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Scale the summit- V- CD/Digital ( Prosthetic Records)

If there was a band that would be the ideal for  80/90's Fantasy Movie reboot. Like Legend, The Dark Crystal, Willow etc this would be Scale the Summit. The are a futuristic instrumental post prog metal band with talent that is beyond words. There are Jazz and Avant  movements as well that just blow we away. There isn a delicate beauty as well as a passion , power and fury that intertwines in ways you ears will just thank you for after listening to the label. Some times words do get in the way of the music and with bands likes Scale the Summit nothing could be said that would be more true. With this I will close by saying the future is anything  Scale the summit wants to make it as these folks have musical talents far above most of us ever will...


Legion of Andromeda- Iron Scorn- CD/ Digital ( Crucial Blast)

This Japanese Duo create a sound for the end of days for sure . There are so many things I do what to call this band . Hopeful, Lovely and Soothing are none of these. What Legion of Andromeda are is mixed parts of  Industrial Death metal, Grindcore, Noise Rock and  Black Doom all into something that Godflesh and Author & Punisher would say fuck ya and tip their hats too. This is one pissed off album and the vocals sound like the bile coming up the throat of soul that has just been tormented to an eternity to the bowls of hell will no repent ever..  Nightmare are afraid of bands like this. I've the artwork is ultra primitive to fit the disgust of the world around them. This will send most listeners off the deep end. There are a subset of us out there this could be no more perfect music to release the thoughts from our very minds. Crucial Blast has a way of finding the sickest and grim of genres and getting them released to us. Keep up the good work..


Kowloon Walled City- Grievances- CD/ Digital ( Neurot Recordings)

This band brings two of the most impressive sounds that came from the 90's into one wall of complexity, pain and furious sonic waves.  Are you a fan of Band like  Slint, Rodan, Jesus Lizard and Jawbox well 50% of the Noisy Post Indie Rock vibe comes from that. Then We have full on Post Hardcore elements as well think  Quicksand, Rosetta, Isis, Tragedy, Deadguy etc. I think we are on the same page here. Kowloon Walled City is a band that you will never be able to fully wrap sound and style around as its one of those bands that is a constant evolution and needs to expand and change or will die. The Punk, Noise and Hardcore Ethos is ingrained with these gentlemen. Emotion is a key element of where the darkness and light meet. They are on the perfect label as Neurosis has some of the very same elements but the two do not really sound the same in any way at all.  Let the music over take you as once it does you will see past the 4th wall.


Black Breath- Slaves Beyond Death- CD/Digital ( Southern Lord)

The word retro can come across as something dirty and well this band is sound is just that dirty as can be its not a band thing. Black Breath mixed  Black Thrash, Post Punk and straight out hardcore into something I swear you would have heard from Sweden a decade ago were they were calling it Black and Roll . There love of Minor threat, Motorhead and Sodom are just amazing and they mix it all into something Darkthrone and Saytricon do with black metal. This is full on balls to the wall extreme music.  The vocals are remind me of early Marduk .  There is a Death metal element like Dismember and Entombed going on here as well. Black Breath is very much the sum of it's whole. Glad I got to be beat into the clan so I could hear this metallic voodoo of a band.


Sacrificium Carmen- Ikuisen  Tulen Kammiossa- CD/Digital ( Saturnal Records)

Occultist Atmospheric Black metal with a very distant and haunting melody. This grim and cold fellows are from the  frozen tundra known as Finland. So you know that music that comes from that realm always as something very thrashing, dark and just left of center and all of this is true and more. Black metal is not suppose to be for the masses and this album is for sure true to rites with that statement. There is a ritual and darkness that will never leave a sound or band like Sacrificuim Carmen and there are theatrical and epic moments that  travel through out the release as well but at it's roots there is a heavy leaning to Thrash and punk for this band and this is really where all great black metal came from make those two genre's faster, nastier and much more raw. Let the sound continue to the next generation as we need to never lose the blackened arts.


Big Brave- Au De La- CD/ Digital ( Southern Lord)

More Indie meets Post Rock with a very Noise rock mix into the stew I would call Big Brave they are from the land of bands like Godspeed You black emperor,  Silver mt zion,  Do make say think and Aiden Baker and they have something in common in sound with all as well as artist like  Chelsea Wolfe, Russian Circles and House of low culture. This is as free form Drone, noise and art rock as it is thought out and layered were to the simple listener it seems like just a stream of aural drifts and loops. The female vocals are fragile and madness all at the same time. The Guitar and bass are beauty and pain all at the same time as well. The the Percussion that keeps it all together with the way it just builds and becomes subdued all at the right times.  Big Brave are what I like to call Post Metal as they have all the elements of a will on metallic storm but have found the holy grail of being able to sonically cross several genres in one song. This a fully recorded album made to sound like a live album as that want that experience for the listener always. Stunning !!!!!!!


Vly- I/ (Time)- CD/Digital ( Lasers Edge)

Ok I'm a sucker for Prog Rock and when you mix elements of Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Ayreon and Queensryche . You just have such an amazing winner. Lush pop elements with walls of rocking guitars, Beach boys like harmonies from pet sounds period and that other worldly futuristic vibe all going on at the very same time. I know this will be too mellow from some but I can tell you hands down this band just send chills to my very soul. There is a soft ebb and flow that builds and builds to the point of just ecstasy with bands like Vly.  This is very much again the term I use called  Thinking mans music and there is so much for every listener in a band like this if you can just put your preconceived notions to the side and just listen to the album as a piece of time all on its own. I would say this is for Katatonia fans as well. Check it out I think you will be most impressed .


Dead to a Dying world- Litany- CD/ LP/Digital ( Tofu Carnage/ Gilead Media/ Alerta Antifascista)

Where the hell did this band come from and why am I just hearing them now. Black metal, Symphonic rock, Flowing Harmonies, Grim Cold Hard, Epic movement and Sorrow and Bliss all in the same damn song. We have Metal, Punk, Post Rock, Arena Rock and Post Punk all in one here. It goes from Doom to Goth to Indie to just where ever they hell they want to. Billy Anderson was behind the recording of this Texas force of madmen they have guests from Sabbath assembly and Pallbearer on this mountain of a release as well.  They are traveling where bands like Ulver, Ishahn, Katatonia, Wolvserpent and Grave Pleasures. Dead to a dying world are just clearly making  jaw dropping extreme music that all should get to hear at least once but will be lost to many as most can not ever get complexity and simplicity all at the same time in one band. This album is massive in every way and the mix from angelic to full on  nightmarish is all I can ever ask for you need to just hear it enough talking this is one of the best albums of 2015 yet .


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