These are not for the Metallic these are for the adventurous...

Osi and the Jupiter- Appalachia- Digital/LP ( Eisenwald )

Lush ethereal Symphonic Neo-folk that actually makes one very soul ache. Simple percussion, guitars strings and gut wrenching arrangements. Yes this is just three songs but I will tell you what I get from this very much what Neil young, Steve von till, Changes, Amber Asylum and the very somber moments of Kansas. So I guess I need to say there is a very progressive overtone to all of this well. I love the very back to basics and homegrown feel that comes from Osi and the Jupiter. My Heathen brother's and sisters could not be more proud of a release like this. Just looking at the cover you know what you about to get yourself into and it is worth every moment of this record. Every time I heard Osi and the Jupiter its another winning event in my musical growth and adventure.

The Moon And The Nightspirit- Aether- Digital/LP/CD ( Prophecy Production )

This Hungarian Duo are on their 7th album in close to two decades. What we have going on is Haunting Neo Folk, Eastern Sonic Backdrops, Symphonic Neo Classic sound that mix with elements of Goth and Prog Metal . Its almost if  bands like  Tenhi, Dead can Dance, Anathema and Arcana came together to place all the musical idea's one could like and then add some Black metal movements into what The Moon and the nightspirit  do just to make it all the more interesting. There are some very time when listening to this I heard that 4AD shoe gazing meets dreampop thing going on to. Have you ever a band called The God Machine it remind me very much in that style of creation. The album is hands down beautiful and dark in every place it needs to be to make it all the more complex and enjoyable. This album is about listening to so it's now time for you to move on and witness Aether....

Ruptured World- Interplanetary- Digital/CD ( Cryo Chamber )

As I dig into Ruptured World the very first feeling are this is a cinematic ambient dream in s future space setting something you would hear as they were awaking from cryosleep after years on an exploring space craft.  2010, Alien, The Black hole, Blade Runner and Solaris just are a few that comes to mind. The Spoke word moments week like its the ships AI talking to the crew even though they are asleep documenting the endless  journey. The whole time you know something dark and insidious is working in the background. Interplanetary is more dark ambient theater for the mind and honestly there can never be too much of this. The Artwork feels like this is the beginning of the story not the end and with that I live you to make what you of the story and here is just a brief part of what Ruptured world is giving us of that story below.

"It has been ten years since the last communications were received from the Deep Space Mission for Colonial Expansion led by Executive Director Professor Yannis Tarknassus. The outcome of the mission remains a mystery, its status unknown. A follow up mission of search and recovery is now underway"

GRIDFAILURE-Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery II- Digital ( Nefarious Industries)

Is there a term Acoustic Audio terror well if I may be so bold to use it with Gridfailure. These are the things that nightmare are scared of. The reason I say this is its a hushed and terrifying  unsettled arrangement of off kilter tones, screams, tools and thought patterns that you just know are going to end in the worst possible manner. Come on the album has help from the following folks and I'm sure there are more just not spoken about.

Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe), Greg Meisenberg (Oxx, Maid Myriad, A Fucking Elephant), and Richard Muller (The Third Kind, Vise Massacre, Great Planes), as well as Mac Gollehon (David Bowie, Miles Davis, Onyx, Madonna, Blondie), Liz Ciavarella-Brenner, Faith Ciavarella, Pete Tsakiris, Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum, Fyrhtu), Nathan Verrill (Fyrhtu, Cardinal Wyrm), No One (T.O.M.B., Dreadlords), Clayton Batholomew (Mountaineer, ex-Secrets Of The Sky), Dave Small (Cutworm), Christian Molenaar (Those Darn Gnomes), Lane Oliver (Feel Happiness, Yatsu), Christopher Henry (Fuck Your Birthday, Humans Etcetera), Jeff Wilson (Chrome Waves), Matt Bacon, Andrew Hess, and Chuck Schaaf (Deadbird, ex-Rwake) and his family Star, Izzie, and Mason Schaaf.

For fuck sake man this is an orchestra of noise, experimental and metal musician giving there all with David to make something that really in all honesty is ground breaking in experimental noise to this reviewer. Gridfailure are making nightmare aural collective that go from Sci fi, Post Apocalyptic , Horror and Progressive noise and post industrial landscapes to at times there are ethno elements through out the tracks  as well. If Rapoon was more pissed off and Merzbow had more control this is were Gridfailure firmly sits for me. With this release I think David has moved into something new and fresh and has become what I hope to see with all the Gridfailure releases being the one that others look to for the next wave of Noise and Experimental Aural art.