Goat horned Productions Artist- Temple of Gnosis Interview

1. For most of my readers you are a new project. Tell us about this one man Doom/ Blackened metal force?
This "force" as you call it, is exactly what you called it - a force, a surge of dark energy straight from the nucleus of my being. It is nothing more or nothing less than an expression of the "dark" side (as people call it, I would call it just the "other" side) of human, a projection from a subconscious, repressed realms of man. It is a catharsis in the form of sound, with absolutely no pretentions to be this or that, especially not for being "a band" with rockstar members, defining or creating some new genre or a commercial success to sell records or entertain the people. Just to express and project the dark side into the light, and return the light into the darkness: an alchemical transmutation in one of its many forms.
2. So the mix of Slow Funeral Doom, Drones and Black industrial really shine? What bands have influenced this style for you?
There aren't some specific bands that influenced this style of musical expression, but there is an amalgamate of influence which constellated in my psyche over the years. I listen to a lot of different genres and a lot of music (both "regular" and "weird"). I know that Temple Of Gnosis is labeled as a doom metal, and basically it is closest to doom by definition. But it is the symphonicity of the release that makes it differ and the influences are almost not to be found in doom metal. If I must analyze the sound which is produced, great influence on my work comes from black metal, definitely symphonic black metal. For example, the work of Arcturus (especially their early black metal era) - their album "Aspera Hiems Symfonia" was a perfect and dark amalgamate of riffs that tightly follow the dark and symphonic keyboards, and this was completelly enchanting for me as a listener back then. I guess this impact was now subconsciously projected to my own work. Dark ambient and generally dark and instrumental music, music from horror movies also have their share of influence in the overall sound.
3. I know very little about your label Goat horned Productions. How did you come to work with them ? Goathorned Productions are a label with some very fine selection and some nice releases behind them. They approached me with a proposal for a release, and seeing their past roster, they seemed like a great choice. I was also impressed with their fair and brotherly attitude, so I had no doubt accepting their offer and releasing an EP for them. 4. Is there a running theme on on Mysterivm Magnvm? As there is a very occult feeling to the album as a whole? Yes, there is a general wire, or a string if you want, that runs through the entire release of Mysterivm Magnvm. And that is the invocation of the subconscious, shadow Self and bringing it to life (mentally). This is the alchemical work that is not to be explained through the words, it must be felt through the music entirely. 5. Will Temple of Gnosis ever play live or is it just a studio creation for yourself? I haven't thought about Temple of Gnosis playing live, it's not excluded but there are currently not such plans.
I'm neither a fan nor an adversary. I think every technology can be used as a weapon or as a creative tool - it is our choice. For example, people can say that the invention of an iron blade was a bad thing because blades can kill people and they were used in wars. But without a blade you could also not cut a tree and a branch, make yourself a home; you couldn't cut a plant to make a remedy for illness, and so on. I think digital age provides many people with a new form and channel of expressing themselves, there is a great potential to use social media as a creative tool. I myself wouldn't have reached so many people if there wasn't for social networks. But at the same time, I think that many people definitely spend too much time online, doing nothing creative and useful - they're simply procrastinating, wasting their lives instead of doing something else. They're killing themselves with it, and that's the choice they made.
6. What is the scene like in Ireland I know of a few doom bands from there but I would say you have more in common with bands like Esoteric, Dolorian, Mournful Congregation and Shape of Despair.. I really could not answer this since I'm not from Ireland and I don't closely follow their scene. 7. Are you fan of digital age and social media or is it a necessary evil of the world? 8. What are you currently listening to and or reading ?? Let us peek inside your mind and have a look. I am currently not reading anything. I've put my mind to rest as far as literature is concerned because I've read so much in the past. This is where my creative part can thrive and now I can venture on to express myself and create, instead of being a part of the audience. As far as music is concerned, I listen to anything that I like, with all kinds of "dark" & heavy metal (especially black metal) and ambiental music being always somewhere on my list. 9. Does Image and Art play a major role still in extreme music in 2015?
For me, these two are somewhat different categories. While imagery and aestherics is definitely becoming a central point in all form of expression (extreme music included), true art is oftentimes blurred and lost behind the shadows of mass consumerism and desire to quickly sell your stuff. 10.If you could sign to a major label with full support would you are is this music much to personal and off the radar for places like that? As soon as something is released for someone else to feel, it's not personal anymore. I definitely want to express myself and Temple Of Gnosis is one of those "channels". It is a contradictory thing to want and not to want to be heard by people in the same time (this is the attitude many bands are having, and I personally don't understand it). I mean, do you want other people to hear for you or you don't? If you don't, then why are you putting your music outside for everyone to hear? It is a dumb thing to try and select who can listen to your stuff - that's politics right there and it has no place in art. I want my music and my message to be heard, therefore, I wouldn't mind signing to a biggest label out there. From the other side, I'm not obsessed by material things and praise, the only reason I would do it is because more people can enjoy my work.
Thank you for this opportunity. My message to the readers shall, as always be this: search ye deep into the interior of your being, for there, and only there shall ye find the true liberator of yourself - which is none but you, yourself alone.
11. In 3 words how would you Describe Temple of Gnosis? Esoteric, dark, obscure. 12. Where do you see the sounds of Temple of Gnosis heading? The way where my entire being is going, and my fate is still unknown to me. 13. Are there other project in music you record of work with let us know about them please. I am also involved in a dark ambient project called Metatron Omega, which has just released a debut album though Cryo Chamber, currently the biggest dark ambient labels out there. 14. Thank you for your time any closing thoughts here

Thank you for this opportunity. My message to the readers shall, as always be this: search ye deep into the interior of your being, for there, and only there shall ye find the true liberator of yourself - which is none but you, yourself alone.