False Gods Interview is up

1. You are very new to myself and my reader tell us a bit about False Gods?
Well we are a very new band.We started to play as a four-piece in the Summer of 2015. Mike and myself had worked in a previous project called "skeletondealer" which was kind of on the same lines but more of a stoner rock feel to it.The guitar player in skeletondealer, Rob, also plays guitar in From Autumn to Ashes so once they reformed that became more of his focus and the band stopped.Before that happened, I had a bunch of tracks written that I started recording myself in March 2015. I showed Mike the raw tracks and he dug them.We rounded up Mike's brother, Paulie, to play drums and Mike's future Brother-In-Law to play bass.So once the line-up was finalized we focused on finishing the recording and played our first gig in Dec 2015. So it's a new band.

2. I hear elements of Crowbar, Buzzoven and Noothgrush in the Wasteland EP what bands have influenced your sound?

 When myself and Mike talked about what we wanted this project to be the main theme was "no limits". We wanted to be a band that would be a culmination of the bands that you would see at 'Desert Fest'. Like many different musical genres, the sub-genre of stoner-doom-sludge, whatever you want to call it, has many limitations that I'm not into complying with. I wanted to mix the raw edge of bands like eyehategod, amebix and buzzoven, with the dissonance of bands like godflesh and neurosis, while still maintaining that Sabbath-esque vibe. I don't want to conform to any pre-conceived notions of what this genre "should" sound like.

3. How did this bands bluesy sludge Nola sound from from a band in NY?

 We're all huge fans of all those bands. It's just very natural. I've been listening to that stuff since I was a kid. I think we put our own spin on it. We don't just regurgitate any of that stuff. We bring our own vibe to it.

4. Why just an EP and not a full length?
I like doing ep's. It's not too over-whelming for the listener. It's easy to focus on smaller amount of songs. Plus it's cheaper to record :-) 

5. I see the band is very DIY . Do you see no need for Labels in 2016. Does good PR, Digital Distro and social media get the buzz out there with out label needs?
I want a label. I want a machine behind the band working to get the word out and to push the record. It's a lot work and there is only so much we can do on our own. I want a team of people who know our target market and who what they're doing to help us. We're doing as much as we can to create a buzz, but I'd rather just focus on making music than trying to sell it.

6. Are the members of the band in other projects or are False Gods the only project your creating music in.

  Paulie and Mike are. Myself and Brian are not.

7. If you could make a proper video what would it look like and for what track?

 We intend on making a video sometime this summer. It'll probably be for "Despot" and will definitely be in Mike's basement with lots of drink and smoke abound.

8.Who would be the ideal tour mates for False Gods ?

 Black Sabbath 

9. Can bands in the underground make a living in 2016 or is it just for the love of music?

 This is art. Not a career. Sorry kids.

10. If you weren't making music what would you do creatively?

 I would creatively try not to kill myself or others around me.

11.  Are you working on new material and if so what direction is it heading?

 Yes. We have three new songs written. We want to record another five-song ep by the end of the year so we're going to continue writing the entire summer and see what's what. As far a direction is concerned, I think we're going to explore more of the extremes in our sound. More dischord, more broken dissonance, more melodies. The bluesy-Sabbathy stuff is kind of taking a back seat to more ugly sounding shit. Prediction: Pain

12. Would sign with a major label if they offered creative freedom?

 I'd sign with a major even if they didn't #paidinfull 

13. How does album artwork play with theme of the songs?

  the cover I used from a series of books I had gotten when I was a child called “the enchanted world”. The picture was terrifying to me as a child because I believed at any moment monsters could come and drag me away in my sleep. Now that I have gotten older I realize that the monster has already dragged me away and that monster is called reality.

14. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts.

 thanks for your support.