Noise Rock Masters - Buildings Interview is up


1.Buildings is new to my world all I've heard so far is your split with Volunteers. Can you tell us a bit about how the band came to be?

In 2005 Brian and Travis met in dumpster at a party and had similar tastes in music.... 8 years later they met Mike in the same dumpster, alone with his bass guitar.

2. I see you have two early albums  Melt Cry Sleep and Braille Animals how do the differ from the new material I've heard?

We've definitely grown a lot musically. Naturally progressing with forcing anything. Those older songs are weird. Personally we don't like a lot of them.

3. As I listen to this new Split on Triple Eye Industries I hear a mix of bands like Pixies, Jesus Lizard and Surgery a very Amrep meets 4 AD sounds how did the mixed of  Noise rock and Post Punk come together in the sounds of Buildings?

We don't really think about it like that. We listen to a lot of different kinds of music. Punk is dead.

4. Are you officially on Triple Eye or is this just a one off split release?

Just a one off with our buddies.

5. If there was one song you could record and make all your own . What would it be and why?

Tad - Wood Goblins

6. Are you fans of digital age or does social media and things like Soundcloud and Bandcamp make it too easy for anyone to flood the market with music that is sub par?

Yeah we're fans, if we didn't have social media in this day and age we wouldn't be able to book a tour properly and promote shows/stalk our ex girlfriends.

7. Your from the Minneapolis area of MN there is a rich history of Indie rock and punk there with labels like Twin tone, Paisley Park  and Profane Existance to man a few. What is the current scene like there now still thriving or  moved into new directions?

The scene is just like anywhere. Tons of bands, too many really. We're privileged to live here, all sorts of music.

8. What music is impressing the members of Buildings currently?

Heads from germany, USA Nails from the UK, Grizzlor, Tom Petty, Steve Tibbetts.

9. I did wonder why name the band " Buildings" what is behind the name?

Alot of people come in and out of us. Sometimes we fall down. We are very tall.

10. If a Major label came today and told you they wanted to sign you to a long term deal would you do it or is those days of underground music going to a major very much over?

We would look at the man in the top hat and sign our names in blood on the dotted line and the tap dance all the way to the bank haha. Nah i dont think that exists anymore.

11.  How would you describe the sound of Buildings to someone that has never heard you before?


12. Do the members of Buildings Play in other projects as well tell us if you do?

We do not but Mike plays with himself.

13. At the end of the day and the band calls it the end what do you how to have achieved or has that been done and every day is a new adventure?

We've definitely achieved a lot more then we set out to.

14.  I ask this often and responses very greatly ... Can a underground band in 2016 make a career of  recording and touring any more or are those days over?

You can but you need to forget about the American dream.

15. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts here