Deathwishinc Artist- Planes Mistaken for Stars Interview is up

  1. Tell us how the rebirth has come full circle of band in 2015?

A- We had been playing shows on and off for the last couple years and came to realize how much we missed making new music together and decided now was the time to strike, in the end we all just missed being around each other.

2.  I've been listening to your material a lot and I hear elements of Discord ( DC Hardcore sound) SST (Melodic Punk) and Amrep (Noise Rock) are these places of inspiration for the band to create the sound we hear?

A- All three of those labels churned out some of the best / underappreciated music from the last 30 years. of course we draw a ton of influences from every one from Rites Of Sring to Helmet, to the Minutemen.

3. How did you come to work with Deathwish Inc after working with  No Idea and Abacus ( a Century media  sub label)?

A- We have Been friends with Jake at Deathwish for well over a decade and we have a lot of faith in how they do business and art so it seemed a perfect match.

4. What is a live show like for Planes mistaken for stars in 2015?

A-Hmmm, Maybe not as bat shit crazy, but far more muscular musically and emotionally. we had a long time to figure out what the songs really mean.

5.  What music and bands are impressing you today?

A- I cant speak for all the guys but i’ve been listening to alot of older soul and punk, the usual suspects i suppose. i really did enjoy the last Church LP its inspirational to see cats even older than us still creating meaningful tunes.

6.  I read a new release is being worked on how close are you to completion and words on direction it's heading?

A- We hit the studio in Dec. with a fistful of ideas.

7.  Being around a while I would really like you thoughts on Social Media age it's a blessing or curse for artist like yourself with a history and older fan base?

A- I will be the 1st to admit i’m a classic luddite, i feel social media has made people fully socially inept in the real world. i get that it has its purposes and it’s an amazing advent, but i mainly ignore that world.

8.  Does Politics or Religion every play a role in music properly or does it always come by extremes . Do you have either ethos in you music even in the slightest?

A- I think music is a perfect platform to say whatever the fuck one wants.
I tend to write about the human condition so indeed Religion and politics are surely an influence , wether im aware of it or not.

9.  If there was one active band in 2015 you could tour with who would it be and why?

A- Off the top of my Head i would say KILLING JOKE, CURSIVE, or CONVERGE
KJ are Legends and the other two bands are close friends and killer dudes.

10. Do the members of the band play in other bands or projects if so talk about them please so be can explore new sounds as well?
Yes, I have a band called HAWKS and DOVES, the other guys knock around in bands like WOVENHAND, GIT SOME, BULL OF HEAVEN, and ON YOU. all killer stuff

11.  What does the genre " Post Hardcore" mean to you? as I see it floating around you as band often..

A- At this point the term means nothing to me, its as useless as the term EMO.
we for sure influenced by many Hardcore bands of the past, but i dont really attach myself to any genre.

12.  Does Art/ Visuals on stage and on covers help convey the ideal a band is presenting or is it just the sound and fire of the music and lyrics that matter always?

A- Well Artwork for album designs is very crucial for a complete piece of art, and i take it very serious. as far as live goes we just plug in and wail.

13.  If you were asked during what period of the band did it feel like this was the greatest times of our lives...

A- Everytime. Ha, Everytime.

14.  If a major label came to you and offered you a deal with creative and artistic freedom would you think of doing it or is that beyond anything the band would ever want?

A- Majors are outdated, and i would be hard pressed to see what they would want with us any how. ha.

15.  Thank you for the time any closing thoughts place here..

A- Please take care of yourself , keep learning , keep teaching, keep your ear to the ground and your eyes and heart open.
Cheers , Gared