this album the dreamy, drift and sorrow filled epic soundscapes are what rules the day. This is on the cusp of Metal, Post Rock, Ambient and Cold wave as I said it's a sum of the whole without it's parts this album would crumble and fall. There is a very beautiful. dark wonderful balance going on here. I will be listening to this album for a very long while ... Impressive most impressive.


Lantern-II Morphosis- CD/ Digital ( Dark Descent)

Primitive can be a fantastic explanation for things that sound angry, raw and noisy but hold so much promise and interest. The only reason I use primitive is because the production and records has that very early 90's style which is done very much on purpose full of reverb and muddy tone that are play almost symphonic/ prog like. At the heart of it all Lantern is a old school Black /Death album that has found the love of Post Metal tones and arrangements.  Do you like bands like Cynic, Pestilence and Atheist well not make then a Post Black metal band and you would have a very close course correction for Lantern. This is a war for survival and Lantern will come out victorious I promise you that. At time there is a very War metal ideal going on here as well. I will just simple end with saying don't change a thing this is quality across the board ..


Buensuceso- Analogy : The Sun| Divided Line - CD/ Digital ( Third I Rex/ The Braves)

Post Metal a term used for anything that mixes Post Rock and Metal is a term that is just so open these day with a band like  Buensuceso you have elements of Post Hardcore, Prog Rock, Death rock and Shoegazing all mixed into something at is as haunting and stunning and circular in sound and style. The songs echo in your mind long after you are finished listening to them. The music paint a picture like few albums do words are not needed in bands like this I would say they have a lot in common with bands like Isis, Pelican, Tenhi and Silver MT Zion musically and with that if you need more to get this then you're never going to get it anyway. Sometime there is magic in music and that is just what is happening here.


The Great Old Ones- EOD : A tale of dark legacy-CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist)

I get it I get it . They are a good band and make some impressive Post Black metal music but so many of these bands are starting to sound the same and that is my major issue with this album. They so like so many other  bands on SOM, Ajna Offensive, Nordvis, I voidhanger etc. You know were I'm going with this . There is only so much delay, reverb and effects that can be used when the same tone of guitar and bass line is used. I wanted this to be breathe of fresh air and it's just another massive sounding album of talented metallic sounds that I could not tell apart from 40 other bands sometimes I just need to call it as I see it. The end..


Tethra- Like Crows for the earth-CD/ Digital ( Sliptrick Records)

Italy a home much more for Death and Black metal but there is a little label or two from Italy that have made some amazing Doom metal releases and this reminds me of that 90's Gothic doom style that the labels Avantgarde and Wounded Love both brought us plus another called Peaceville. This is very much a mix of bands like Paradise lost, Dolorian, October tides,  Novembers Doom and Novembre.  This is very close to a Melodic Death metal album with Sorrow filled Doomy moments at time too. The love of Gothic overtones really works well with the overall sound as well.  Really impressed with what I'm hearing hear. There are even Monument um and Canaan elements in this band as well.  Keep it up gentleman as it's always good to have new Doom bands out there there are so few of us left.


Damned Pilots- Overgalaxy-CD/ Digital ( Sliptrick Records)

This is something of a bit of shock I didn't know what to come from this very Zodiac Mindwarp like cover and you know what there is that dirty sleaze rock element in the mix of this album but so much more as well . I want to say there are 3 very interesting parts to this Kick ass catcy hard rock think Ghost, Skid row and Wasp then bring in the Sci-fi/ Fantasy elements Voviod, Dio and  Devin Townsend then were going to close this out with Thrash / Groove Metal elements Galactic Cowboys, Kings X , Machine Head and Anthrax .. There are some very bluesy proto metal times through out as well this album is catchy as well and the vocals are so strong with the harmonies going on that you will be hooked and there is no coming back.  There are moments of bands like Arcturus, Borknagar and Devil Doll in this as well. I just can't stop listening to this carnival of heavy sounds mixed with Prog, Futurist and Odd ball movements. Damned Pilots I  hope you come to the USA so I can see this amazing unit on Overgalaxy...


Apokrifna Realnost- Na Rekah Vavilonskih- CD/ LP/ Digital ( AnnapurnA)

World Music and I mean world music in every sense of the word. I hear Gregorian chants, folk, eastern music, jazz,  Jewish music , Industrial and soundscapes all in a traditional music process. When I read that they said remember the all World Serpent records they are very much in line with what is going on here. I would say it has very much in common with Old Europa Cafe, Holy Records, Soleilmoon  and Neuropa as well in labels that are working on the cutting edge of experimental music that likes to have a industrial or Post Industrial overtone. I'm not going into great detail about the album as it would take days. There is so much going on that it reminds me most of is bands like  Muslimgauze, Vidna Obama and Steve Roach. This is avant music for those without boundaries ..


Cancelled-Tenebrific-CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

So with these 3 tracks I'm going to say Cancelled is a mix of  Electro Noisy Hardcore mixed with Industrial metal and Ritualistic based organ music. If Godflesh, Meshuggah, Integrity and Vast all got together and created a band this would sound very much like Cancelled. This is a majesty musical undertaking of a self released album and needs to be heard by more and more so the talent of Cancelled get out to the world . It's criminal that this isn't as big as any of the bands I have mentioned above. Justin of Godflesh should release material fro Cancelled on his label as they are a perfect fit or Trent reznor needs to hear this album as that is the other place to get music of as this has those very much darker NIN elements going on. I can not say enough good things about this album and I will be doing more press for Cancelled that is for sure.