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Arkaik- Lucid Dawn- CD/ Digital ( Unique Leader)

Welcome to the thunder dome my friends and this this a full on assault of Death metal on many different levels, Tech, Prog, Brutality, Complexity, Grooves and expert level of playing styles where it all enters the arena and leaves as one sonic force. Unique Leader over the last 4-5 yrs has been with  Listenable and Willowtip been signing all the cutting edge Death metal bands and getting them out to the world . The amazing thing of Arkaik is the music is very much a complex Death metal style. It never becomes too much were a extreme metal fan would want to tap out. With Lucid Dawn we go down a journey , a story with hope, sorrow, pain and fury sometimes in the same song. Arkaik draw death metal fans in with a mix of all this at time it has the Cynic and Atheist moments but there is a strong mix of 90's extreme thrash and Tech metal going on as well. Arkaik is a band to very much embrace and see were the next generation is taking the music into fresh and exciting realms.


VHOD- Dreamcleaver-CD/Digital ( Inverse Records)

Futurist Avant Death metal  YES!!! I said it that is what I hear from from this one man metallic war machine. There is a very industrial element to the over all album as well  but really shines through is the  relentless tones and monumental drumming of those style of those Death and Black metal bands  like  Panzerchrist, Marduk, Dismember, Hypocrisy etc that just have that in your face buzzsaw guitars and vocals that sound like you marching on to destroy all that is your path. VHOD. The production gives is it a very Voivod meets Testament feeling in the way it's got that modern but muddy magic to make the over all release sound like it came out of a future were the world is struggling just for the very survival itself.  I will end with there is a unsettling melody about all of this album as whole and that is what draws you ever closer to the edge for a band like VHOD. This is not your run of the mill band.


Saviours- Palace of Vision- CD/ Digital ( Listenable)

How can a band be retro and modern at the same time well I guess you will have to sit down and listen to Saviours new album and then ask them. As Palace of Vision is just that mix of  Retro Doom, Sludge , 80's Classic metal and 70's Fuzzed out Arena rock . I don't know were to really go other then if you could mix Crowbar, Motorhead, AC/DC ,Diamond Head and St Vitus in to a big pot and you will have the mighty Saviours come ripping out to rule all the music scenes as one . There are so many amazing  riffs and musical moments going on with this album I can see why the band is breaking ground on so many different underground landscapes.  The are very much in that world with bands like  C.O.C and The Sword band you just feel so familiar with but are always creating new sounds with it all. There are time I hear bands like Dio and Down coming through at well. All I know folks is this album supremely kicks ass..


Urania- hieros gainos- CD/ Digital ( Helldprod Records)

Doom death with elements of Black metal and Funeral Doom into a wall of crushing and soul capturing nightmare has been releases on to this world for all to suffer and see the mighty forces of the Gods of old. The organ's on this album really do give be chills with just how brutally heavy this album becomes at times. This is old school Funeral inspired Black Doom you don't really need to know more then that to see the musical picture around you. It's slow as Molasses and will suffocate you if allowed too. The vocals go from that deep clean to ultra guttural and yes that Gothic over tone is needs it like Moonspell, Skepticism and Early My Dying Bride all cam together and formed Urania. This album is very much magical to this reviewer. Long live the sounds of Doom !!!


Hiems- Cold Void Journey- CD/ Digital ( Moribund Cult)

I know this is a reissue but Hiems is worth a few words as this is one of the best of that cold industrial bleak black metal style and it has never sounded more distant and dark then remastered on this release also with this version there are a bunch of pre Hiems tracks on here for your listening pleasures or displeasure ( depending on how easy your are un-nerved). I'm not going to go into a long piece here but Hiems makes black metal something as terrifying and chilling as the bands did years and years back so embrace that shadows and make sure you do not miss this reissue.


Dodsferd- Wastes of Life- CD/ Digital ( Moribund Cult)

This has always been one of my favorite artists on Moribund as they mix Suicidal Dark Metal, Violent Black metal, Post Metal sounds and Bleak landscapes into levels of total madness. If your a fan of bands like  Happy Days, Shining (Sweden), Bethlehem, Silencer and Forgotten tombs then you know where Dodsferd is coming from and the sounds that are being projected to the world. There is a Sorrow and Pain many will never understand or begin to want to that comes from this force. Dodsferd are nightmares painted to a musical backdrop. We need bands like this so we can feel that side to the emotional spectrum from time to time. This will leave you drained or with a new vision on the world and music as whole. You just need to listen and see where sound can really take you. This album is one of the best of 2015 so far .... 


Death Hawks- Sun Future Moon- CD/ Digital/ Vinyl ( Svart Records)

Svart has become the home for 60's / 70's Pych Rock bands to be reborn with bands like  Sabbath Assembly, Circle, Hexvessel, Beastmilk, Jesse and the Ancient ones etc. Death Hawk are very much in that  Pink Floyd, Camel,  Fleetwood mac, Momma's and the Poppa's , JethroTull etc journey. I really have a soft spot for early proto Prog rock  mixed with Moogs, Folk and earthy tones and with Death Hawks you get all of this. I think its my love Monster magnet that got me here as this is that without the metal trappings.  It's going to be  a style that you love or hate no middle ground here. Svart have hooked me . Give it a listen if you not a fan then Svart label as whole will be less to your liking. For me keep it up .


Whiskey Ritual - Blow with the devil- CD/ Digital ( Art of Propaganda)

This a dirty sleazy nasty record that mixes Punk, Crust, Doom, Noise and Grinding elements into something the squat kids of San Fran and NYC would love to see at all ages shows and Sunday shows at Vfw halls and churches back in the day. This has the magic of those old Slam a ham, Bovine records, Pessimester, Boner and SST releases of the days gone by. This is for the anarchist is all of us. Bring back the circle pits and remember when CBGB's would have sunday hardcore shows this is where Whiskey Ritual would thrive. There is nothing more then special then a Punk band when it learns that it's music can change those around them and moves into that Post Crust Hardcore sound we need more bands like this . Loving every minute of it . Get this ....


Corrections House- Know how to carry a whip- Digital/ CD ( Neurot Recordings)

The forces of Minsk, Eyehategod, Yakaza and Neurosis are back with Corrections House and that Industrial Experimental nightmare is back with even more of a fury they on the debut album and I could not be happier . Are you fans of bands like  Missing Foundation, Whitehouse, Throbbing Gristle,  NIN, Skinny Puppy, Author & Punisher and early Godflesh.  Well look no further then Corrections house as they mix Punk, Early Industrial, Electronica, Noise, Crust,  Doom, Grindcore and Hardcore into something that is more over a life changing event then just a musical journey. It's feels like the end of the world and the rebirth is coming and without prophets like Corrections House the world will not be able to have it's 3rd Golden age and yes once you listen to " Know how to carry a whip"  you will understand where I'm going with this.  There really is much more to say then dig into one of the best more experimental musical events of 2015.. This maybe my album of 2015 I'm that impressed with it.