Violence and Expression edition of Absolute Zero Media Reviews You got 9 this time ...

Giant of the Mountain- The empty quarter- CD/ Digital (Burning Dogma Records)

Not sure where this promo came from trying to hunt it down but one thing I can say is glad I received it and about to review it. Mixing elements of Classic power metal, Post Black metal and Very Avantgarde Doom musical idea's we have Giant of the Mountain.  I hear elements of bands like Feg Sough, Opeth, Pan thy monium, Green Carnation, While Heaven Wept and Obesquiae. This is a great mix of so many prog and metal styles from 70's , 80's and 90's and after all this its just a 4 song ep. The mix of Clean classic sung, Death/Blackened vocals, Full on Dan swano arrangements from the more prog side of his talents. I'm not really sure what else to say other then there is a very pagan/heathen feeling to what is coming out of the speakers as well. The album over all is very bass heavy and rhythmic and it works well with the odd time changes . This work is impressive to say the least.

Negative Voice-Cold Redrafted- CD/ Digital ( Hypnotic Dirge )

Well someone has come from the Black Emo Doom/ Avant metal realm and wanted to put there stamp on it as this reminds me of bands like  KLMT 1918, Katatonia, Antimatter, Daylight Dies, Moonspell and Paradise Lost. The band has a mastery of melancholy and despair in the music that they create. The gothic/ cold wave over tones white washed into the metallic style really make you feel the sorrow and pain in the music that Negative voice creates. There are Black metal elements that come out of the band but its very music in the Blackgaze style that bands like  Alcest and Lantlos..  You know where I'm going the mix of Dreamy, Nightmares, Hope and a wall of reverb on the guitars. This is once again an emotional filled journey and if you like the bands I mentioned in review this will be a win for you album collection.

Gypsy Chief Goliath- Citizens of nowhere- CD/Digital ( Pitch Black Records)

Jesus Christ how many stoner metal bands does this earth need and the all sound the fucking
same.We get it Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad , Blue Cheer  and Iron Butterfly were the fucking greatest bands ever and there is no reason to create music other then that ever.. I so tired of this one trick melodic pony poking it's ugly head out and every one cheering. Enough is enough. It's time we hide all the big muff pedal and Sunn Amps ... I know I'm ranting but I've hear this riff twenty million times now .

Toska- S/t- CD/ Digital ( Eihwaz Recordings)

Iceland not many metal bands from from that land I know of well what Toska are doing is mixing some sounds that are very disjointing for most of the main stream listeners of the world. Industrial, Black metal and Post Rock into something that sounds like the bastard children of DHG, Manes, Burzum , Caspian and Russian Circles..  I love the madness and complexity that happens all at the same time. Thorns was the 1st band I ever hear try this and do it extremely well there are some other bands that have done it with more chaos like Vondor and Mysticum.  Where Toska really shines is with all the blackened industrial noise there is a harmonic quality to it all a very distant melody and again the heathen feels soar in a band like this. The album cover is a perfect representation to what the music will sound like  Cold, Dying , Alone but just a peaceville beauty about it all..

Rotten Sound - Abuse to suffer- CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist)

Well surprise surprise Rotten sound is still a Grind/ Death metal band . Still trying to rip off your head sonically and one of the most pissed off sounding bands out there as always. Am I suppose to be shocking you well good . Something music is just ass kicking and powerful and doesn't need to be ground breaking or cutting edge with Rotten Sound you know what your getting and it's full on and bad ass. If you want something that isn't going to go amazing with Napalm Death, Impaled, Brutal truth and Solient Green then look elsewhere. The buzz saw riffs, lighting drumming and ultra guttural and torn throat vocals are just what I'm looking for with Rotten Sound. Keep up the stellar work gentlemen..

Narvik- Ascension to Apotheosis-CD/ Digital (Folter Records)

Atmospheric Black metal that likes to dig into some very wide and spacial tones that makes this album all the more epic but in the way bands like Septic Flesh, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor and  Mayhem have made black metal something part Sci fi and other part suffocation and noisy. Well Narvik have learned from the best and keep that style alive with their very own spin on the Black metal landscape.  The dissident tones and way almost anti notes are created is something that has impressed me with very expressive Black metal bands. The vocals are in that very grim sung/spoken variety and with that said I will let you know Narvik is a band that should be noticed and become a band that has a very loyal fan base with songs like these.

Deathtale- Whole World Burns- CD/ Digital ( Terrasound Records)

Death Thrash metal is again something that is always very hit or miss with me and with Deathtale they sound like a mix of 3 very select bands Kreator, Pro-pain and Death angel . I just want the production to be better on this as it's very thin and done in that late 80's element. I don't get the hardcore vocals for this style of music and I think that is where something is not connecting with me. The band is talented ads all can be. I just don't get the so retro thrash element and trying to add classical elements into it just softens the sound. Deathtale really shine when they are just a full on steam roller of Thrash riffs and drumming. I don't want to say this is not a good album it is just nothing memorable and in Thrash you need that or will get lost.

Wormed- Krighsu- CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist)

Sci fi influenced Tech Death . This band is ultra fast, ultra brutal, ultra guttural and throws a dozens riffs at one time at you and if you can digest it and understand then this is going to be a mind blowing release for you the listener. This is beyond extreme Death metal and will not be for even all Death metal fans. You must like the most fringe side of this genre to love it. I would love to see if Wormed can pull off this album live as there is just so much going on in every song . This is one of those bands that would be so at home on Unique leader or Willowtip records as this is what most of the bands all have in common that over the top tech death with so much massive sounds behind it. Wormed is really fucking good and if I can see why Season of Mist scooped them up before someone else did. This album is truly at the top of it's genre.

Noctilucant- Back to the mud- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

And now for something completely different. With all the metal in this review edition we have a pure soundscape/ dark ambient release that is breathe taking, haunting and emotion changing. Are you fans of  Lustmord, Vidna obmana, Sleep research facility and Troum. Well you know what here is clearly another artist to add to your collection.This could very well be on Cryo chamber label as it fits so well with the aesthetic and creative flow.  I would very much say this is one of those Soundtracks of the mind for a movie yet to be made. Nocilucant is a very good reason to never give up on great minimalist dark ambient music as ever few year an artist comes along to just blow you out of the water and that is just what has happened here.  There is a darkness to this that will sneak up and take you if you are not ready for it and that is what makes this all the more thrilling adventure to listen too.  This album is on there bandcamp site and if you can in anyway support them as they are doing some amazing work in the Dark more sinister ambient realms of music.

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