A Few From Silver Dragon Games , Tampa Fl Edition

From the Vastland- The Haft Khan- Digital/CD ( Iron Blood and Death Corporation )

Black metal from Norway where are we going to head with From the Vastland with ex members of 1349 and Gaahls Wyrdd. This reminds me of  middle period Mayhem and things like Taake, Old Mans Child and Earlier Marduk. i would say its a mix of 2nd wave Swedish and Norwegian with some more of the symphonic elements. From the Vastland are very much that grim tone and over all arrangement. There is a melody to all of this with a folk elements that seems to intertwine. I do hear thos Gorgoroth and Graveland  tones going through out . So yes some early polish Black metal as well too. This is every much in anyones wheel house for 2nd wave northern European Black metal. You will not be dissappointed.

 October Falls- A Fall of an Epoch-Digital/LP/CD (Purity Through Fire)

Ah Finland you again just know how to interest me in underground music. October Falls  is a mix of Folk, Black/Death with haunting melodies as well as this very pagan overtone that just makes you feel of the past. Love the acoustic movements and ideas that just tie into that sinister blackened vocals and those more driving melodeath feelings. October Falls is about  layers and building the tracks throughout the songs and making the album theater of mind.  All the tracks play into a bigger picture.  There is a fury and pain to all that is happening withint the album and moves you in so many different levels . Bands like October Falls are not for a casual listener. There need to be an investment put into their albums nd if done you will be fully rewarded .

Voices of Ruin - Path to Immortality-Digital/ LP (M-Theory Audio)

So from the USA comes a band that loved the Swedish Melodic Death sound and if I closed my eyes you would swear they are from Gothenburg or Maybe UK as there are some very strong Peaceville Gothic Death Doom overtones through out all of the tracks. Mixing tones and elements of band like  Dark Tranquality, Paradise Lost, Opeth and Early Katatonia.  Love the darker side of this Death metal and this work well with the very harmonic and epic guttural vocals that are through out the album. My only issue with Voices of Ruin is that wish there was a bit more variety. Voices of Ruin are not reinventing the wheel but then again that not needed I just love to hear a bit more of the progressive side tht does peak out t times and then just goes way to quickly. The shining moments are these very tasteful leads those soulful guitars. I can seen myself taking more listens back to this as again as I said it's very wel played. The production is full and thick too. Look forward to our next meeting for sure .