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Warcrab- Scars of Aeons- CD/ Digital  ( Transcending Obscurity)

Crusty and  nasty Death metal in that very mid tempo vein you know what I'm talking about almost with an extreme Thrash element. Reminds me of Bolt Thrower, Early Sepultura and Entombed in the way this is being presented to the listener. The vocals are very aggressive and war like to say the least. I hear Sludge Doom moments of bands like  Cavity, Noothgrush and Grief as well I know many are putting a Nola Sludge tag to it but that Bluesy sound is there but not the southern elements. They have more in common with the West coast Sludge/ Crust folks .  There is a fury to this music for sure and is heavy as all can be. Under the layers of all this there is a melody very strongly coming into the mix as well. The Bluesy side is more of a C.O.C meets  Napalm Death.. I know you get me where this is going and what this band is about. At the end of the day this album kicks some major metallic booty and you would do yourself a disservice to not listen to the album.


Holocausto- War Metal Massacre-CD/ Digital ( Nuclear War Now)

This review going to be short like this EP its 22 mins of  Raw Barbaric Black Thrash and if you don't know what that is you are in store for a big surprise.  There are some very punk noise elements thrown in for good measure. This is a mean and spiteful record and you want nothing less with a band like  Holocausto. The Speedy Thrash elements are what shine with that War metal vocal style. Punk, Black metal and Thrash have never sounded more in tune together . No for everyone but those in the cult will never be the same.


Acrosome- Narrarator and Remains- CD/ Digital ( Dusktone )

This is clearly a Black metal album at it's source but once you go beyond that there are so many sub genres mixed into Acrosome that I would have to say that we have  Atmospheric, Spacial , Post Rock and Symphonic moments that take this almost in a Sci fi album with Post Black metal dreams. I hear music of a world that is centuries beyond us in Tech and Culture on the end of days. There is  Hope and sorrow very much at the same time with this album. The synth remind me of a very Avant movie or play and are what set the mood so deeply without them this would not be the same release I hear Arcturus, Early  Days of Season of Mist releases Bloodthrone, And Oceans and Oxiplegatz. Then with So much of the Avant Black metal that came forward.  I really think this is something special and needs to be listened to over and over again as you will never hear the same album twice.  Dusktone has one hell of a release on it's hands.


Until Death Overtakes Me- AntiMortem- CD/Digital ( Dusktone)

In theory this is any album I would call Darkwave Doom as it mixes  Dark Ambient, Drift and Drone elements into Doom metal and I would say if you like like Skepticism, Thergothon and Shape of Despair you will hear major movements of all these bands in AntiMortem but they go into a place were Dolorian members and Thergothon members needed other projects go make it flow. The Dark ambient / experimental Coldwave sounds hold the band back where it should not have taken 15 mins in the 1st track . I want to love this album it's just holding it self back at times.  I do like this don't get me wrong I just wanted it to come together more then synth movements with Doomy guitars, buried guttural vocals and very primitive floor Tom percussion. I maybe too critical but that what I'm asked to do here and it this more Summoning intro sounding then complete song feeling.  I can only call it as I see it .