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Virus- Memento Collider-CD/ Digital ( Karisma Records)

If your a fan of  Carl of VBE fame and  members of Beyond Dawn/ Duplicate Records . Then you should be ready for the wonderfully bizarre that is Virus. I would say this Prog Rock with a very strong love of Post Black and Avant Metal as well. There are very few bands that are coming close to what Virus is doing .As the album add up this is the 5th proper full length the 1st was on Jester Records then Season of Mist and  Two on there own label Virulent Records. With Mememto Collider we still mix Prog, Jazz, Avant and Freeform Metallic elements into almost want I want to call a Spaghetti western of musical theater. The sung/ spoken vocal style gives me that Mike Patton, Ulver  and Devil Devil feeling to it all There is very much in common with Ulver in the over all tone and presentation of they quirky way things are arranged. I love the very prog drummer and dark jazzy bass line with a very Avant over verbed guitar tone that is as haunting and mysterious. I clearly understand this is a very fringe release and will not be for every one. I do want to say if your a fan of later Ulver, Katatonia, Opeth, Voivod and Manes this going to be a very impressive ride. I still have to feel that Cynic and Atheist  jazz metal periods really did play a role on bands like like Virus and damn glad to have another album by this amazing force. 


Wolfpack44- The Scouge- CD/ Digital ( Deadlight Entertainment)

This is a US supergroup of extreme music as this was started by members of Electric Hellfire Club and Kult ov Azazel with guest appearances by members of Dark Funeral, Demonic Christ, Coven etc. I dont want to really label this as the band has so many sound and styles happening through out the album there are moments of  Black Industrial, Symphonic Black metal, Dark Industrial, Electronic and Black Death. Wolfpack44 is a force to be reckoned with and each time you listen to the album I truly believe you will hear something very different and new from " The Scourge". I hear elements of Mercyful Fate very strong at time esp in the vocals and guitars then as I said it can go into a full on Black industrial nightmare and back to something melodic and lush. Wolfpack44 is a whirlwind of sound and expression. You will not to this album any justice till you listen tom it 2-3 times and really see the rituals and magick that is coming from all in this band. 



Head of the Demon- Sathanas Trismegistos- CD/ Digtal ( Ajna Offensive/ Invitus)

Ritualistic, Jazzy, Dark, Post Metal with leaning to the Black and Dark metal realms this is good introduction to the latest album by Sweden's Head of the Demon. There is something very soothing and familar to all of this as I'm reliving this all over again and I think that is very much what the band wants it has that 70's Doom element mix with bands like  Sabbath Assembly and Ides of Gemini are doing today . I hear moments of Voivod and Satyricon as well . We have reach a point in music where the unusual has become the norm and when something really stands out is because it mixes what we have already heard and loved with that other worldly element and blended it into something very much their own. This has a very close ideal to Ved Buen Ende as well so if very cleansing in my mind to have reviewed the new Virus album in same batch.  More more more is all I can say..


Concrete Mascara- Perennial Disappointment- CD/ Digital ( Malignant Records)

Just listening to the intro of this album I have two bands that are coming to mind on is MZ412 the other is Sektor 304.. Wow this is violent violent Power electronic in the way that band amazing bands have terrified us before with  Slogun ,Sutcliffe Jugend and Masonna .Concrete Mascara are one pissed of wall of harsh harsh noise, vocal combat and steel pole to the side of your head just when your not ready for it at all. This reminds me of Atrax Morgue are well. So you know where this is all heading .. Ear Bleeding , Mind fucking noise in a way only a twisted fuck like myself could love . Are you the same, Do you even know what I'm talking about . Well if you do then what at you waiting for get this fucking gem now and inflict the sheep of the world to what we hear all the time in our heads...


Buldings/ Volunteer- Split album- CD/ Digital ( Triple Eye Industries)

If your a fan of Amrep,  Touch and GO, Darker 4AD and Alt Tentacles release then your in for a field day of fun. Buildings are a mix of Pixies and Jesus Lizard this band has me in total bliss right now as that off center melodic noise rock sound is something that myself and Steve Albini just go nuts over and if you listen you will see why. This is everything you want in a kick as rock band. Volunteer is a creature of the same skin with a very very different inside they are more abbrasive and caustic in presentation.  Where Buildings want you to be part of madness and chaos they give to the world. Volunteer will beat the shit out of you and make you thank them in the process. Volunteer are a mix of Unsane, Helmet and Melvins.  If you know those bands then you will see how the darkness is much stronger with them. Both bands kick major ass and work fantastic on a split release if I was to say anything it just matters what mood I'm in which I like more at the time. They both need proper albums and asap...


Sink- Art of Contempt and Anger- CD/ Digital ( Svart)

Sink is very different from most Svart release I don't hear a retro 70's sound what I hear is Coldwave, Ethereal,  Electronica, Ethno, Prog Rock and Death Rock all into something that could have metallic edges but seems to restrain from that very much on purpose. I would like to say mix element of Third and the Mortal, Dead can dance and Canaan into one band and this would be almost were Sink is but they do have some full on Prog rock movements as well so bands like Anathema and Amorphis come shining through those cracks as well. Not sure where Svart found this band but damn glad you did . Sink you have hooked me on this album. There are even some Kraut rock moments going on here that remind me of Can ... Nice work on making me again see there is so much more musical ideals you can mix together to make it all the more beautiful and powerful. 


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