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Tombstoner- Descent to Madness- Digital/CD ( Redefining Darkness )

A Duo from Staten Island NY making what I will easily say is a throwback mix of  Grind, Death metal and  Hardcore from the 90's . Tombstoner are as catchy as brutal in the way they create and arrange songs. There is a groove like old  Death metal here that really give you that Carcass and  Dismember vibe. The you get that NYC Hardcore snarl and drive and they mix it up and give you that more melodic Grind side of the genre. That Misery Index, Assuck and Mid Period Napalm Death where the came into a Death metal mix. I would say I hear the new wave of Thrash going on a lot through out the album too  Power Trip, Nuclear, Havok, Dust Bolt.  So across those spectrum's we are getting a big bang for buck here. Tombstoner always love the Grooving Power Metal that Pantera , Machine Head, Throwdown etc. At the end of the day  Tombstoner have made an extreme metal album that will draw in  Death, Grind, Thrash fans and Make old School Hardcore fans see that Metal and  Hardcore can mix without the  " Metalcore " Tag!!!!

Destroyed In Seconds- Divide And Devour- Digital/Tape ( Self Released)

Yes I'm  that asshole that just loves and has a soft spot  for  Swedish  D-Beat music. If you don't like it move on.  Crust, Death metal and  Hardcore just make me fucking smile what's your deal. A good Circle pit makes the world a better place. So if you need a few examples of  Dbeat then check out  Nails, Disfear, Wolfbrigade and Tragedy..  It all really started with Bands like  Discharge, Nausea and  His Hero is Gone for me.  This band from L.A. is pissed off punk as fuck and fast all the great elements of  D Beat music. I love the crusty vocals with the mix of punk and thrashing riffs that are raw and filled with the venom needed to get a crowd moving. Come on this band has Phobia members Legends in the Crust/Hardcore movement. Bands like Destroyed in Seconds really never disappoint and they are on a sonic mission to Destroy all that is in from of them. I love this oldschool solo that come ripping through for 10 seconds and then gone. Destroyed in Seconds I just want this music to always be here so generation after generation can hear music that is honest, raw and has the passion that needed for a live environment .

Ashtar - Kaikuja-Digital/ LP/CD ( Eisenwald)

A 2nd  release from  a  Swiss  Duo. This is a mix of  Crusty, Black metal and Doom form what I really hear. The vocals of of Nadine and Marko are nasty, throaty and sinister mixed with a Post Black metal meets Crusty haunting and harsh musical over tone. I want to say this has a lot in common with Bands like  Immortal Bird , Tomb Mold and Dead to A Dying World as I listen to it.  There are atmospheric part, fragile dark rock moments and then that Crusty/Black metal fury comes back in to kick you in the teeth. Ashtar I can see why folks are so hungry for this upcoming release to be put forth in the world. When those Doomy moments come in damn they just give me chills. This is one dark, heavy record emotionally and musically. You can feel the suffering , hope and reflection through out the album. The Darkness and Light  play a major role in the sonic landscapes here. I need to go back and listen to Ashtar first release and see how we got to here. This is not something you will want to listen to in a casual way. Ashtar deserve your attention on a creation like this and I know this will be getting many more plays here.

Foes -American Violence- Digital/LP (Glacier Recordings)

Oregon has given us one pissed off ball of angst in the name of Foes. This is  Power Violence, Post Hardcore, Noise Rock, Crust and Doom again these reviews and bands have a common theme. I Even say they have a huge love for  Grind..  Glacier  I'm not sure where you found this frustrated and Chaotic word smiths but you are on to something with Foes.  American Violence is at my throat for the entire time the record is playing with some crazy  noisy  math rock meets Crusty Post Hardcore. They are taking what bands like  Kiss it goodbye, Rorschach, Deadguy ,Dillinger Escape Plan and  His Hero is Gone did and bringing it  kicking and screaming into 2020. I even hear bands like  Integrity, Human Remains and Every time I Die. This another band that knows how to bring a groove into something complex and manic that just crushes the floor with the mosh element going on here. The vocals are just filled with so much piss and vinegar that you not sure is the vocalist is one step from a breakdown or a spree of  violence and bad bad things.  Foes you are another album that is coming home into my personal collection for sure.

The Third Eye Rapists- Deathtrip Transcendence / Magicians of the Holocaust- Digital/LP (Amor Fati)

We return to Sweden  for  something words will just pale to compared to what you are about to here  this  Ep and Demo on Vinyl now from Amor Fati.  I really wanted to review this honestly because the name of the band was so over the top I was hoping the music would reflect and yes indeed it fucking does. Noisy, thrashing  bestial black metal  with elements of  Dark industrial tones, walls of feedback and songs that are haunting, atmospheric, terrifying and straight out of some  occult novel. The remind me of if you mixed  Mayhem , Solefald, Negura Bunget, Bestial Warlust and Deathspell Omega and then were told they listened to  Killing Joke, Bethlethem and Early Swans for hours on end. The Third Eye Rapists are fucked up to say the least. I want to know at the end of the day were the madness and left of center ideals come from and how they present them on audio format.  Bands like  The Third Eye Rapists are not made they were going to come to be just my the will of the magic around us in this realm. If you hear this and it bounds with you welcome to the temple of  The Third Eye Rapists.