Prosthetic Records Artist- An Autumn For Crippled Children interview is up

1. For a  Decade you have been creating  Post Black meets BlackGaze  soundscapes. How you you feel the sound or Ideals have changed from 2010 to 2020?

Both the 'post' and 'gaze' tag really don't work for us. Yeah, we get how we are categorized like that, but we come from a very different world: nineties doom/death, nineties black metal and indie music. The sound probably changed since 2010 but I think we are far more skilled songwriters now. We actually know what will work and what will not work. Our ideals did not change at all. We set out to write about our lives (well not on the first album) and just channel all things life throws at us through the music.

2. Your artwork for every album seems to be  Flower or nature based minus The Light of September . Are these tie ins to the themes on the records. And why only the one being so different?

No real reason 'The Light…' has a different one is that it's just how that one came out. We don't really plan anything... we just trust our gut feeling when it comes to designs and music. Nature is just so beautiful and awe inspiring. Plus, we really don't like the typical metal cover design.

3. You are working with Prosthetic Records now after being on some very influential indie labels like  A Sad Sad Song, Wickerman and Consouling Sounds. Is there a reason for some many labels and why the move to Prosthetic for this album?

The offered us a good deal... it's just as simple as that.

4. How would you describe An Autumn for Crippled Children for someone about to listen to for the 1st time?

It's indie music, played by old black metal dudes/dudettes who wear their hearts on their sleeves, who also luckily stumbled upon their own sound. It's dark and beautiful at the same time.

5.It looks like it's always been the 3 of you correct over a decade that's impressive . Do you feel that has allowed you to grow in directions you always wanted?

We've pretty much been on the same page since day one. We all have busy lives, we don't really see each other very much, but when it comes to writing a new album the chemistry is always there.

6. The Netherlands Black and extreme underground scene has always had a lot more left of  center bands. On that what bands from your home nation would you recommend to fans of  your band?

I really don't know. I don't think there are bands in the same vein as us here (or that we are aware of).

7. If you could make a proper video for any track on " All Fell Silent" which would it be and how would you want it to look like?

Some beautifully shot nature in nostalgic colors.

8. An Autumn of Crippled Children gets compared to Deafheaven and Alcest often . Why do you think this happens and do you agree or not, that you have similar sounds?

This will sound funny, but we really have not heard those bands. These are far to new for us hahah. Sure i checked them out on youtube or something...but i I found them both not really interesting. I'd rather put on some classic Anathema or something. Why we get compared? I don't know...lazy journalism?

9. How has Digital age and Social media change the way underground bands present themselves in 2020's

Most definitely. Is it always a good thing? I don't know. Social media can be so tiresome... such a waste of time really. Time you could have spent reading a good book or deep listening to a classic album. Ah well... sadly it's a necessity these days. There's so much music and so many bands out there. It's very difficult to get noticed these days. On the other hand, if you already have a name and fan base, social media can be a nice thing.

10. Would  AN Autumn for Crippled Children want to perform live or is it more of a studio label of love?

For now... no live shows. But maybe in the future.

11. How Does Visuals and Aesthetics make underground music something that gains such a long term dedicated follow over pop music ?

12. What interests do the members of the band have outside of music?

We have lots of interests but family life/day jobs usually get in the way: movies, graphic design, music, travelog.

13. When writing, do the lyrical themes or  Musical idea come 1st and is an album written as a complete picture or is it just a collection of songs not tying together other than sonically?

It's usually a collection of songs. We pick the ones that fit the best together.

14. Thank you for the time, any closing thoughts here.

Thank you for the interview!