8 New Reviews from the eyes of madness to you

Wyrd- Death of the sun- CD/ Digital ( Moribund Cult)

There are just a few Nations on this planet that can make Pagan Metal shine to the highest of orders and Finland is one of those Nations. Wyrd are one of those bands that add elements of Black,Doom and Folk metal into a very Heathen/ Pagan style that make me want to listen over and over again this is Epic and Haunting as you can feel the elements of nature and the heathen draw of your forefathers wanting to let the stories of old be pass from generation to generation. The acoustic passages make the massive dark metal moments feel all the more larger then life. Wyrd have much in common with bands like  Drudkh, Negura Bunget and I would even say Falkenbach , Dornenreich and Agalloch. There is something very personal and special about a band like this.  As I do dig deeper there is a very Power metal / Classic metal feel to it all in the same way Slough Feg  and Blind Guardian does that style. Really impressive with all that is going on here WYRD is a very exciting band to hear and dig into .


Phobocosm- Bringers of Drought- CD/ Digital ( Dark Descent)

As this album begins and builds that sinister smile on my face grows as I know where we are heading and it's in the best elements of Darkness in the metallic realms.. This is Atmospheric  Black Doom with a underlying element of Death metal are you a fan of bands like Incantation, The Chasms, Dusk (USA) and Aeternus . Music like this just gives me chills in a very good way. Slow just driving, guttural yet melodic there is such soundscape element to it all this where the nightmares begin and end there is no where to escape as at time the music because suffocating and think with a blasting mid tempo element that is just so heavy it will peel the paint off the very walls that surround you. Dark Descent you have my number on this one Phobocosm 4 tracks are those of wonder and fury and I can not thank you more for getting them into my hands..


Abhomine- Larvae offal swine- CD/ Digital ( Hell's Headbangers/ Osmose )

This is the 1st true solo album by Peter Helmkamp best known for Angelcorpse and Terror Organ.  and with this album I would say it a mix of many of these styles it's clearly a raw black death over tone with some strong electronic / noise backdrops. If you are a fan of that stripped down in your face vocals / treble filled guitar assault this is going to be all the holidays rolled into one. I would say there is a strong element of Grind/Crust going on with a love of the dirtier side of punk as well. The album is impressive to say the least. This was a very thought out journey and is not for the faint of heart.  Peter has always has a way with extremity and raw metal tones. This is just the next step in a journey of a craft is has all but made his own.  Nothing but respect for what is being presented here. There are even some really sick grooves from time to time going on here.


Embalmer- Emanations from the crypt- CD/ Digital ( Hells Headbangers)

Really where to begin ok well I'm just going to do it . Death Grinding Gore at break neck speed. This is face ripping metal with one goal and that is to raise the dead and make them do Embalmers bidding. This album actually drains you there is so much power and fury coming from the speakers. The ultra guttural vocals and solos that I not sure I would ever even want to attempt as they are straight out of the old school Earache, Relapse and Nuke Blast Death metal days. It's great to see a new album by one of the creators of Gore Grind... What else is there really to say other then only death is real ....


Messa- Belfry- CD/ Digital ( Aural Music)

As the album begins all I can think of is SunnO)) and House of Low Culture as this is Droning Doom mixed with noise and feedback oh wait on to the 2nd track and we have going into a more retro doom element that I have to be very cautious with as it has those elements of 70's fuzzed and stoner that I'm very hit or miss with.  Are we going the Rise Above direction or more of the Monster Magnet, Kyuss  theme . Oh now you through female vocals my way and it sounds like Sabbath Assembly and Ides of Gemini  .I also hear Amber Asylum / Third and the mortal ... And hints of Madder Mortem. Damn I really really like this. I'm only 3 tracks deep and this band is a breathe of fresh air for a scene that has really become stagnant of the last decade. Messa really like Post Rock too and have times where they sound like what Earth is creating and offering to the world as well. Dark Rock, Doom, Noise, Drone and Blues all flow through out this album.. Mighty mighty nice surprise I got from this band.. There is even a folksy/Roots rock element going on here  do you like Traffic or Jefferson Airplane there are moments . 


Degtras- Hominidae Resonance- CD/ Digital ( Wood and Stone)

Ritualistic and Sinister are the 1st thoughts I'm getting from this experimental /ambient duo. Just imagine for a moment drone/noise guitars in the back or loops of sounds of nature and what sounds like invocations being recited and then loops of white noise buried in the mix as well. This is just the tip of the iceburg for this 3 track  30 plus minutes journey into the bleakest parts of the abyss. Madness takes on different forms as well as does Torment with Degtras these two emotions come crashing together at the very same time. This is not musical is more a sonic experience that those of the Dark Industrial elk will come to respect and praise . What we have here is a very difficult listen for most but for some it will clearly help with the empty feeling in soul and mind.


Brutus- Wandering Blind- CD/ Digital ( Svart )

Wow what a shocker a 70's inspired rock unit from Svart records.. This is very much that fuzzed out Bluesy rock that you got from Blue Cheer, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac and  UFO this is very clearly where a band like this comes from. They have jam band written all over the band.  This is not my thing at all but if you like that funky element in your early proto Blues rock then more power to you. Yes it a short one just because I don't care for this style. 


Algoma/ Chronobot- Split- CD/ Digital ( Dead Beat Media)

Two bands in the realm of Sludge and Doom  coming to us here both bands are Canadian and Maybe this is why I'm about to say what I will about Algoma as they are very much a band that wears their influences on the sleeves of the band shirt they wear when they play live. This is equal parts Buzzoven and Voivod and mixed together Algoma kicks some major ass on their part of the split album and how we move into the part of the album where Chronobot is going to preach to me the gosphel of Doom from there visions. This is much more a Bluesy southern sludge doom world  as I hear Crowbar, Sourvein, Clutch, Weedeater and Solace. Both bands really do an ass kicking job on this release I love the organs in Chronobot. There is even a bit of C.o.C element in the music as well.  Check this event out as you will not be disappointed.