Moribund cult artist Dodsferd interview

Dødsferd Interview 

1. With this your 9th full length " Wastes of life"  Were do you see Dodsferd heading as a band and musical force?

Dødsferd, my band, my own world, is heading where I am heading.  And that is total chaos, destruction and survival of the few, that chose to separate from the masses and evolve to something greater than they were. With my new album I wanted to create a spiritual weapon that is going to create chaos, eliminate the believes of the masses and give strength to clever people to evolve and reach the highest pick of mental and physical strength, but always with their own powers. I create music that comes straight through my heart. I don’t follow the trends of the masses out there. I don’t create music to please others, but to harm them. Only the true followers are able to understand and use my philosophy to survive by themselves through this drained world that is surrounded by all these spoiled, hypocritical leeches! Musically I don’t follow a certain kind of style. If I want to use other elements in my music, I am going to do it, without thinking what others say, or if they going to like it, or approve it. That’s for the weak and pathetic ones.

2. With new album I would put this up with bands like Silencer, Bethlehem, Happy Days and Deinonychus. People call this  Suicidal Dark metal do you feel this is a good or correct explanation of the style and sound?

This is Black Metal. It speaks about evil, without using knowledge from satanic books. This is a spiritual weapon against mankind. Evil that comes straight through my heart and not from books. Misanthropic Black Metal that comes straight from my daily experiences and contact with all these weak and pathetic humans. Through chaos and destruction, this world will change and evolve to something greater. The remains of what we call humans will be able to know afterwards the meaning of words such as respect, ideals and many other words that don’t exist in their vocabulary nowadays.

3.  WIth " Wastes of life" this one of the most unsettling releases in a while . Where did the Darkness, Pain and Nightmare come from to make this album so down right terrifying?

As I have written before, it comes straight from my heart. I feel disgust and hate against all these cockroaches that think that they can fuck others in order to survive. They think that they are stronger, smarter, at least this is what they believe with the help of the other weak that surround them, but they are just human feces.

4. Was the new Dodsferd a more collaborative release or was this all Wrath with studio musicians helping create the torment.

All my albums so far, were totally signed only by me. This one was another album created by me and signed by me. Dødsferd remains a one man band in philosophy, even if there are members for the last years. I have my own vision, my own journey that I am not going to change it for none. The members of Dødsferd are great musicians that follow my vision without any second thoughts.

5. What track off the new album would be the one that would best make a video for Dodsferd?

This is something I never thought about. So there is nothing I can say to you about this question. Dødsferd is an underground black metal band, supporting underground and the true followers of it. 

6. Wastes of life seems to move into a new direction as well . How do you see the band moving forward with future releases?

I am not going to follow a certain recipe with my band. All the true followers of my band know it. The only thing that remains the same is my hatred for the weak, hypocritical human kind. This is the diary of my life! I will continue fucking up this planet, in a way that my heart and the demons in my head command me.

7. Does Image , Dark Themes and Outsider views still make the difference in what The mainstream and Extreme underground sounds create?

For my band, no it doesn’t. For Dødsferd only Wrath can make the difference and my bloodstained journey to this world.

8. Are you a fan of the Digital / Social Media Age? Or is it just a needed evil in 2015?

I am fan of trading and using the old methods of communicating through letters. Things have changed and some things must change also for me in order to get in contact with others and promote my music to certain kind of people.

9. How does Dodsferd Differ from 2003  to 2015?

They don’t. It’s the same philosophy and the same man creating music all these years, with his own powers, but with more experiences and more hate towards human filth.

10. Is Dodsferd live very similar to albums or do you try to make it something very much another experience?

The Dødsferd live performances are more powerful than the albums. The level of hatred cannot be compared. 

11. Are there any Bands in 2015 that impress that you would like to tell us about . Your listening to now?

Leviathan (USA) for sure. Archgoat, Sadistic Intent, Agalloch, Happy Days… 

12. If Dodsferd was offered a major label backed album would you or would you not record and release ?  Please explain ...

I cannot answer you on a hypothetically question. I am not a fan of big words and a man of theory. Total respect to Odin and Moribund Records.

13. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here..

My new album will soon be out! It hasn’t to do with the trends that the majority of bands follow nowadays. 
Follow your own powers to survive. Salvation through Chaos!!!!
Thanks for the interview Clint.

With Respect
Wrath of Dødsferd!