Kaotoxin Artist- Volker Interview is up


Volker Interview, With Ulich Wegrich (Composer & Guitars)

1.  Volker is a rather new band of Otargos Members and a wonderful venomous female throat. How did Volker come to be?

VOLKER is a project M.Pliszke (bassist) and I had in mind for a long time. We wanted to play something out of extreme metal, something "rock" and dark. The fact that we are 3 guys from the same band (Otargos) was not calculated at all. We know Jen Nyx for a long time when she proposed us to join the band we could not refuse!, she 's full of talents!

2. The 1st real question I have is why release an EP only and not full album as the Debut.. Your making me long for more you evil bastards....

Haha !! We prefered this way, and I see the result is just what we hoped. The main aim of the Ep was to present the band, and to show what is coming! The full album is expeted for the end of 2016, I can tell you we are starting to record it.

3. Volker to my ears is a mix of Crisis, Bethlehem, Babes in Toyland, Made out of Babies and Current Forgotten Tomb. Where did the mix Post Punk, Death Rock and Crusty Dark Metal come from???

Considering the music this mix is just a natural result of what I had in mind, I didn't try to follow a style or a precise band. We were curious of the result of the project till we really started to rehearsal.  I always played thrash/death/black metal... so my fingers are certainly deformed now !!...

The voice of Jen gives my music a real diferent dimension and I love it.

4. Was Kaotoxin the only thought to work with being that you have been working with them with other projects already?

KAOTOXIN came to us, asking the question "hey dudes!.... I heard you have a new project... can I listen to it ?" He loved what he received and proposed us to sign the band. At the begining we wanted to separate OTARGOS and VOLKER being not on the same label roster, but, we know well how great is the KAOTOXIN work... so we can't refuse this offer.

5. Is there a story or theme behind the EP and whats with the very unsettling cover of the album?

Main themes of VOLKER's songs are around Death, Darkness, Night and Sorcery mixed with horrific loves and passions and some kinds of old horror movie stories.
We love this creepy imagery.

6. I ask this to all bands whats your thoughts on Social Media and Digital age is it a blessing or curse for extreme underground bands?

For sure it's a curse AND a blessing. unfortunately time is over to think about solutions for the problem. We can now only do with. I prefer say to myself it's a good thing.

7. Jen's Voice reminds me Karyn Crisis, Julie Christmas and Kat of Babes in Toyland . Please tell me these people influenced you..
Jen says you're right there are some similarities, But to be honest she don't know well those band so they didn't influenced her. She loves Dominique Leroni Persi (Stolen Babies), Tairrie B.(My Ruins), Agnete KjĂžlsrud (Djerv) and Maria Brink (In This Moment).

8. What is a live show for Volker like?

We keep a dark image on stage, this is not a katy perry show!
Jen is of course the main actor of the show. Expect Darkness!

9. If you have had to re record and rework a song you did not write  and make it your own what song would Volker use and create it?

Very hard question... for sure each member of VOLKER will choose is own song... Mine is "Atomic" from Blondie or "Double Talkin Jive" from GnR... a a real personal choice I admit.

10. What are the members of Volker currently listening to and reading ??? Let us know whats impressing the band members ..

We have really diferent tastes, John & Manu are kind of brutal death and black metal, Jen loves all band like In this Moment  and I, I listen to old shit like GnR, Scorpions, Blondie...   Currently we are listening to Carpenter Brut when we are on the road.

11. Would you say this band crosses many musical boundaries? Do you see Metal or Punk/Indie fans more coming out to see you and what has the feedback been as you are in a very in between sound were it's hard to get people to love..

We can't really answer for now cause the band is too young, we will answer after touring more. To be honest I have some dificuties to give the band a "style". As main composer I see my work not the same way that the audience. For instance many said VOLKER is sounding like some BM bands ....  I don't understand I didn't feel it, but they certainly are right... F*@#!!! I wanted exactly the opposite!

12. Does image play an important role in Volker and do you feel Extreme music uses image sometimes more than needed..

Yes it does!  We pay a lot of attention on the image, it gives an important background for the music of VOLKER. As we navigate a bit on the stream of Horror Movie ambiences the image as an importante place. But, the music will  always stay at the top of our work.  You're right too many bands use the image more than needed and most of the time their music is poor, it's sadly the case of many BM bands.

13. If a Major label loved you new album and offered you a deal would Volker do it or does the indie label work much better for this style of music?

We never received more attention and opportunities since we signed with KAOTOXIN, we searched to work with an indie label exactly for that, we don't want to change our way.

14. If the members were no longer making music what other outlets would there be for your creative ways?

I think I will continue and search for other musicians. I can't live without music, it's all my life....

15. If you could make a video for any song recorded or not what would it look like and how would you want the band presented in it?

In fact, it's on the way! We start filming during next September. I can't unveil details by now. It will be a song from the upcoming album of course!

16. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here.
thanx for you questions Clint!

Cheerz from VOLKER ... Cheerz from France!