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Hammercult- Built for war- CD/ Digital ( SPV)

Israeli Metal machine Hammercult comes to us with there 2nd Epic Black Thrash force of power fury and might. Just imagine if  Dimmu Borgir , Testament and Kreator join forces to create someone that is a Melodic as Aggressive and Catchy all at the same time. The solos are a total late 80's early 90's Thrash metal throw back and work so well with massive production and sound of this release. There are even some nods to bands like Iced Earth and Old Man's Child just in the over all presentation of the album as a whole. There is very much a Black metal overtone through out this beast. I'm not sure how SPV found the band but they are a shining light of Metallic nightmares. Hammercult is a band to be on the look out for as live I'm sure there even more of an awe inspiring event.


Dark Buddha Rising- Inversum- CD/ Digital ( Neurot)

I want to just begin with the album is but 2 - 20 + minute tracks is a very  Avant Doom metal style that builds and grows as the moments pass through out time. This is a statement from the band about Dark Buddha Rising and I wanted you all to see what I mean.  
"As the innerspace traveler is aligned with the order of the nine, disarray in the processes is suddenly reversible, and the liberated shall walk the brightened path that is not treaded afoot. This is DARK BUDDHA RISING."
This music is all about expression, layers, tones and left field ideals that make it as much post metal with a band like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Strapping Young Lads as with the band of the label that signed them Neurosis and Neurot as there are elements of both in this band as well. There is a lot in common with band like Pelican, Isis and Rosetta too.  If I was to stay something about the over all style of the band Post Progressive Doom is a good tag for this Finnish force . Oh look another great Doom band from Finland shocker. Keep it going with bands like  Unholy, Skepticism, Dolorian and the mighty Thergothon. In closing all I can say is more of this can never be a bad thing. 


Gloom- DogGod- CD/ Digital ( Morbid Shrine Production)

I was reading the bio of this band and they are talking about black metal elements which I hear none at all at the heart of this beast . Gloom is Grinding Death metal force with all of the extremity that it can present to anyone that is brave enough to listen. It's full of  Blast beats, Guttural and Gurgling Vox. Very Grind/Post Hardcore even raw punk elements they have a lot in common with bands like Terrorizer, Aborted, Napalm Death and Impaled  all amazing bands in their own rights.  The production is great too not too muddy but thick enough to add a sickness to the over all sound. Gloom you are a force to be reckoned with and I'm proud to have heard the album and will be going back for more.


De Profundis- Kingdom of the blind- CD/ Digital ( Wickerman Recordings)

Some of these words if not all of them is what make up De Profundis. Complex, Dark, Systematic, Time changes, Guttural, Dark Melody, Anti Groove, Progressive, Melodic Death metal, Thought provoking. Do you get the message behind these words as this is the some of the whole picture. De Profundis have a lot in common with bands like  Gorguts and Cynic . At the heart of it all this is a very talented Death metal band with so much more going on that loves complex time changes and jazz elements. If this is something that inspires you then get it as I find it Magical ..  


NightFell- Darkness evermore- CD/ Vinyl/ Digital ( 20 Buck Spin)

Todd Burdette (Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Warcry, etc) and Tim Call (Aldebaran, Mournful Congregation, Sempiternal Dusk, Saturnalia Temple, etc) have created a force to be feared and alerted about they add elements of Post Punk, Avant Metal. Post Hardcore, Black metal and a droning element that mixed together give you this amazing  Dark mid tempo of metal that is very close to bands like  Bolt Thrower , Black Cobra and Marduk. Beyond impressed with this band and it really is like a more metallic Tragedy with those dark drifting movements that Saturnalia Temple are so well known for. There is a very heavy Dark / Doom metal guitar tone to this as well. There is just something very off in a good way about this album that has you coming back over and over again. I think it's That Killing Joke Post Punk vibe . Tell me if you hear it too.  This is one hell of an epic album not to be missed 


Wilt- Moving Monoliths- CD/ Vinyl/ Digital ( Bindrune Recordings)

Sometimes a band is just a feeling or sound they send to the world. With artists like Wilt this is very much the truth of the matter.  Atmospheric Black Doom is what they are and there is no shame presenting it in ways that make mountains rumbles and souls release from bodies.Though within that structure they challenge you over and over . I know that Ancient Wisdom, Aosoth, Dolorian, Wolves in the throne room, Agalloch and Katatonia are all felt with in the structures of these tracks. There are even elements of bands like  Bethlethem, Shining and Forgotten Tomb with in the very darkened heart of wilt. There is an amazing mix of Somber, Droning, Bleak and Sorrow with in the Drifting, Shoegazing and madness that is coming from my speakers with an album of this magnitude. Wilt is a band that will take many listens to  begin to the crack the surface and over time you will hear more and more inside the base style. Bindrune as become a home to rituals and hymns that target ones very essence and with that I have to say more but only when your ready Wilt as we need another gem like this one.